Washington State Democrat Party Chair, Dwight Pelz Shows A Disconnect

by lewwaters

If there was ever any doubt just how disconnected Democrats really are from the struggling middle class, Dwight Pelz, in his latest effort to instill fear and mislead the public in the run-up to the 2012 election shows it.

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Pelz claims, “The Republican nominee for president will lead the right-wing effort to impose a selfish, self-serving political agenda on the American people.”

Who is acting more “selfish and self-serving” in imposing an agenda on the rest of us that the current Democratic Party supported Occupy Movement? We do not see Republicans or Tea Party people taking over public parks, destroying them, demanding hand-outs, breaking into foreclosed homes and claiming them for themselves and denying struggling middle class workers the ability to feed their families by their selfish act last week of shutting down Ports up and down the West Coast.

So far, arrests of Occupy people has exceeded 5,000 while there has not been a single arrest in any Tea Party rally of a Tea Party person.

Pelz continues, “Their attack on our Democratic values of compassion and progress will run from the Presidential campaign, through the congressional elections, right down to our State Legislature elections.”

So far, those “Democratic values of compassion and progress” has given us $15 Trillion in debt, some of the highest sustained unemployment in decades, nearly nationalizing banks and private industry and ever increasing taxes on the backs of the very struggling middle class people they claim they have so much compassion for.

While it is popular to place blame on President Bush, since our economy began its downward spiral while he was still in office, it cannot be forgotten that it also began just a few months after those “compassionate and Progressive” Democrats seized both houses of congress in large majorities.

It cannot be forgotten that their “compassion” has them blocking private sector job creation an a lessening on our dependence on Middle Eastern Oil by maintaining a moratorium on recovering our own resources off the shores of our country and within our own borders.

Our own state, Washington, has been under complete Democratic Party control for over a decade now. The Governor’s office has been Democrat held since the mid-1980’s. The recent special session to deal with the growing budget deficit dealt with just about everything but addressing that deficit and leaving us with only a $1.5 Billion deficit to deal with.

This is nothing more than the usual projection of blame and fearmongering from the very people that continue to bankrupt us.

We must not fall for it again.

Democrats have shown themselves to be completely inept in governing both our state and the country.

It is time for a real change by sending incumbent Democrats and RINO’s packing this next election.

3 Comments to “Washington State Democrat Party Chair, Dwight Pelz Shows A Disconnect”

  1. Well, Comrade Pelz has to throw his fellow morons some red meat. Althought this effort does have that Moxie Media stench about it.

  2. I find the concept of a RINO ridiculous. Every other democracy in the world has a parliament, so people get to choose their place – but guys, we’re a 2-party system, and who says who’s in and who’s out? What? If you’re not a shoot-first, no-taxes, praying-to-God Republican you can’t have any representation?!

    I got the same situation with my party. The Dems are infiltrated with Marxists… But where are they going to go?

  3. Gee Martin, RINO is a very good description. Funny that you don’t see many DINOs though. Why is that you think? Is it because the Left has more mind-numbed robots than the Right?

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