2011 Performance Evaluations

by lewwaters

By Professor Robert Dean

Eric H: Mr., Mayor, Council, as 2011 draws to a close I thought this might be an opportune time to present you with the 2011 Performance Evaluations for each of our key staff – along with a request for a modest 3.5% pay raise for each of them. Time constraints prevent me from detailing each one and so I’ve condensed everyone’s evaluation into the one – City Consigliere. As you know, the Consigliere is ultimately responsible for all advice, from all departments that reaches the desks of the Mayor and Council.

The Consigliere’s duties are codified in Washington State Court Rules relating to the Rules of Professional Conduct for lawyers.

In representing a client, a lawyer shall exercise independent professional judgment and render candid advice. In rendering advice, a lawyer may refer not only to law but to other considerations such as moral, economic, social and political factors that may be relevant to the client’s situation.

For brevity’s sake, I have confined this performance evaluation to what I feel are the top ten most brilliant pieces of advice that our city Consigliere has handed out to date. Here goes:

1) Citizen’s communications (at 14:20) are where citizens get to speak about matters relating to city business – the CRC is not city business.

2) Tell David Madore, “Get out! You’re done!” (at 22:20).

3) Let a $46 million no-bid professional services contract for operation of the sewers expire and renew automatically without comment or public input.

4) Stall any vote on light rail.

5) Approve the unpublished CRC Final Environmental Impact Statement, while serving on the boards of joint operating agencies, without taking public input.

6) Make sure the public never learns that disruption due to construction of light rail and the CRC will destroy Downtown commerce – do not let Resolution M3663 Attachment A see the light of day. Page 19.

7) Publish the names and mug shots of citizens who speak too often at Citizen’s Communications.

8) Pay a landscape architect $50,000.00 to design a nice green park under the dark underbelly of the CRC bridge where nothing will grow but mushrooms.

9) Turn off the CVTV cameras whenever a citizen says something you don’t like during Citizen’s Communications.

10) Don’t do anything stupid.

6 Comments to “2011 Performance Evaluations”

  1. All nice, valid points Robert. #5 I have seen so many times? Well back to me figuring out how I am going to find new project to frost my time with. I think the CRC is done and won’t need my benefit of 8 years of watching now.

  2. Thanks, Jeremy. #5 and #6 are actually inter-related. The DEIS warned of “possibly severe” impacts to Downtown commerce from disruption due to construction. Resolution M3663 Attachment A recognized this also. In the end, the FEIS gave the problem less attention than the DEIS did. Possible devastation of Downtown commerce was glossed over and swept under the rug. I don’t think any amount of back-slapping and wishes of Merry Christmas can cover up so egregious an oversight.

  3. I think think some of the business and building owners saw the writing on the wall, Robert. I have known several businesses that closed or moved on in the downtown core.

    My feelings are that is probably some form of business ingratiation happening in the background in some form or another and since there is one major construction outfit that I know of and a former ceo LIVES in Vancouver, I expect that if they win, they are going to be sharing the spoil…

    Well I better run. I have four days off, so happy holidays to all!

  4. Thanks Robert, for the recap. The City Council’s long list of faux pas, and, (with the exception of Jeanne Stewart) their ridiculous behavior, reminds me of the Keystone Cops. I keep wondering how long John Q. Public is going to put up with this stuff. Then I talk to public employees who keep telling me they LOOOOvvve to pay taxes. Oh, I forgot…with each new tax hike – their COLAS are guarenteed. The private sector better wake up – If we don’t get fiscal conservatives in office in a big way, next year – the chapter is closed, end of story.

  5. So my next concern is, when the city has another multiple million dollar short fall and they can’t cut anymore parks & rec, where is the money going to come out of the budget? I’d love to ask that of each and every single council member….

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