Thanks For The Memories

by lewwaters

Like many, I grew up in the early days of television and enjoyed seeing Bob Hope entertaining our Troops every Christmas. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be able to attend either of the shows during my two Christmas’ in Vietnam, but continued to enjoy seeing them when televised over the years.

We could sure use more celebrities like Bob Hope.

Thanks for the memories, Bob.

You will never be forgotten.

2 Comments to “Thanks For The Memories”

  1. Thank you for sharing Lew. I remember watching Bob’s specials for years, (my father loved Bob and so I had him an entertainer in my family) though I am probably the younger guy amongst the brethren that fly through here.

    I do wish there was comedians, singers and other entertainers that were like Bob, who had staying power, laughter and brought his USO troubadours to the various generations of military serviceman and woman.

  2. There are some, I believe. Gary Sinese, Toby Keith…. some others are repeat visitors to the war area. The problem is we’re typically not aware of them because they don’t rate a mention in the anti-war, anti-troop media.

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