One Reason I Will NOT Support Ron Paul

by lewwaters

In what supporters of Paul label “photobomb,” a Ron Paul supporter jumps in front of another candidate as someone is trying to have a photo taken with that candidate and flashing a Ron Paul sign.  The rudeness doesn’t matter to Ron Paulies as they encourage this sort of behavior. Some comments left under this photo from supporters,

Pierre Rochard Excellent photobomb. Juan Posadas got’em coach. Daniel Barry nice encroachment !!! Steven Hunter Awesome! Zac Holm thats the stuff. Rachel Bolch Thach That’s freaking awesome! Penny Gallatin Handy Would have been epic if he would have slapped it on his forehead! LOL. Brandon Bassett Now that’s a true Patriot! Nikolai Skudlarek I want to shake that mans hand haha, great job. Chris DC I’ll personally donate $100 to RP2012 if someone does this to the toad. Internet Revolution 4 Ron Paul President 2012 THAT ROCKS!!!!! Tim Tj Wass Rick rolled! Ron Paul style. Stephanie Cole Way to go man! Chris Bennett Hilarious ! Now you have to get one with every other candidate man! And more.

In fact, out of 88 comments on facebook, not one mentions the rudeness of doing this to someone seeking a photo with a candidate they may prefer.

As much as I oppose Ron Paul over his foreign policy and wild claims made over the years, I also have maintained his largest detriment to being elected is his supporters. Rudeness, confrontation and in your face is what can be expected from the most virulent devotees of Paul’s.

Ron Paul does nothing to stop any of this any more than he denied donations and support from white supremacists and neo-Nazi’s in the 2008 campaign.

Is this what Ron Paul denigrates our political process to? Would devotees of his think it so awesome for other candidates supporters to jump up at their rallies, campaign events and photo ops flashing signs for others? I think not. I imagine fists would begin flying from those devotees.

There will be more in the weeks and days ahead on how I see Ron Paul as totally wrong for America, including the political blackmail coming from other supporters.

This is but one reason Ron Paul will never see support from me.

And don’t even try to tell me he is the only one who can beat Obama, I know better.


18 Comments to “One Reason I Will NOT Support Ron Paul”

  1. You know, it’s “interesting” that so many people are tearing at the Republican candidates whilst the worst president this nation has ever seen will just “sail” right back into the White House because you know the Democrats will hold their noses and vote for him.

    Amazing, isn’t it?

  2. Not so amazing if we end up with something worse.

    If Ron Paul cannot stand on his merits, without all the rudeness and in your face conduct of his supporters, who follow him like a cult leader just like Obama’s minions do him, is he really what we need?

  3. I really don’t think that you could end up with something worse than Obama. One thing that we definitely do not need is another Obama term in any case.

  4. You’re right, Jack, we don’t.

    But that is what the political blackmail I spoke of concerns, Ron Paul supporters

    “Ron Paul voters to GOP: ‘We will spoil your election’.”

    “Republicans better decide who they dislike more: Ron Paul or Obama. If they don’t make Ron Paul the candidate Obama will win because Paul’s base will not vote for another Republican, even if he doesn’t run as a 3rd party candidate.”

    “To the GOP Establishment: Insult Ron Paul Supporters at Your Own Risk”

    You can easily find comments all over like: All Pro
    Posted on December 17, 2011 at 11:32am

    If that happen you will get the government that you deserve. If Paul isn‘t the nominee and if he doesn’t run third party I will vote for Obummer. If scorched earth is what you progressives want then I’m more than happy to give it to you.

  5. I’ve always felt that Ron Paul was a K00K, Lew. What really bothers me is that Cain was pushed out by dirty tricks, I don’t know what happened with Bachmann, Perry can’t shut up about religion, I can’t trust Gingrich, and it’s obviously going to be a contest between Romney and Obama anyway.

    The manipulations to stick us with some lousy damned puke either way just makes me sick.

  6. Jack, Ron Paul is no doubt the kookiest candidate I have ever seen. As big of a kook he is, those he attracts can be even worse.

    I honestly think Ron Paul in the White House would be worse than Obama in that he would be the most ineffective president in our history. Every one forgets that the president doesn’t make law or over turn legislation, congress does.

    And, should be unfortunate enough to see Ron Paul on the ticket and win, what sort of people would he appoint to his cabinet? Would he move loons like Alex Jones into the White House as an adviser?

    His little tantrum when he saw he wasn’t going anywhere in 2008 cannot be forgotten either.In refusing to endorse McCain (also a very poor choice), he urged his followers to vote for Ralph Nader, Chuck Baldwin or Cynthia McKinney.

    As for his virulent followers, I cannot forget when I came close to blows with them back then at Clark County GOP HQ as I was tag teamed by them due to my not supporting Ron Paul.

    As much as I wish to see Obama gone, to the point I will actually vote for Romney, I believe Ron Paul would be even worse for the country with his lunatic agenda and expected confrontations with congress.

    I’d like to see Herman Cain raise his middle finger to those who undermined him and return. But, his detractors know how to play the right.

  7. I have liked Rick Santorum from the start and still do. I can only hope that all of the other GOP supporters can find consensus and join me. Ron Paul is so scary.

  8. Carolyn, will Rick be on the ballot in the washington state primary?

    Lew, what I love about Ron Paul is that he is such great theatrical entertainment. I personally do believe he will get pass the primary elections.

  9. Oh come on. Sure there are rude and obnoxious Ron Paul supporters just as there are for most of the other candidates. But to color them all with that brush is manifestly unfair. I’ve been able to observe one group of Ron Paul supporters up close and personal becuase I make a space available to them once a week for phone banking. They are, to a person, polite to a fault, well-behaved, and circumspect. Of couse the badly behaved minority makes better headlines and attracts more salacious interest. Lew, you should know better than to fall for or participate in this sort of sensationalism.

  10. Ron Paul is not entirely wrong in his statements regarding Iran and Israel.

    I think it’s logical that Iran would want to develop nuclear weapons in light of the fact that they are hemmed in by nuclear powers on their western, eastern, and northern flanks. They certainly can’t rely on anyone else to protect their interests. I agree with Paul that the United States doesn’t have the authority to say which countries can or cannot obtain nuclear capabilities.

    I don’t agree with those who insist that Israel is “our bestest and dearest friend in the whole wide world” (Perry). They’ve been a problem for the last 63 years and have cost us a bundle of blood, money, and goodwill. They are totally intransigient regarding a settlement with the Palestinians and find a way to thwart every peace initiative that has been made.

  11. Craig, should Iran obtain nuclear weapons, do you really believe they would show restraint on using them? Especially against Israel?

    Funny thing about those who cry for the Palestinians, they don’t ever seem to acknowledge the almost daily rockets launched into Israel that indiscriminately kill Israeli children.

    And so far, it has been Palestinians who thwart all peace efforts, since their desire is total elimination of Israel. Funnier still, there seemed to be no Palestinian problem until the Arabs got their asses kicked after they attacked Israel from all sides in 1967.

    I have yet to hear of any Jewish Suicide bombers inside the Gaza Strip.

  12. Tom, I do not paint all supporters as loons because of these actions. I do hold Ron Paul responsible as he does nothing to curb their atrocious conduct and seems to attract that sort of support.

  13. We didn’t show restraint when we developed them so why should we expect anyone else to?

    As Ron Paul says, if Israel didn’t exist, we wouldn’t have the problem. Israel no longer needs to use suicide bombers. They used them in the early days, but now with a military bolstered by US money and weapons, Israel can safely lob rockets at women and children in Gaza and the West Bank.

  14. Please document Israel using suicide bombers in the early days, Craig.

    So, because we ended WW2 by using the Atom Bomb, long before we knew the overall impact of such weapons, you see a moral equivalence with letting a despotic regime like Iran have them too?

    I thought the idea has been negotiating the elimination of nukes, not allowing every tin horn dictator that wants one to have them.

    Like it or not, Israel has just as much if not more historical right to the sliver of land they have as does any others who wish Jews wiped off the earth.

    And if you and Ron Paul believe there would be no problem if Israel did not exist, you fail world history. Arabs were attacking Jews, who have continuously lived on that land since biblical times years before Israel was re-founded.

    What other group of people do you and Ron Paul believe should just be eliminated so as to “not cause problems?”

  15. Lew, I didn’t say anything about “eliminating” anyone.

    Ron Paul said that there’s no compelling reason for Israel to exist as a state. It was a religious/political movement that created the current nation. Israel exists as the only religious state in the world (unless you count the Vatican). There’s no reason Jews and Palestinians couldn’t live side by side in peace in a non-religious state if the current occupants of Israel would allow it.

    The King David Hotel was bombed by Zionist terrorists in July 1948. 91 people were killed and an additional 46 were injured. Granted it was not a ‘suicide’ bombing, but an act of terror nonetheless.

    Yes, I agree that there is a vast difference between the US obtaining the weapon in order to end a world war, and a nation like Iran obtaining the weapon. I wasn’t suggesting a moral equivalency, but we did act like a kid with a firecracker – blowing it off as soon as we got our hands on one. My point was that I agree with Ron Paul that it isn’t up to the US to force Iran to give up nuclear weapons development. We should encourage it by all means, and work with the UN and other nations to limit weapon development, but we can’t be world cops going around forcing nations to do what we want.

  16. Wow Craig, it was estimated that invading mainland Japan would have cost 1 million lives. I would hardly call the quick end of the war “like a kid with a firecracker”.

    You also seem to “forget” that the so-called “Palestinians” were given land for a state at the same time Israel was given land for a state. The Jordanians took the land away from the so-called “Palestinians”. So the land for the so-called “Palestinians” should be simply given back if the Arabs are really “interested” in seeing a “Palestinian State”.

    The fact is that the Arabs want Israel wiped off the map and don’t give a flying rat’s ass about a “Palestinian State”. You can’t get around that.

    Not only that, but the so-called “Palestinians” came from all of the other Arab countries and never were “native” to that tiny sliver of land. “Palestinians” is nothing but a phony “name” made up by the Arabs and the Media anyway. Phony as a three-dollar bill.

  17. Btw, Craig, the Israelis and the “Palestinians” do already live side-by-side in Israel and there are “Palestinian” members of the Knesset. Maybe you didn’t know that.

  18. So Craig, what do you or Ron Paul believe should become of the Jews who have lived in that land for thousands of years? Historical and Biblical accounts place Jews in that region long before Mohammed was born. Archeological artifacts undug over the years also place Jews in that region centuries ago, before Rome conquered it. For someone who says we should mind our own business, where does he come off saying someone else has no compelling reason to exist in their homeland?

    A little more on the 65 year old King David Hotel Bombing,

    “The hotel was the site of the central offices of the British Mandatory authorities of Palestine, principally the Secretariat of the Government of Palestine and the Headquarters of the British Forces in Palestine and Transjordan. The attack, which initially had the approval of the Haganah (the principal Jewish paramilitary group in Palestine) and was conceived of as a response to Operation Agatha (in which widespread raids, including one on the Jewish Agency, had been carried out), was the deadliest directed at the British during the Mandate era (1920–1948). More people were killed than by any bombing carried out in the subsequent Arab-Israeli conflict.

    The Irgun, considered to be terrorists by Mi5, planted a bomb in the basement of the main building of the hotel, under the wing which housed the Mandate Secretariat and a few offices of the British military headquarters. Warnings were sent by telephone, including one to the hotel’s own switchboard, which the hotel staff decided to ignore, but none directly to the British authorities. A possible reason why the warning was ignored was that hoax bomb warnings were rife at the time.[4] From the fact that a bomb search had already been carried out, it appears that a hoax call or tip-off had been received at the hotel earlier that day . Subsequent telephone calls from a concerned Palestine Post staff member and the police caused increasing alarm and the hotel manager was notified. In the closing minutes before the explosion, he called an unknown British officer, but, for whatever reason, no evacuation was ordered. The ensuing explosion caused the collapse of the western half of the southern wing of the hotel. Some of the inflicted deaths and injuries occurred in the road outside the hotel and in adjacent buildings. Controversy has arisen over the timing and adequacy of the warnings and the reasons why the hotel was not evacuated.

    As far as media claims on Gaza,

    Don’t believe everything they say against Israel.

    As Golda Meir once said, “Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us.”

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