A Belated Merry Christmas, From the Second Amendment

by lewwaters

3 Comments to “A Belated Merry Christmas, From the Second Amendment”

  1. Funny!


  2. She’s fast! She’s so fast I couldn’t see her pull the gun out of her bag before she dropped it. Maybe it was a little 25mm she kept in her boot…or somewhere.


  3. The truth here is actually scary. She has a right to carry and own and even use for self protection her weapons with no arguement from me. Yet this last week my 22 year old nephew who is active duty serviceman went into Cabella’s to purchase a hunting rifle. He apparently didn’t realize that buying something with actual cash was the newly defined act of a terrorist because that is what he planned to do. Not only did they then decide that he would not be allowed to purchase a gun in spite of his clean background check and all the proper pieces of I.D. but they flagged him as a threat to our nation! He wound up buying his weapon at another store with the help of a more intelligent elderly gentleman who owned the shop but he then had a three day wait. Now he has to figure out how to get the “black Flag for terrorism” off his profile. I told him to sue Cabella’s and the Homeland security for their new regulation about cash purchases and to go to the commander for help since a 22 year old seviceman with an impeccable record who is 1/2 white and 1/2 black christian stands several rounds of solid grounds for discrimination. This flag could potentially cause him to have a loss of freedom without due process down the road as our newly enacted legislation declares terrorist free reign for them to detain without protection of their civil rights. Since when does some store clerk have the right to decide who is or is not a threat to our nation?


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