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December 31, 2011

Clark County’s Most Mis-Reported Story In 2011

by lewwaters

2011 will soon be finished. In just a few hours it will be 2012 and we can hopefully put 2011 behind us. Let’s all face it; it wasn’t that good of a year. We had many downs and few ups and the reporting on those ups and downs didn’t always seem to balance.

As you all know, just a couple weeks ago we asked What Was Clark County’s Most Mis-Reported Story In 2011? The response was phenomenal from readers and I cannot disagree with a single suggestion received in comments or in my email.

I also cannot say that every article in the Columbian is “mis-reported” either. After all, they do a pretty good job of keeping us abreast of cars being towed when they appear abandoned, house fires, traffic accidents, mayors stripping in public and any perceived slip of the tongue made by Clark County Commissioner, Tom Mielke.

I also must credit Andrea Damewood for her digging deeper into and exposing the attempt to create an issue where there was none in the August ‘Suits & a Keg’ event held in the refurbished Artillery Barracks in the historic Vancouver Barracks.

But let’s face it, there were several stories of importance that just went nowhere. They apparently were dropped or heavily biased to drum up support through misguided fearmongering to further a pet agenda, such as the strong support to ensure C-TRAN got more of our money and not informing the public that C-TRAN was sitting on several Millions of dollars they hope to use on plunging us deeper into economic turmoil by dragging Portland’s financially plagued Loot Rail into Clark County.

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