Congratulations to Battle Grounds First Ever Female Mayor

by lewwaters

Battle Ground citizens woke up today to news that the city has gained a new mayor, the first female mayor ever appointed by city council, Lisa Walters, who has served as a city council member since 2001. Lisa replaces Michael Ciraulo as mayor who stepped down as mayor due to an increasing workload in his day job position as division chief for Clark County Fire and Rescue, but will remain on the city council.

Ms. Walters had the support of the other council members going into the Tuesday council meeting, her appointment all but guaranteed with the final vote being unanimous.

Lisa was reelected to the Battle Ground city council over challenger Michael Dalesandro by a 53.23% to a 46.45% margin. At the time she was coming under fire from other council members for her standing against the mayor on occasion. She didn’t actively campaign and when asked by Clark County Conservative for information supportive of her reelection bid replied, “I do not have any flashy campaign info,” and “I have elected to not seek support from any group.”

Truly a humble person who has served Battle Ground well. Asking her how it feels to wake up being the first ever female mayor for the city, she merely replies, “it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Fellow council member Alex Reinhold mentioned on his facebook page concerning the first council meeting with 3 new council members,

“A good first council meeting of a new era. Being led by Mayor Lisa Walters and Deputy Mayor Shane Bowman. The three new councilors did a bang up job asking good questions and bringing new insights. I am excited for the next few years.”

And well he should be excited. The flavor of the city council has changed with 3 new council members and a new mayor and deputy mayor, Shane Bowman, just elected in November and defeating past deputy mayor, Phil Harberthur.

Also losing their seats on the Battle Ground city council were Paul Zandamela, who lost to Adrian Cortes and Chris Regan who lost to Phil Johnson.

Shane Bowman was selected as Deputy Mayor by a 3 to 4 vote over council member Bill Ganley.

Battle Ground has been fortunate to have a person as Lisa Walters who thinks independently and casts aside partisanship in acting on the cities behalf.

Battle Ground is even more fortunate she is now their mayor and will begin guiding the city council towards more cooperation and unity.

4 Comments to “Congratulations to Battle Grounds First Ever Female Mayor”

  1. Thank you Lew.

  2. Congratulations Lisa. I hope to hear more from you and the Battle Ground city council!

  3. You’re very welcome, Lisa.

    Victoria Taft was pleased to hear of your appointment today.

  4. Ganley is another Bridger/loot railer. Glad he didn’t make the cut.

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