An Open Letter to the Washington State Republican Party

by lewwaters

Updated with reply from Kirby Wilbur below

Today I received a letter from the WSRP asking me for a donation to be a “2012 Sustaining Member.” As many know, I have my problems with the Republican Party and consider myself an Independent Conservative, not a Republican any longer. Below is a copy of the letter I have sent back in response to their request for a donation.

January 6, 2012

Mr. Kirby Wilbur and Staff

I am in receipt today of your written request to become a “sustaining member” of the Washington State Republican party. I cannot in good conscience donate any funds to the party.

My reasons are due to having witnessed the WSRP playing favorites in contested primaries by endorsing or promoting one Republican candidate over another Republican candidate. It is not up to the party to tell voters who we may vote for. It is up to the voters to decide who we wish to vote for.

I witnessed this during the 2010 3rd Congressional District race where Jaime Herrera Beutler was openly endorsed by the Cowlitz County Republican Party, the Pacific County Republican Party and the Wahkiakum County Republican Party. While the Clark County Republican Party did not openly endorse her candidacy, they may as well have as the board clearly promoted her over other Republicans and in fact, often denigrated another Republican candidate, an act shared by those in both Pacific and Cowlitz Republican Parties.

I am once again witnessing this selective promotion of one candidate over another in a contested primary as candidate for governor, Rob McKenna is clearly being favored and endorsed by the WSRP while another Republican challenger, Shahram Hadian is completely ignored and marginalized.

I am sure I do not need to remind you that Mr. McKenna does not have the strongest conservative record.

As long the WSRP continues to ignore Ronald Reagan’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican,” I cannot and will not support the party. I will lend my support directly to the candidate I feel has the best conservative record.

It is not up to the people to “Be The Party,” but it is up to the party to “Be With The People.”


Lewis A. Waters

UPDATE: Kirby Wilbur replied on facebook with,

There has been no official endorsement of any candidate running for Governor by either me or the WSRP. Mr Hadian will be on the ballot and all of you can campaign for him, donate to his campaign and vote for him in August. If he is the nominee, the WSRP will do everything in it’s power, as will I, to make him the next Governor. Judah, you know this, we had lunch and talked about this face-to-face. Perhaps if some of you spent less time posting about and more time working for your candidates, they would have a better chance, better organizations and more money.”

He has yet to reply or comment on the December 17, 2011 Seattle Times quote,

“State GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur said he and other state party leaders recently notified the Republican National Committee that McKenna was the only credible Republican candidate in the race, clearing the way for the party to start funding his campaign before the Aug. 7 primary.”

I’m very disappointed that Kirby Wilbur, who I have admired and respected for some time, will now play such games of semantics.

UPDATE 2: I stand corrected in my claim that I did not say the WSRP endorsed McKenna as I did in fact use the word endorsed in the letter. I am still waiting to hear from Kirby Wilbur or any leadership of WSRP on the Seattle Times quote.

30 Comments to “An Open Letter to the Washington State Republican Party”

  1. Nice and good summation of what was going on for a bit. Sorry to hear that its going on with a new head of the Clark County GOP.

    But it is good to see you having a jolly roger of a time on Twitter. 🙂

  2. Brandon has not acted in any way as did Ryan Hart, Jeremy.

    But, it is obvious that the WSRP has decided McKenna is it and no one else need apply.

    Same crap we saw in 2010 to get the princess elected while trashing other Republicans, except for those bought off of course.

  3. The lack of success of the Washington Republican Party to place winners on the ballot reveals their failed selection policy.

  4. That’s why I feel it is up to the people to select the candidate in the primary, not the party beforehand.

  5. So does people feel that we should now start a new conservative party within the state to get real people in power??

  6. I’d rather the party pull their head out of their collective asses.

    It takes forever to grow a party and we already have way too many minimal marginal political parties as it is.

  7. Well done Lew, Like you I do not consider myself a Republican. Those that ask are told I am a Conservative. As for McKenna, he will not get my support until he lets us know where he stands on the Columbia River Crossing and bringing Portland’s Light Rail the Gravy/Crime Train to Clark County. He cannot and should not remain silent when those currently sitting in their “Collective Cushioned Seats of Authority” are planning on spending 10 billion taxpayer dollars without a vote of the people to build a bridge complete with a light rail platform many of us neither need nor want. He needs to stand up and be counted.

  8. Good letter.

    It’s ironic that the Republican Party champions smaller government and the ability of the individual citizen to think for himself or herself, but the leadership is as reluctant as the Democratic Party to actually put those principles into practice where they are able to: within their own party. Much easier to rail at the Ds for trying to control the masses than to quit doing it themselves.

  9. Carolyn, what I said applies equally to the Dems. But they don’t send me requests for money and I haven’t had personal dealings with them for decades now.

    Ultimately, it is supposed to be up to us to decide who we wish to run for office in contested primaries, not the parties.

    Both parties have selected who they wish to run for governor this time and it looks like an “all others need not apply” thing.

    It is just wrong for the party to promote one candidate over others. Would the party back the Democrat if their favored selectee isn’t chosen in the primary?

  10. I agree, Lew. I just think it’s a more egregious trait in Rs than in Ds. The whole progressive/liberal mindset involves a very elitist perspective: We know what’s best and we’re going to ram it down the throats of the great unwashed masses for their own good. So when Ds act in that way within their party, they’re acting consistently with their philosophy. But when conservatives (not that the Republican leadership is often conservative) act that way within their party, they’re acting (as I said above) in direct opposition to what they say they believe.

  11. P.S. re my use of “egregious”: I don’t mean Rs engage in this behavior more than Ds. I just mean it’s more inconsistent, and therefore more disturbing, when they do.

  12. Well said, Carolyn. Such conduct is expected with the Dems, but not the GOP. We are not the sort to be manipulated.

  13. In plain language, Democrats are just “mind-numbed robots”. They are the perfect “useful idiots”.

  14. I am interested how you think that the party is supporting McKenna over the other candidates. What specific actions are they taking that benefit McKenna over the other candidates. As McKenna’s co-chair in Clark County, I have not seen what I would consider special treatment from the local party. I can’t talk for the state level, but I am not sure exactly what specific actions you are referring too. Specific can be addressed. Generalities are hard to respond to.

  15. Pete, I direct you to a quote from Kirby Wilbur, “State GOP Chairman Kirby Wilbur said he and other state party leaders recently notified the Republican National Committee that McKenna was the only credible Republican candidate in the race, clearing the way for the party to start funding his campaign before the Aug. 7 primary.”

    My post and letter is to the Washington State Republican Party, not any County Party’s. Their mention was directed towards the actions mentioned on behalf of Jaime in 2010.

  16. Lew,
    I agree that is not proper. While it may be a true statement, the purpose of the primary is to determine which candidates the public prefers. Campaign dollars from parties should be held back until after the primaries or at least have people vote through the caucus. I don’t like that the Dems have already given Inslee a bunch of money.
    A better approach by the party would be to inform the RNC that we have candidate(s) that we think can win and to set aside money for the general election.

  17. Pete, as I have said, if McKenna gets the nomination, I will vote him before Inslee.

    But, that the state party is once again promoting one Republican over another is something that I find to be just wrong.

    Be it Dems or GOP, I would prefer party stay out of it until after the primary and the people have spoken.

  18. A better approach would be to get rid of the morons that are running the State GOP and get some people in there that aren’t Liberal idiots. Then maybe the Democrats wouldn’t be totally trashing this State.

  19. BOTH parties have drifted further to the Left. The more people that do not pay taxes. the more people that rely on the government, the worse it gets. I wish I could say that this marginalizing of constitutional values only exists in the democrat party. But I am afraid it is considered the “path to government office” by both parties. And you only have to look at who is in office to realize that this strategy works! The Conservative Movement and the Tea Party MUST keep hammering out the message to re-educate the general population by pointing out the FAILURE of LIBERALISM to deal with the real problems of our American Society!

  20. Ronald, the Republican Party joined the Lefties in the Democrat Party and the Conservatives dumped the Republican Party.

    The current Republican Party may as well combine with the Democrat Party because they’re no better than Democrats. Either that, or the Conservatives need to join hands and drive the RINO bastards out of the Republican Party and straighten it out.

  21. Politics begins at the local level. The best way to put complaints into action is to participate at the PCO level and attend the caucus for whichever party most closely resembles your beliefs. Work from the inside. Every “leader” whether at county or state level, wins by election. Oh yea, that was before election of PCO’s was removed, thanks to the democratically controlled legislature and democratic Governor. Still, it is easier to make changes from the inside. Kirby Wilbur was elected by a vote of the state committeeman and state committeewoman. Follow Lew’s example and let the state party know of your disagreement.

  22. The party & caucus system, especially in the absence of a primary vote, creates a seriously flawed “shadow government” without even minimal transparency. Without a regular public vote (and even with one), it is way too easy to corrupt the process. That’s why we end up with electable candidates who also represent conservative values like liberty and personal responsibility, only by luck.

  23. QBL: Quality Blogger Lew.

  24. I listened to Hadian speak and liked what he had to say. I only have one question with regards to his candidacy. It is this…
    Since when does becoming a converted christian (was a muslim during his youth) qualify a person to be the top executive in our state government?
    I want more than that.
    I like the morals and the ethics and there is probably room for him in office somewhere but I want more than that in my top official.
    Good luck to whoever wins and I will definitly back that person against Inslee all the way to the capitol.

  25. I agree with you, Carolyn. The second time I heard him speak he spoke more of why his inside knowledge of Islam is important for a governors position.

    But as you say, that is only one aspect he needs to address.

    So far i am not supporting either, but I am opposing Inslee or any other tax & spend Democrat that may come along.

    But as it appears, both parties are essentially telling all other “don’t bother to apply.”

    That’s my gripe. Let each speak equally based upon their ability to build support, not party backing. Come the primary, voters will decide who they want and then let the parties jump in.

  26. We need no PARTY, they are facilitating only when they work with the voice of the people and not when they take control and tell us what to think. They cost us the Senatorial posiition last time and it is our duty to act on constitutional loyalty with and open door for those who care to defend it with us. They are beign obstinate not to mention blatantly disenfranchising the voice of the people. Third parties are unable to make headway by design from these very same people, local to national. They silenced Ron Paul support last time with a systematic plan laid out in advance. One need not support Ron Paul to be alarmed in fact if you think not supporting Ron Paul justifies it, you are one of them. I am loyal to no party. I am loyal to our much abused and beleaguered US Constitution, our betrayed Bill of Rights and our state constitution all of them. Anyone who disagrees, you have worn out your welcome in my life. Those who agree, always remember that when they mow down the grass roots, it comes back double.

  27. Well, I would love to pose it once again to him! He has a new thread up continuing the issue! I guess that is what would be the next step in this saga!

  28. Conserves are the only one s to save this country in my humble opine. True, we need more, instead of the gimmie crowd, wanting from us. Good luck to all, and a good clean fight. Keep on truck’n . Go door to door, ring bells, call, get people involved. We need to stop what insanity is going on in WA. DC.

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