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January 8, 2012

Tim Leavitt Continues Showing He Is a Horses Ass

by lewwaters

When it comes to incompetence, arrogance and prevarication by elected people, who comes to mind locally other than the Mayor of Vancouver, Washington, ‘Boss Timothy D. Leave-it?’ But, I have to say he has out done himself this time.

From our capable friends at we read, Leavitt charges [Jeanne] Stewart as the obstacle preventing a vote on light rail

From his blatant lies on opposing tolls to get elected, efforts to stifle citizen opposition to CRC and snarky comments directed at citizens on the Columbian, Boss ‘Leave-it’ repeatedly has shown he is ill-suited to be an elected official. His disdain for council members voting against what he wants is easily seen in facial expressions time and again.

And now, he apparently thinks the people in Vancouver have short memories or he hopes his lies once again get him somewhere.

We all recall his tantrum when council member Jeanne Stewart listened to citizens and rightfully joined in with other C-TRAN Board members to separate the vote between a sales tax increase for C-TRAN and another for operations and maintenance of the proposed loot rail Boss Leave-it and other continue shoving down Clark County’s throat. We all recall how Ms. Stewart was unceremoniously removed from her position on the C-TRAN first chance Boss Leave-it got to do so.

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