Tim Leavitt Continues Showing He Is a Horses Ass

by lewwaters

When it comes to incompetence, arrogance and prevarication by elected people, who comes to mind locally other than the Mayor of Vancouver, Washington, ‘Boss Timothy D. Leave-it?’ But, I have to say he has out done himself this time.

From our capable friends at Couv.com we read, Leavitt charges [Jeanne] Stewart as the obstacle preventing a vote on light rail

From his blatant lies on opposing tolls to get elected, efforts to stifle citizen opposition to CRC and snarky comments directed at citizens on the Columbian, Boss ‘Leave-it’ repeatedly has shown he is ill-suited to be an elected official. His disdain for council members voting against what he wants is easily seen in facial expressions time and again.

And now, he apparently thinks the people in Vancouver have short memories or he hopes his lies once again get him somewhere.

We all recall his tantrum when council member Jeanne Stewart listened to citizens and rightfully joined in with other C-TRAN Board members to separate the vote between a sales tax increase for C-TRAN and another for operations and maintenance of the proposed loot rail Boss Leave-it and other continue shoving down Clark County’s throat. We all recall how Ms. Stewart was unceremoniously removed from her position on the C-TRAN first chance Boss Leave-it got to do so.

At the time the C-TRAN Board was preparing to vote on the approving the ballot measure for the increases, we read from the September 14, 2010 Columbian,

Leavitt, however, made it clear that he expects Stewart to represent the will of the majority of the city council.
“Ms. Stewart, you’re representing us,” councilor Pat Campbell said. “And if you can’t represent us, I don’t think you should be on the C-Tran board as our representative.”
“I will never subjugate what I believe to anyone else’s judgment as a representative of the citizens,” Stewart fired back.
In the midst of this heated discussion, Leavitt called on councilor Larry Smith to attend today’s C-Tran board meeting. If county commissioners press the issue, he said, Smith will be called to replace Stewart on the C-Tran board. Smith then would form a bloc with Leavitt and Harris to block C-Tran from taking any action related to the ballot question.

Boss Leave-its’ little hissy fit fizzled out as C-TRAN Board by-laws prohibit his summarily sweeping Ms. Stewart off of the board. As shown above, he got his chance to remove her soon enough.

Within in a few months the council was acting exactly as Ms. Stewart did, eliciting a terse and well deserved dressing down from Ms. Stewart here and here.

As we are now shown at Couv.com, Ms. Stewart wants back on the C-TRAN Board, a committee position I feel most of the citizens in Vancouver would like to see her assigned to. And, as we can expect, Boss Leave-it opposes her return.

In opposing her return, Boss Leave-it once again shows all just what a complete horses ass he is as he attempted to smear Ms. Stewart in the emails that he realized were being copied to the Columbian.

Following in his pattern of lying, he tries to make it appear as if it was Ms. Stewart preventing any vote on light rail when he was clearly heard here saying NO as to whether we should be allowed to vote on it.

He then tries to make it sound like Ms. Stewart has been threatening him of “political repercussions” should her voice not be included. First, anybody who has ever observed Ms. Stewart knows she does not engage in idle threats nor does she operate by threats. It’s just not her style.

Secondly, what sort of wuss is Boss Leave-it to even try to spin such a yarn for the benefit of the Columbian when we all know what a sleaze bag he has been since lying his way into the mayors seat.

In point number 5 of his email response, Boss Leave-it returns to an earlier allegation he made of Ms. Stewart pandering as he says,

“In our conversation, you indicated there would be ‘political repercussions’ to me if the Council continues to ‘squelch’ your voice, since I am making the recommendations. In other words, a veiled threat to return you to the boards and commissions you desire. Let me be perfectly clear….I have and will continue to do what I believe is correct and right for our Community, and acceptable within the policies of our Council, the authority of the Mayor position, the Charter of the City and the law of the land. Taking votes and landing on decisions due to the fear of ‘political repercussions’, or even worse, to pander to a certain constituency, is not the type of leadership our community needs or desires.”

Boss Leave-it was taken to task by citizens for his allegation of Ms. Stewart “pandering” here and that he supposedly apologized for here.

Apparently, just like his lies he told to be elected mayor, Boss Leave-it did not mean those words either. Ms. Stewart stated she felt that should “end the matter entirely,” but here we are with Boss Leave-it once throwing out a pandering allegation in an email to Ms. Stewart.

Be sure to read the full unedited email exchange from Couv.com here.

Once again, we see that it when it comes to CRC or Loot Rail, citizens votes or voices matter nothing to Boss Leave-it. Only his view of what is best, whether or not a struggling middle class is able to pay for all he wishes.

Or, to put in a more common vernacular often associated with having served in the Military, Boss Leave-it continues being a complete Horses Ass!

16 Comments to “Tim Leavitt Continues Showing He Is a Horses Ass”

  1. Have to agree with you Lew that at least to appease the masses and go through the motions of showing we pretend to be a representative democracy, a vote on light rail would have been appropriate.

    But the outcome would have been the same. So does it matter?

  2. Proponents of Loot Rail, including Leave-it, know that the public is opposed to Portland’s Loot Rail here.

    That is why they will not allow another vote, even though we all know they would do what they can to circumvent our vote.

  3. Of course it would matter. If leave-it believed for one second this vote would pass, he’da been it’s biggest cheerleader. That none of the bridger/looters want a vote means they’re convinced they know the outcome… and it’s an outcome they don’t want.

    Leave-it oozes. He can’t be removed fast enough.

  4. Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss. The system has to be fundamentally changed and voting is not that fundamental.

  5. No, the system doesn’t have to be “changed”, the voters just need to “wake up”.

  6. Lew, you’re being unkind to the horse!

  7. Can someone remind me if this vote is going to advisory or the rule of law behind it? I cannot seem to remember…

  8. That I know of, the only vote we will get is for the increase in sales tax for maintenance and operation of light rail and BRT

  9. This man and the Vancouver City long range planning commission have absolutely no true plan to take this to the vote of the people. They have repeatedly pushed the opportunity off and claimed lack of legal control over the whole project publicly. This whilst they continue to raid cash from the other budgetary categories to put into the lite-rail construction. Read their weekly agendas and start speaking up. Each week that they process a new budget item or land use constraint it is written with lite rail already in it! If any part of their “lack of legal control” is true then they are even more and still unfit to serve our community as elected officials. They don’t want the vote. Jeanne Stewart has perpetually called for a vote… they want to shut her up. A vote is the answer period end until the little man comes up for a new round of elections himself and then PLEASE vote him out!.

  10. These political pukes are like a bunch of damned little kids – “I didn’t do it! You didn’t see me do it! I don’t know who did it! You can’t prove it was me! He did it, I didn’t! It’s not my fault!”.

    Too bad the bastards can’t be given lashes with a cane and made to mind like the errant little kids that they are.

  11. The Citizens of Clark have voted NO to Light Rail twice!!! What is it about NO, Vancouver Mayor Tim Leavitt and Clark County Commissioners Steve Stuart and Marc Boldt don’t understand!!! The Citizens of our Clark County are sick and tired of the deception of individuals they elect because of where they stand on certain issues and as soon as that individual is elected they turn their back on them!!! We want honesty and transparency from our elected officials and no tax requiring people to pay a tax without giving the people an opportunity to decide whether or not the tax should be levied.

  12. If Milwaukee can talk about it, Lake Oswego’s two city councilors can kill their idea of a streetcar (src: http://k2ne.ws/yCXHyn ) and Portland can suck the marrow out of surrounding communities, what else would it take to convince our political officials to re-think the idea?

  13. Being defeated at the polls, Jeremy. Works every time that it’s done.

  14. Jack, I love your point. But how many times has it happened here in “Apathy County?” I can only remember Royce as a recent example.

    Do you have any examples from SW Washington to share with us? I’d love to know….

  15. It hasn’t happened very often here, Jeremy. We’re working really hard to change that…

  16. Well as Kelly aptly put it on his blog, the local GOP office, virtual blog and things going on looks like an amateur effort of a home town yahoo club. Not a professional level organization that the third biggest county in the state of washington should be known from?

    I could spend hours here on Lew’s blog uttering how I feel about the amateurish things I’ve seen from the local clark county gop office looks and experienced.

    Now I should state for the record that I’m not a 100 percent registered, born or bred republican at any local, state or federal level. BUT I do have certain things I agree with and enjoy talking to libertarians and other conservative stripes.

    Some thing really needs to change at the local GOP level and cleaning house is really in order. Especially since our three or four different state and federal legislative districts are going to change I believe at the next legislative primary and general election of 2012 this winter.

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