Turlay Takes Oath of Office for City Council Seat

by lewwaters

Bill Turlay, winner of a 3 way contest of Vancouver City Council position number 6 took the oath of office last evening, along with returning council members, Bart Hansen and Larry Smith. The oath was administered by city attorney, Ted Gaithe.

Bill’s wife, Stephanie stood by his side holding a family Bible as Bill placed his left hand on the Bible and taking the oat with his right hand raised.

Although no longer required to do so, he was the only one of the three taking the oath to place his hand on a Bible or use the traditional ending to an oath, “so help me God.”

Clark County Conservative welcomes Bill Turlay to the city council and we look forward to exciting days ahead.

3 Comments to “Turlay Takes Oath of Office for City Council Seat”

  1. Lew,

    Bill will honor his oath of office!!! We are fortunate to have him on our Vancouver City Council!!!


  2. Good luck Bill…
    Sorry I missed it do to exhaustion.
    I will be around and about soon to cheer you on!


  3. Now let us see what he has to say about the executive sessions? 🙂 He might not be able to say much but it will finally tell us for sure or not, if the council has a lot of shenanigans under its sleeve.

    Bill, congratulations. Thank you for running and becoming a city council member.

    Though I do wonder what it will be like if Stephanie (his wife?) comes to the podium to comment? She usually has interesting things to say, so I HOPE to hear from her soon. I miss her at the city council meetings. It has been a long time since she came forth with ideas!


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