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January 11, 2012

Smarter Bridge Committee Rally

by lewwaters

Short notice, but please attend if you can

Who: All citizens in the region are welcome to this event put on by citizens seeking an efficient, environmentally friendly and fiscally sound Columbia River Crossing.

What: Smarter Bridge Committee Rally at Vancouver Landing-

Where: Vancouver Landing Park (West of the Vancouver downtown Red Lion Hotel)

When: Thursday Jan 12, 10 AM

Why are residents hesitant to ride the MAX line? (includes links to audio from KPAM 860 interview with the young victims Mom)

PS. Questions from a citizen. When I travel in Portland on I-84 or I-205, even during peak traffic periods, I observe that there are few MAX riders on the trains that occasionally whiz by. I’ve often wondered how many people ride the MAX? Since fare enforcement isn’t part of the light rail ride, it seems like any ridership would be an estimate at best.

CRC History FYI attached, a 2006 letter about concerns that alternatives for the transit part of a Columbia River Crossing (light rail AND busses) were not being given equal consideration, LIGHT RAIL was being pushed. Since then, Mayor Leavitt has explained to citizens at Vancouver City Council meetings that there WILL be an I-5 bridge replacement, and that it WILL include light rail,(apparently regardless of what transit capacity fits our region, what citizens or others think, what we can afford to build or operate at the local, state, or federal level, what will best address traffic conjestion for freight, commercial passenger, emergency vehicles etc).

Full video of the news conference