by lewwaters

For more information, see Opponents say scrap CRC design, build smarter bridge

See also from the Columbian CRC foes of all stripes share concerns


  1. The Columbian still has a real “problem” in stating the project’s REAL cost – $10-plus billion, not “$3.5 billion”. Apparently they just “can’t help themselves”.

    Some people will never grow up, I guess.

  2. Lew, thanks for getting the video up and running. Much appreciated.

    In the meeting, Mr. Perkins clearly stated the very ideas I have considered and supported since I first heard about the Columbia River Crossing Project. It is my sincere hope that our leaders in Washington, Oregon and in DC take into full consideration his idea of the third bridge…replacement and expansion of the railroad bridge to include automobile traffic to the shipyards and downtown Portland as well as retrofitting the I-5 Bridge. It’s time our leaders utilize common sense and responsible planning and implementation to improve our freight mobility as well as to improve traffic along this corridor without nailing all residents of the area to the wall of debt. Enough is enough.

  3. Godlie, Have you seen any great examples by our local politicians instead of decent self-serving? You mean great points but I don’t think this late in the process any of them are willing to right the ship, change the project OR admit they made mistakes…..

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