Delivering One Last Gift

by lewwaters

Very Touching Report

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10 Comments to “Delivering One Last Gift”

  1. Awesome!


  2. Thank you, Lew, for sharing such a moving true story. Just one more reminder of the calibre of our military.


  3. Or better yet, Lew has it embedded here:

    I just wanted to add that I saw the sign for the show Overhaulin’ (hosted on the discovery channel for about five years with its major host, Chip Foose and one of those used to watch when I HAD a television) that does a lot of this type of car restoration within a week to ten days.

    But what it made EXTRA special was this done by various communities and individuals in sections and parts were donated by many Americans to make this old beauty a wonderful, awesome gift. This was a gift by whole lot of us to this family and I’ll won’t forget this post from Lew for some time.

    Thanks Lew for finding this and posting it.


  4. It didn’t make a lot of news, Jeremy, but the community turned out to help finish the remodeling of Pfc Cory Doane’s Mom’s house to suit his disabilities before he came home for Thanksgiving.

    Much of it was due to the efforts of and word being put out by Larry Smith & Dan Tarbell’s CMAC (Citizen Community Appreciation Committee).

    So different than when we came home from Vietnam and I am just tickled to see today’s Troops being treated so much better.

    As we keep saying, Never Again.


  5. It is moments like these which make me proud to be an American…to know there’s so many people who still care. Lew, thanks for providing us this video. It was definitely a heartwarming gift to us all, sharing an act of good will by so many people.

    To know that the many selfless acts of this fallen hero lives on in the restoration of his widow’s father’s truck and the restoration of many memories…

    Such a wonderful tribute to a man who sacrificed his life in protecting others and showed such a deep love for his family.


  6. Hi Lew,

    Am I still banned? This story deserves more coverage:


  7. Josef, (pats him on the head) if you think with a little common sense your statement was unneeded…. If you had been banned, your comments would have not appeared on the blog..


  8. To Lew, I remember the Doane thing about a year ago? Yes, CMAC was a part of that and I’m proud of them!


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