Where is Ron Paul’s DD 214?

by lewwaters

Once again we see Ron Paul supporters boasting of his Military Service, 2 years active in the US Air Force as a Flight Surgeon and another 2 in the Air National Guard (the same Air National Guard President Bush was accused of hiding out from the draft and Vietnam service in) as a doctor.

As the undated photo of him in uniform seems to show, he has Captain’s bars on his shoulders, no ribbons and a basic medical corps badge above his left pocket, but no Flight Surgeon Badge.

US Air Force Basic Flight Surgeon Badge

You might not feel it is relevant to ask to see Ron Paul’s Military Record, but just as with previous candidates who boast of Military Service, as Ron Paul did in the debates with Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and others, it is incumbent upon him to support his claim of service.

I have no doubt that he served as an Air Force doctor (Flight Surgeon) for 2 years, from 1963 to 1965 and then finished out with the Air National Guard (1965 to 1968), but since he now makes that service a central part of his campaign, we voters are entitled to know about his service, deployments (if any), character of service and rank attained.

While many say his active service was stateside, RonPaul.com, a major supportive web site claims in their sidebar, “Ron Paul is a proud Air Force veteran. He served as a flight surgeon in the U.S. Air Force from 1963 to 1965 and then in the U.S. Air National Guard from 1965 to 1968. During his military service Ron Paul spent time on the ground in Iran, Pakistan, South Korea, Turkey, Ethiopia and other countries.”

Another supporter asks in several places, “Why is Ron Paul’s exemplary military record not mentioned by the Media? They follow the question with, “Dr. Paul was drafted and served on active duty in the US Air Force (1963-65) as a surgeon, achieving the rank of Captain and also became a qualified pilot. Dr Paul served with distinction in the US Air Force from 1963-1968.”

Everywhere you look you’ll find supporters of Ron Paul boasting of his Military Service as if he deserves an edge over others due to it. This tactic was tried back in the 2007/2008 campaigns also.

In dealing with supporters of Ron Paul, who take great umbrage at anyone opposing him, as if committing blasphemy, it was not unusual to receive comments such as “This man served in Vietnam,” “I’m voting for former Vietnam Combat Flight Surgeon,,, Ron Paul,” “Unlike Dick Cheney, George Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, Paul served in Vietnam for duty… not booty,” “He is a Vietnam veteran – he is a doctor who served as flight surgeon in the Vietnam war – not like some of these phony veterans that you see prancing around Washington D.C. on the news all the time,” “The former Vietnam flight surgeon is the perfect candidate for President,” “As a result of this experience in the Vietnam War, Dr. Paul is a staunch advocate of getting the troops out of Iraq,” “Dr. Paul served his country, and its soldiers as a field surgeon, probably seeing the coldest side of the Vietnam War,” “He is a doctor, a historian, a war hero,” “Ron Paul served this nation in Vietnam honorably as a flight surgeon,” “Paul, a 10-term congressman from Texas, was one of a handful of Republicans to vote against military action in Iraq. The Vietnam veteran and physician voted against the Patriot Act and Military Commissions Act” and “Ron Paul is an Honorably Discharged Vietnam Veteran. Are you?”

Confronting Ron Paul’s supporters on theirs and his claim of Military service often draws a response such as, “Let us get back to the MAJOR BENEFITS of getting Ron Paul elected President instead of someone’s DD214!”

I, for one, am a little tired of those who boast of Military Service they may not be entitled to. Supporters of Ron Paul boast of Vietnam Service but never wish to back it up with any proof of a Vietnam Service Ribbon or even a National Defense Service Ribbon.

Ron Paul and his supporters have made his brief service in the Air Force and the Air National Guard into a major part of his campaign again this year and still, no documentation of anything.

This must stop.

I call on Ron Paul to open his Military Records, make his DD-214 public to support his claims and those of his supporters.

If all others are “chickenhawks” as claimed, it is now incumbent upon Ron Paul to document his Military Service to show he too is not the real “chickenhawk.”

Ron Paul, show us your DD-214!

7 Comments to “Where is Ron Paul’s DD 214?”

  1. The medical badge, captain bars, cover, and lack of ribbons all suggest a graduation picture taken at the end of OTS (Officer Training School). My reasoning: File pictures are taken uncovered; graduation pictures are taken covered. As a doctor, he would have entered as a captain, not a 2LT. But at the conclusion of OTS, he would not yet have had either Flight Surgeon wings or ribbons.

    I suspect that the Paul supporter you quote who claims that he became a qualified pilot doesn’t understand the role of a flight surgeon. I believe the additional commitment incurred by flight school may have only been a couple of years back in the early sixties, but even if that’s true, becoming qualified as a flight surgeon *and* as a pilot, *and* serving out the additional commitment incurred by each, in the space of four years seems unlikely.

  2. Candidates for office can’t control the statements of their supporters and are prohibited from controlling the statements of their supporting PACs. Many candidates have had patently ridiculous claims made by their supporters, for example Newt Gingrich as a “family values” supporter and Mitt Romney as a “man of the people”. Rick Perry has repeatedly emphasised his military service but has refused to release his records:http://www.statesman.com/news/texas-politics/perry-colleagues-remember-solid-pilot-and-airman-1863224.html
    I’ve seen no evidence that Ron himself claimed to be anything other than a private pilot, not has he claimed to be a combat vet
    Lew, are you going to be as hard on these other candidates as you’ve been on Ron Paul?

  3. What stops Ron Paul from standing up and saying the claims are false?

    Why is expecting candidates to support their claims “being hard?”

  4. It isn’t. But you’ve slammed Ron on multiple posts, and have loaded in search terms such as “Bogus” “Stolen Valor” “Empty Claims” etc. which display an obvious negative bias against Ron, esp. when you don’t have any actual evidence. Newt Gingrich has a highly questionable personal, business, and political background. While you’ve mentioned him in previous posts, you’ve been strangely silent about his shortcomings. And I haven’t seen you say anything about Rick Perry’s refusal to release his military records.

  5. That I don’t support Ron Paul is no secret.

    That you support Ron Paul is no secret.

    Neither has any bearing on him supporting his claims or speaking out to correct false claims made by others.

    And if you notice, I have yet to post in support of Newt, Mitt or any of the rest. I wanted Herman Cain.

  6. Lew, you should do a blog post on Herman Cain. I supported him too until he got kind of squirrley about his position on things. “I’m against abortion, but I support the woman’s right to choose”. He’d say one thing, then the opposite. Maybe it was just his style of communication that made him appear inconsistent.

    I do think his downfall was engineered by Republican operatives though. Don’t know how much truth was there.

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