Liz Pike Files For 18th Legislative District Representative Run

by lewwaters

Due to redistricting, the seat currently held by Republican Ed Orcutt in the 18th Legislative District will be vacated as Ed is moved into the 20th District. Former Camas City Council Member Liz Pike has filed with the PDC to be elected in Ed Orcutt’s place. Today, Ms. Pike released the following;

January 23, 2012

For Immediate Release
Contact Liz Pike
Tel. (360) 281-8720

Liz Pike Announces Plans to Run for 18th District State Representative, Position 2

Liz Pike, former Camas City Council Member, has filed with the Washington State Public Disclosure Commission as a candidate for State Representative, District 18.  This seat is currently held by Representative Ed Orcutt, who is now in the 20th District due to redistricting.

“I am running for State Representative because I want to help restore the public’s faith in state government.  I am disappointed to lose Representative Orcutt as our district’s State Legislator.  I have decided to run for his seat to try to maintain the strong representation and courage he has provided,” said Liz. “If we commit to the ideal of reducing burdensome regulations and onerous rules, and work to shrink the size of government by prioritizing spending, our State will, once again, become business friendly.  What we desperately need is more private sector job growth.  Our State cannot continue on its current path.”

Liz is a small business owner of Pike Advertising Agency since 1995. She is currently contracted to serve as Political Affairs Director for the political action committee of the Building Industry Association of Clark County.

Liz was raised on a dairy farm in Brush Prairie and has lived in the 18th District most of her life.  She operates a small sustainable farm in Fern Prairie raising sheep, turkeys, chickens and grows fruits, vegetables and berries.  Liz has two grown children.

The campaign website is  Liz can be reached at Tel. (360) 281-8720 or by email or on FaceBook under “Liz Pike.”

7 Comments to “Liz Pike Files For 18th Legislative District Representative Run”

  1. A strong contender for sure!


  2. Are there any contenders?


  3. Liz is the first I have heard of


  4. numer uno dumb question… Did they not re-district the 18th LD out of Clark County and further north or did the map change and there is still some left in the northern portion?

    Or are they still in the process of finishing up and submitting the maps to the legislature?? Because what I’m reading from Liz’s PR piece isn’t totally correct. (the 18th LD with second seat representative.)


  5. As I understand it, Orcutt lives in Kalama and that now will be in the 20th. He says he will run for election there instead of moving south into the redistricted 18th.


  6. Jeremy, here’s the new LD map (statewide):

    Here’s the new LD map (18th detail):

    Sorry, can’t put my hands on the “before” maps of the leg districts, but here are both before and after maps of the Congressional Districts:


  7. Thanks everyone. I wanted to find out the new maps and how the finally worked things out. This was not about Ms. Pike, I just wanted to make sure things were correct.

    I see that the 17th is now a more central to eastern Clark County concern and borders more urban Battle Ground to the south. 49th still looks as ravenous as usual, 20th gets our great spokesman, Ed Orcutt and 14th takes over the 15th legislative district on the extreme eastern Clark County and Skamania County line.

    Thanks again, everyone for the information. 🙂


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