Predicting John Laird’s Sunday, February 5, 2012 Editorial

by lewwaters

I predict John’s Sunday editorial will be a slobbering approval of the Senate passing homosexual marriage and he will not even mention the $1.5 Billion budget gap still facing the state that has not been a priority.

UPDATE: I was wrong. Instead of slobbering all over himself for the homosexual marriage passing in the Senate, John decided to once again go on a rant and bash Sen. Don Benton, Republican of course over wanting to see English as our official language.

Oddly enough, Laird ends his rant with, “Other legislative priorities? Like balancing budgets, creating jobs and improving schools? Hey, this ain’t Buckaroo’s first rodeo. He leaves that stuff to the rookies.”

Isn’t that exactly what we have saying as the legislature has wasted nearly half of the session promoting homosexual marriage?

And to show what a sick perverted mind Laird has, he also pens, “And as a musician, I can keep a steady beat with ‘Oye como va,’ the Latin rock classic made popular by Santana. And when Patti LaBelle belts out ‘Lady Marmalade,’ I can slap a pretty good drawl on ‘voulez-vous coucher avec moi (ce soir)’?”

That last sentence translates to “would you sleep with me (tonight)?”

9 Comments to “Predicting John Laird’s Sunday, February 5, 2012 Editorial”

  1. his boyfriend will be thrilled, no doubt.


  2. Will we be also getting a ritual comment from Mr. Laird about Light rail and the failure of Jaime Herrera Beutler’s smoke screen?


  3. Laird was hired by The Columbian to “generate controversy”. He only drives by and throws a bomb in the middle of the street, but he never sticks around to defend the “mayhem” that he causes.

    Rush Limbaugh’s term: The Drive-By Media” fits Laird’s role at The Columbian to a “T”.

    Somewhere, a long time ago, some newspapers began using “rabble-rousers” to generate “controversy” under the theory that any “attention” is somehow “good”, even if it’s negative attention.

    Of course, having a smart-alecky smartass writing columns that alienates a lot of the community shouldn’t be a good business model for a little Elitist rag that wants to sell a few newspapers once in a while, but keeping Laird on staff is The Columbian’s way of keeping a middle finger raised towards the community, and The Columbian has had it’s “finger” raised at this community for years.

    Yes kids, The Columbian really does think it’s somehow “better” than we are. And they’ll continue to think that all the way out of business.


  4. Jack, I wonder if Gargamel ( ) fascination from our fearless wanderer??? (from the local newspaper..) I wonder how many difference pieces from the WIkipedia article correspond with him?


  5. I think you kept Laird up all night writing a new column, Lew. I’ll bet that the poor boy didn’t get much sleep.


  6. Maybe Laird will use that column this Sunday. I can’t believe he’ll pass up a chance to poke a stick in everybody’s eye.


  7. Lew, you had to have me spewing soda pop at 5am with your update. You sure Laird wasn’t doing his fatherly duties checking up on Moeller and Co?


  8. And yes, thank you for the chuckle….


  9. Oh Laird is such a “with it” type-of-guy. Just like “with it” Brancaccio. Those guys are such “cool Elitists”. Makes you want to puke.

    Btw, “Lady Marmalade” is chock full of deliberate double entendres wherein the spoken French sounds very much like typical American ghetto-gutter language for fooling around with butts and nightgowns. (Back in them days songwriters had to watch what was said).

    Funny that, because Laird talks out of both sides of his mouth too.


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