Stateside Associates “Best Local Politics Blogs”

by lewwaters

“Stateside Associates is the largest state and local government relations firm, offering 50 employees in service to 100+ clients. With deep expertise in both strategy and execution, Stateside Associates transcends the conventional categories of government relations consulting.”

Founded in 1988, Stateside Associates, located in Arlington, Virginia “has worked across the 50 states and in many local governments on behalf of dozens of companies, trade associations and government and non-profit clients to identify trends and build relationships with state and local officials.”

Like other corporations have discovered, many bloggers fill a niche between media and the people, filling in what is often left lying on editorial room floors. Many state and local government relations professionals also find value in opinions and reporting found in many blogsites and find the information often “invaluable.”

I was honored a few years ago to be chosen to participate in notifications and conference calls hosted by the American Petroleum Institute, having previously blogged on America’s need for a more comprehensive domestic energy policy.

I was amazed to once make a call to the editor of the Centralia Chronicle and as I identified myself, hear he knew who I was and had read my blog.

Even though I am often critical, I have enjoyed many brief discussions with various reporters and others at our own Columbian newspaper, although I am highly doubtful John Laird and I would have such an amicable discussion.

My association with KPAM 860’s Victoria Taft, both on her own blogsite and doing the Southwest Washington Updates, even given that I am not experienced in doing radio has helped me hone a more measured style of blogging and not jump to conclusions and to check out subjects before I post on them.

In simple terms, I take my blog serious as well as challenging at times.

That makes me proud to announce receipt of an email from Stateside Associates informing me that they have chosen Clark County Conservative to be listed as one of three “Best Local Politics Blogs” in Washington State, along with Politics Northwest in Seattle and Political Buzz in Tacoma.

I have placed a clickable icon at the top of the sidebar to the right where you may visit Stateside Associates for their complete listing of other blogs from every state.

I am thankful to Stateside Associates for this honor and will continue to strive for accuracy and honesty in promoting the conservative view of politics in Southwest Washington and national subjects I cover.

I thank all of the readers of Clark County Conservative for comments, suggestions, support and especially Professor Robert Dean, Rees Lloyd and others for their many contributions that helped achieve this honor.

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19 Comments to “Stateside Associates “Best Local Politics Blogs””

  1. Congrats, Lew. You have a great blog. The honors are well-deserved.

  2. This comes as no surprise – you’re doing a great job. Congratulations!!!!!! Well deserved!

  3. Well done Lew!!! It’s a terrific site!

  4. Congratulations, Lew!

  5. Congratulations Lew. Your blog deserves the recognition. Thank you for providing an alternative to The Columbian’s forum!

    Here’s a thought – maybe a nexus of Cark County Conservative and could provide a real challenge to The Columbian. Heck they might even have to give honest coverage to C-Tran and CRC shenanigans!

  6. There’s some good people at, but they cover much more than just politics like me. They did one interview with me previously and I have spoken with Carol at and we may begin combining a little once in a while.

    I hope the Columbian will see fit to become more objective. They have somewhat, but have a ways to go in my opinion.

    Still, they are a newspaper with a decent sized staff and cover much more in the community than I can, but their politics needs to be more centrist, even though Lou says they already are.

  7. Yes, congrats Lew. Your viewpoint and thoughtful comments are appreciated here and in our comments section at Thanks for your contribution to the discussion.

    Craig, I’d say the blog isn’t just an alternative to our forum, but an addition. It keeps the conversation going among community members online and offline.

  8. Libby,

    I meant it as an alternative to being required to have a Facebook account. Yes, I read the Columbian forum and there are some good discussions, but I’m unable to contribute because I refuse to get a Facebook account – yes, I know, it’s my choice, but here I can contribute without one.

  9. Thanks Libby.

    You make just about the same point as I did to Jeffery Mize a few years ago when he spoke to me about Blogging in Clark County. I have no illusions of “putting the Columbian out of business” and don’t want to see it go out of business. We don’t have to have an adversarial relationship, but do have the freedom to be critical at times.

    I think we both do what we can to encourage more people to engage in the process, which can only make the community better.

    Thanks again, Libby. I appreciate it.

  10. I agree, and as I just told Lou Brancaccio, that although I do criticize The Columbian’s editorial content – especially on CRC and C-Tran and Laird’s Loony Lamentations, I really do appreciate the quality of reportage at The Columbian. They have good staff and cover most things very well in my opinion. Both – not either or, make for a better community. I think a good challenge by and Clark County Conservative can only make The Columbian better wouldn’t you say?

  11. For sure, Craig. A little competition always does a business good.

  12. Thank you, Lew, for the hard work and research you do to keep so many informed. We do appreciate your efforts and it’s great to see you get recognition for your input to our community.

  13. Thank you, dem2gop. I do appreciate it.

  14. Cool Lew!

  15. I didn’t see anything in today’s Columbian about this achievement. I even sent a letter yesterday to Lou and the Campbells asking them to show support for a local boy doing good by at least mentioning that Lew’s blog had received national recognition.

    Way to support the community Lou.

  16. I don’t expect recognition in the paper, Craig.

    Besides, Libby Clark left a nice comment and I received a nice email from Lou congratulating me.

  17. Well that’s something anyway.

  18. Got referred here by Yahoo. Anyhow, I see what you are saying. Nice read.

  19. top rankings, yes lew does a great job! 🙂 That is why I can’t stay away.

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