Ron Paul, the “Biblical Prophet,” Anoints Vancouver and Beyond

by lewwaters

I presume Vancouver, Portland, Clark County, Cowlitz County, Multnomah County, Marion County, Clackamas County and more feel blessed to have such a Biblical Prophet of Ron Paul’s stature lower himself to touch the ground at the Vancouver Hilton Bed and Bankruptcy Thursday afternoon.

True to his announced claim, Ron Paul, who I once thought was only a whiney congressman from a sparsely populated district in Texas held a campaign event in our little town today. Lucky for me that he did as I discovered that far from just being a human congressman, he is now a Biblical Prophet in the line of John the Baptist, Luke the Physician, Paul the Apostle, part Daniel part Elijah and here to lead us to the second coming of Christ.

In case you think I am making it up, I direct you to the Columbian’s live blogging of his Holy presence this afternoon and the comment left by a Michael Guenther.

Lest you think I am making too much out of one lunatic’s words, I also direct you to the Daily Paul and their post, Who is the Biblical prophet CLOSEST to Ron Paul?

To my initial surprise, adherents to the Holy Paul flooded in from all over to hear his Sermon on the Mount at the downtown Hilton Bed & Bankruptcy Grand Ballroom. Arriving a little before the announced 4 PM beginning, I saw an unexpected line of people stretching far down the sidewalk. At 4 PM one organizer, er Apostle of the Holy Paul said the line stretched all the way down to the Interstate Bridge, somewhat of an exaggeration as evidenced by the photo below, still a block north of the Rail Bridge.

Far be it that a lowly infidel as me questions an apostle of the divine Holy Paul, though.

Seeing the staggering numbers, 1,600 released by the Ron Paul campaign during the event in a news release, it began downing on me why the divine Ron Paul would meet with such mere mortals in a city of approximately 106,000 seeking to touch the hems of his garment.

To the immediate south sits another state, Oregon and the first city has a population of over a half of a million. A little further south of that is the state capital, Salem with a population of about 155,000. Both also have many worshippers of the Holy Paul who will attend any event to bow before his Holy presence.

None have a voice in the March Caucuses for Washington State, but does give the campaign a technically true claim of an overflowing crowd spilling out into the street.

Such technically true claims are a common tactic of the Holy Paul’s claims, evidenced by an earlier news release from his campaign, Ron Paul Leads President Obama in Poll of Ohio Voters

The release states, “2012 Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul bests President Obama in a head-to-head matchup in the key swing state of Ohio according to a new Fox News poll.”

Beyond the questionable use of a poll issued by “Faux News” as many adherents label Fox News as they scream nothing on it can be trusted, I do appreciate their linking to it so that we infidels can see what is really said in the poll.

They claim the holy Paul besting Obama in Ohio with 41% for Obama and 42% for his divineness.

Left out of the news release, the poll also shows 40% Obama to 43% for Santorum, 43% Obama to 37% Gingrich and 38% Obama to 44% for Romney in Ohio.

So while technically true that the divine Paul bests Obama by 1%, completely ignored is that two other candidates best Obama by 3% and 6%. Only Newt Gingrich polls lower than both the holy Paul and Obama in the “Faux News” poll.

Technically true, but slightly dishonest by the omission. Not exactly what one would expect from a messiah.

Since I was unable to gain entry, along with hundreds of others, I must refer you to the Columbian recap of their live blogging of his version of the Sermon on the Mount. But, from what I read, it is the pretty much the same he has been repeating all over while the overall majority of us infidels continue to reject his salvation.

Jesus warned at Matthew 7:15 “Beware of the false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Grapes are not gathered from thorn bushes nor figs from thistles, are they? 17 So every good tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot produce bad fruit, nor can a bad tree produce good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 So then, you will know them by their fruits.”

Hate to break the news, but Ron Paul is no more than a mere mortal himself. Sorry Paulbots.

33 Comments to “Ron Paul, the “Biblical Prophet,” Anoints Vancouver and Beyond”

  1. Lew, you’re just jealous 🙂


  2. LOL, Tom, not hardly. But thanks. I love going to bed with a bog smile on my face 😉


  3. ;-P LAUGH OUT LOUD… Sorry I was NOT able to come down and harass you Lew. 😉 I almost came down when I heard yesterday Paul was going to be in town on a tweet at the very last second. I wonder why the notices for the event were sent out so late and I had to pick it up from a local reporter?

    Seems someone in his organization sure didn’t let the Profit out of the box too easily.

    Lew, thank you for the early morning laughter at 3am……


  4. Just a small side note, I don’t live far from the Bankrupt bed & breakfest where one of our salient senators would NOT stay for some time?? I was coming down but I got put into a compression cast that pretty much limits what I can do except breathe boiler plate politics and harass Jack here in the forums.


  5. “And they were a lively bunch…”.


  6. I read the link Lew provided to “Daily Paul”. How does he engender that kind of fanatical support? He doesn’t seem like a megalomaniac from the little I’ve heard him say.

    From the pix in the Columbian, it looked like the majority of his support is from those 30 and under. Is that accurate? If so, why?


  7. Craig it is a younger crowd – and that’s what would make him such a a powerful presence on the ticket. As you know Obama won 2008 largely on the backs of young voters. In sharp contrast, as shown in VoterVault data that I have access to as a PCO, the most likely mainstream Republican voters are older. In fact, in my entire precinct there are only 3 registered “strong Republican” voters in the database who are under 40!


  8. Craig, to answer your other question, if you want to understand why RP has such strong support among young people (and even a fair number of older people), just listen to one of his speeches. You may not agree with everything, but much of what he says is simple common sense – we can’t continue endless deficit spending, we can’t be the policeman of the world, the government should not continue to engage in crony capitalism, the government should respect personal liberties and states rights, etc. etc.


  9. Tom, if I may, the youth vote is overrated. Not that they shouldn’t vote, I wish many more did. But if you look closer at the 2008 youth vote, it was not that far above the 2004 youth turn out that reelected Bush and was still less than the highest ever turnout for a presidential election in 1972.

    95% of young Blacks and Hispanics voted for Obama due to his skin color, an advantage Ron Paul doesn’t have. And comparing him to Jesus and Biblical Prophets will not make up that difference.

    Common sense should also dictate some supporting Ron Paul to inquire just how he plans to go about imposing his “common sense” ideals. Don’t forget, much to today’s youth do not have the discipline us older voters were instilled with and expect some sort of cradle to grave care, which last I recall, Ron Paul does not favor.

    On deficit spending he is correct. How will he encourage a majority of 535 Representatives and Senators who already do not support him to go along?

    Having a strong national defense is not being the world’s Policeman. Abandoning our allies and withdrawing back to within our borders is suicide in today’s world. We have Troops spread out to protect our borders from the other side, not to wait for them to get in and then do something. Yes, it is costly, but it is far from the most expensive expenditure.

    On crony capitalism, what is his plan? How does he propose ending all of the subsidies, tax breaks and such that are helping businesses stay open? What would he do to counter the double digit unemployment if he ended it all at once? And no, that doesn’t mean I support crony capitalism, I just would like to know his plan on it. He speaks of ending it, but never on just ho to accomplish that. In fact, he seems rather short on plans of any sort to implement his ideas.

    He is excellent in his use of spicy catch phrases, but so where several others in the past who promised freedom, a better economy and all sorts of goodies. Search history and you may find the end result was just the opposite as it came down to brutality against those citizens wrongfully targeted as the cause of the problems.

    Look beyond the glib talking points, Tom. Seek what is behind them.


  10. Lew if it was only about glib talking points I could support any of the candidates with equal enthusiasm. RP has one thing going for him the other don’t have – a consistent support for individual liberty and a consistent rejection of federal interference in areas they don’t belong. The others are just johhny-come-latelys with, at best, very spotty records..
    Now it is true that RP has not been able to get much of his agenda through as a congressman – but that’s because he’s been a lone voice of sense in a sea of corruption. As a chief executive he’d have much more influence in actually getting things done. And will there be fallout? Sure – many of the businesses that exist only because of unconstitutional government largess (subsidies for wind-farms, oil, and sugar come to mind) will fail or have to re-invent themselves. That’s part of a necessary process we need to go through unless we want to be Greece 2.0.


  11. Sorry Tom, but if you think any president has that much influence over a hostile congress, you only need look at Bush’s last 2 years in office.

    As for my comment on “glib talk, ”

    He complains about Gaza being like a concentration camp. Yet, here is a recent video of Gaza,

    He tells us we should “listen to those in the Middle East.” Yet he then comes out claiming Israel started and encouraged Hamas (about 1:30)

    Yet, Hamas-Leader Khaled Meshaal in an interview was asked and replied:

    For many years there has been the suggestion in the Western media that Israeli intelligence was instrumental in the creation of Hamas. I suppose you know about this story?

    Unfortunately this tale is told by some Arabs, Palestinian Arabs. It is an attempt to distort the image of our movement. We consider this charge as something so ridiculous, that we don’t even bother to deny it. It is so illogical. How come, that Israel should establish an organisation that will combat Israel, how is that possible?

    The argument is, the Israelis helped to create Hamas in order to divide the Palestinian resistance and weaken the Fatah movement.

    Indeed, during the seventies the main Palestinian force that was combating Israel was the Fatah-movement. Consequently Israel concentrated its fighting against Fatah und the other, smaller groups of Palestinian resistance, which existed in this period. At that time, however, Hamas was not yet properly established. We were only starting to build our social base in Palestinian society, by focussing entirely on social affairs, organizing help, building hospitals and schools, looking after the sick and deprived. In that era we were only involved in peaceful actions. This is why Israel did not do anything against us.

    Because they did not know at the time, what was going on in our minds. But, while we were focussing outwardly only on social and educational work, at the same time we were secretly already training and preparing for our future resistance projects. Because the Israelis did not see this danger they concentrated their actions against other brigades, not against us. And it is this Israeli inaction against us, which some Palestinian Arab elements unfriendly towards Hamas present as “proof”, that Israel was supporting the creation of Hamas.

    Shouldn’t Ron Paul take his own advice and listen to one of the founders of Hamas?

    Yes, we need to stop sending so many tax dollars to business, but if he were capable of doing it all at once, as many supporters want, the unemployment would likely exceed the Depression and I doubt too many will sit back and accept it saying it is just part of a necessary process. It must be a gradual weaning to avoid total chaos and I really doubt the more militant supporters would go along and I am positive congress would not go along with an immediate end.

    If he spoke the truth about the situation, he would not have near the support he does, especially amongst the radical Occupiers, the Anarchists, the Minarchists and so many more. He has pretty much painted himself into a corner with those people, just as Obama did.


  12. Hi Lew,

    I have to say, I think you’re really pushing that idiot’s viewpoint way too far. I don’t think anyone outside of a mental institution thinks RP is some kind of a prophet, but then again I don’t know how to definitely prove my point. However, as I read the post you link to, I wonder what your response is to Luke 6:27.

    As to RP’s attraction, I think we’re in a repeat of 1992, even more so. RP will probably wind up like Ross Perot, splitting up the R vote such that O will win. I didn’t think this would happen, instead I thought that O would automatically lose, due to poor unemployment news, but I think the R’s have figured out how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory once again.

    As for Ron Paul’s attractions, he’s definitely got the young vote, especially those who understand the ramifications of Obama’s insurance as well as Social Security. Can you outline your opposition to RP? For those who truly value Liberty, RP is the only R candidate who supports Liberty.

    I have to say, I think you could have a good post dealing with good restaurants in Clark County. I think the area deserves more respect. I’ll do my part, and nominate Excellent Indian food on the East side.



    PS – I hope I have not quoted Jefferson out of context. If you think I have, please point it out. The reason I brought up Jefferson is he is a hero of Liberty.


  13. Ron Paul has built his reputation on sand. He is not consistent nor logically in his positions, and gets to the right conclusions with the wrong arguments.

    I admire his resolution and willingness to go against the current, and occasional brilliant insight, but…


  14. Hi Martin,

    Can you elaborate? For instance, his “audit the Fed” movement?

    What do you object to that?



  15. BTW, sort of related….

    For anyone wondering how the President spends his time, this is an excellent book:

    Haldeman Diaries

    I’m still wading through it – the definitive Nixon book. I’m astonished how much time Nixon wasted on Kissinger, and this was way before Watergate.

    It is a fascinating read…. I’ve read all of Ambrose’s books on Nixon, and he has the honor to write the introduction, and even he talks about how this book blows away historians. This book really forces the historian to evaluate his position…

    I cannot recommend this book highly enough to political wonks – it will force you to re-evaluate the Executive branch.


  16. Josef, like almost all Conservatives, Ron Paul’s economic understanding is based on household finances. He is not a Keynesian – meaning he does not realize that federal spending is a LOAN that must be paid back by the people who eventually end up with the money. The Fed is almost immaterial.

    Federal government spending is a closed system – the loan money ended up in somebody’s bank account. Obviously, people without savings have none of the loan money, and people with large bank accounts have a lot of loan money. The problem isn’t the Fed – the problem is people not paying back their loan.


  17. The “problem” is simply too much government spending and too much government interference in the private marketplaces, Martin. It’s no more complicated than that.

    Cut government down to size and the problem goes away. Period.


  18. Martin if you could borrow billions at 0%, then invest it in government paper yielding between 2 and 4% why would you ever pay it back? The Fed is the entity that makes such behavior possible – and profitable.


  19. Jack and Tom, as I’ve said many times before, what Government spends money on is almost immaterial, it all ends up in somebody’s bank account in the end. It’s what makes modern economies run, and the fact that folks don’t know that is overwhelming our ability to debate.

    The REAL CONCERN is whether production is greater than consumption. Encouraging deadbeats encourages consumption. Discouraging business is discouraging production. These are the themes that Conservatives are correct in hammering on.


  20. Gee Martin, what government spends it CONFISCATES from everybody else, thereby reducing their wealth. Not only that, but government THROWS THE MONEY AWAY to bums and pukes, and USES OUR MONEY AGAINST US by spending it on BULLSHEET that we don’t want, Lawyers to harrass us and “Regulations” to make our lives more miserable.

    Again, the best thing is a much smaller government that is kept in a locked box like a arrogant, spoiled, tyrannical little bastard should be and the S.O.B. should always be BROKE.


  21. Martin, even in times of production > consumption, inappropriate government spending causes lots of damage. Recent examples include the housing crisis which was greatly exacerbated by government manipulation and involvement in the mortgage business, as well as government subsidies of the ethanol, sugar, wind generation and solar industries.
    Such behavior by the federal government skew the markets, results in gross mal-investment, and foments an endless series of bubbles and crashes. And it creates a persistently unstable business environment that scares off private capital and makes companies reluctant to hire.
    The reality is that the federal government has no constitutional authority to engage in “picking winner and losers” and there’s a good reason for that.


  22. If you look at all of the things that the government has stuck it’s ugly nose into that it has no Constitutional authority to be screwing around with, you can easily see that government needs to be cut in half or less. It’s way too damned big.


  23. Jack you’re absolutely right. But there’s a famous saying, something like “it’s hard to get someone to understand something when his job depends on his not understanding it” and those are the very government employees and unions that consistently vote for Big Goverment advocates like Obama and Santorum.


  24. Tom, both the housing bubble & the banking crisis were the result of deregulation. This is well documented. Both events were predicted at the time of the deregulation, and both are the natural result of how Capitalism exploits any loophole. Capitalist will do ANYTHING that isn’t prohibited. I’m a fervent Capitalist, and I want it to continue, which is why I strongly endorse regulation.

    Capitalism also fails when monopolies are present.

    Capitalism fails when there is no profit.

    Capitalism fails when the stakes are too high.

    When Capitalism fails, Government subsidizes.


  25. Tom, I want to make an observation about your “job depends on it” quote:

    The reason “the rich” pretend not to understand Keynesian economics is because it would undermine their anti-tax rhetoric. I let the Conservatives in this forum slide, but someone like Romney certainly knows he’s lying for his own benefit.


  26. Not really Martin. Blaming unregulated capitalists for the housing & banking crisis is like blaming the neighborhood dogs for making a mess out of the 500 lbs of raw meat you just scattered on the street. The raw meat, in this case, was the excessive amount of free or nearly free money scattered around the landscape by the Fed (as part of their Keynsian reaction to 9/11) as well as overly generous tax write-off and other incentives like 5% down FHA loans handed out to home buyers by government. Coincidence is not causality.


  27. You might also find this interesting, wrt Keynsianism (which, btw, many conservatives understand perfectly well, they just don’t agree with it 🙂


  28. Tom, I agree with your “raw meat” comparison – Capitalists are definitely hungry dogs, but simply blaming low-cost money takes your eye off the ball – that’s just a single tool in the Capitalist arsenal. Mad dogs need neck collars and muzzles.

    I HATE debating people about Keynesian – especially non-economists. ALL ECONOMIES ARE KEYNESIAN. Sayin’ it ain’t so is ridiculous. Those people are the worst kind of liars.


  29. Tom, the “Obama Stimulus” was less than a trillion dollars over 3 years. The Trade Deficit is half a trillion (or more) EVERY YEAR! The Obama Stimulus is working – unfortunately for a foreign interests. Another casualty of deregulation, (“Free” Trade).


  30. Martin, debating about various economic “theories” and trying to fix “labels” just keeps everybody’s eyes “off the ball”.

    The bottom line is that government is a monster that needs to be cut down to size because it is destroying this nation and wrecking it’s wealth. It’s just as simple as that.

    We need government OUT of our lives and OUT of our wallets if this nation is to survive.


  31. Martin the labor-force participation rate is the lowest it’s been in almost 30 years. And each added job has cost $200K+ in governrnent bacon. BLS has played some games with how the unemployment rate is calculated but unless you live in a parallel Alice-in-Wonderland universe where up is down, the results of the stimulus program cannot reasonably be described as anything but a failure.


  32. Tom, my view (the Liberal view) is that things could be a lot worse! However, you missed my point that the Obama-stimulis is completely overshadowed by $1,500,000,000,000 of Trade Deficit over the past 3 years – the “stimulis” is going overseas!

    The Liberal solution is to BALANCE FOREIGN TRADE FIRST, then make “rich” people pay back their loan money, then DON’T DO IT AGAIN.


  33. So far, all the “Liberal solutions” have done is screw up the Economy. Let’s get the Liberals out of it.


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