Wins 33rd Annual Telly Bronze Award

by lewwaters, Clark County’s Online News Network proudly sent out a Press Release earlier today announcing their video documentary on Pearson Field Airport from May 2011 has won the Bronze Telly Award.

The Telly Award was began in 1979 and first awarded in 1980. It is awarded for “Excellence in local, regional, cable, TV commercials, Non-Broadcast Video, TV Program.”, with studios located at US Digital is growing in popularity rapidly for their interviews and coverage of local people, places and events. Online for just a year, receiving such a prestigious award is quite a feather in their bonnet.

Far from just another blog site or print media, has covered subjects ranging from questionable matters related to the Columbia River Crossing to the Clark County Fair. From the Christian Youth Theater to the plays by the Magenta theater downtown. They have conducted interviews with a survivor of the Rwanda massacre to a Boy Scout who walked 100 miles to champion Malaria prevention.

And of course, the award winning documentary on Pearson Airfield. Press Release

It pleases me a great deal to extend a hearty congratulations to and all of the great people down at their studios for their Journalistic honesty and integrity.

Well done all, you are all well deserving of this award.

5 Comments to “ Wins 33rd Annual Telly Bronze Award”

  1. An accomplishment to be proud of. is a fine addition to the community and to the region as well. Clarke County can definitely find the whole truth on

  2. The producer is Paul Suarez. Is that the same Paul Suarez who works for The Columbian? I bet Lou’s gonna have a cow if it is.

    Anyway, congrats to and crew.

  3. From Wikipedia:

    “The Telly Awards web site lists thousands of winners annually. Official documentation provided to winners indicates that 7 to 10 percent of the approximately 11,000 entries receive Silver Telly Awards and 18 to 25 percent receive the Bronze Telly Award.[6] The official site did not list Bronze winners prior to 2005.[7] Winners are charged US$170 for their statue plus shipping and handling.[8]”

  4. Gee Pat, are you saying that you don’t like and that it isn’t a great site? Still chewing on sour grapes? They make your face pucker, you know.

  5. Mr. Campbell, did you watch this video or any of their other videos? Their quality and entertainment and learning value are beautifully done. Did you know they produced the video for this years Festival of Trees funded item for Vancouver parks? A video that was key in helping to raise $35,000 for Marshall Park? Kudos to them for their masterpieces and their highlight of a special place in our community!

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