Romney Wins Washington State Straw Poll Caucus

by lewwaters

Continuing his winning streak, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is predicted to win the Washington State caucuses by a comfortable margin. At the time of this posting he leads with 38% of straw poll votes.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul remain in a statistical tie for second with 24% apiece, Santorum trailing by a mere 12 votes with 62% of precincts reporting. Newt Gingrich sits last with just 11% of the votes.

The Columbian is reporting Romney has won the Clark County caucus, receiving 37% of the votes, with Ron Paul at 28.5%, Rick Santorum at 22.5% and Newt Gingrich at 10.1%.

The Daily News in Longview reports Romney carrying Cowlitz County with 33.7%, Ron Paul 28.2%, Rick Santorum 26% and Newt Gingrich 8.4%

The Olympian reports Mitt Romney carrying Thurston County with 40.4%, Ron Paul 26.4%, Rick Santorum 20.5% and Newt Gingrich a distant 7.6%.

The caucuses saw a record turnout this year with several caucus sites reporting having to turn away hundreds of caucus goers as sites were filled to capacity.

In King County, where attorney’s for Ron Paul’s campaign lodged a complaint just days ago, citing “Irregularities in King County’s PCO appointment and reporting,” Romney continued his winning streak with the only question being who will end up winning second, Rick Santorum or Ron Paul.

In Kennewick, there were reports of a “robo-call” falsely telling people the caucuses were being postponed for a week. It is unknown who at this time who is behind the prank.

Washington State has been considered a Ron Paul stronghold with support from his followers growing, or so we keep hearing. I seriously expected he would do better. But obviously, voters across the state see through the smokescreen raised on his behalf.

While today’s caucus results are non-binding and actually select delegates for county GOP conventions where delegates will be selected for the State Convention to select how 40 delegates will be divided proportionately amongst the candidates, the results do give candidates momentum heading into “Super Tuesday” where 10 states will hold their primaries just 3 days from now.

UPDATE:75% reporting and Rick Santorum has pulled ahead of Ron Paul by 280 votes.

83% reporting and Ron Paul has pulled back ahead of Santorum by 253.

16 Comments to “Romney Wins Washington State Straw Poll Caucus”

  1. Ron did just fine here Lew – considerably better than in several other states, thanks to tireless efforts on the part of hard-working volunteers getting the word out. And a “smokescreen” has nothing to do with it. Anyone who hasn’t been hiding in a cave, knows exactly where Ron stands. Can Mitt Romney make the same claim?


  2. Tom, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are jockeying back and forth for second. Very close so no one knows where it will end up.

    And Romney still coasted to an easy win.

    So apparently, a lot of people who went to the caucuses have a pretty good idea where he stands too.


  3. So…where does the RP supporter “smokescreen” you refer to, come into play?


  4. The “smokescreen” is in all of the bravado many of his supporters have been bloviating about on taking the state, the only one capable of winning ad naseum.


  5. However, it sure is a sad day for America and the Republican Party when the “top” Republican candidate is some many-times-warmed-over, recycled RINO bastard like Romney.

    Perhaps the only thing “good” about Romney is that he isn’t Obama. And that’s not saying much.


  6. Oh please. The mere act of projecting a positive outcome for your candidate with “bravado” is a smokescreen? If so I would say that most anyone who’s ever run for office is guilty of that, including the entire recent slate of Republican presidential candidates!


  7. When the bravado is exaggerated and made up at times, yes it amounts to a smokescreen.


  8. When Obama was battling it out with Clinton for the nomination 4 years ago, it was like the Superbowl – you may hate the other team but they both deserved to be there. Obama vs. (old) McCain (young McCain was awesome) – not so much. This election cycle is lame. The good Republican candidates have chosen to run next time, and even (old) McCain beat Romney.


  9. I’m really not that excited with the field. But, I am going to vote for whoever gets the nod because I really fear Obama leading this nation further down the drain.

    Knowing you are an anti-marxist, Martin, I’m surprised you don’t also fear Obama being at the helm again.


  10. Lew, Obama isn’t a Marxist. He’s not even a Progressive. He’s a LIberal Democrat. I agree with ALMOST everything he does. You are probably not aware of Democrat scuttlebutt but the Left is disappointed and angry with Obama because he turned out not to be their guy.

    Pragmatically speaking, I think a Republican will get the presidency next time.


  11. I don’t know Martin, but a lot of the policies put forth appear to me to be very gradual moves to put us under a more Marxist type of government.

    Nationalizing the auto manufacturers, strong arming into government controlled health care, keeping the price of gas so high, demanding what vehicles may be built for us to purchase, provided we can afford one.

    As much as I want to see Obama gone, it is more important that we see some changes in congress. The Democrats are too far left. I’d like to see more like the 3 moderates who joined with the GOP Friday evening to break the gridlock and get a more sensible budget passed. And no, I won’t always agree with them, but more like them ought to bring things more to the center.


  12. Liberals agree with socializing some institutions: military, social security, safety, environment, healthcare. (The auto industry bailout fits more into “liberal” economics.)

    Remember, socialism is “needs of the group override the wants of individuals.” Our government, Democratic or Republican, is by definition “socialist” because it is supposed to look out for all of us as a group, but our Constitution enshrines “liberty,” individual rights are paramount, so the legal system marries the two concepts.

    Marxism is focused on equality – “from those…, to those…” This differs from socialism because Socialists will allow inequalities that makes society better as a whole.

    The problem with Socialism is that it depends on predicting the future – what’s better for everyone? I’d rather let people decide for themselves than rely on a fortuneteller, so socialist solutions should be the last resort when Capitialism isn’t working out.


  13. The problem I see with your description of Marxism, while it might be what is written, reality has shown us it is anything but equality for all. It is to me even more of the haves and have-nots as government elites have it while they destroy the middle class and only have a poverty class.

    I realize the certain government functions fit into your definition of “socialism,” and they must, but it too has been shown to not be functional. As Margaret Thatcher so famously said, “Socialism is great, until you run out of other people’s money.”

    Socialism robs the individual of striving to better themselves, just as Marxism does. They all look like a fine thread away from Soviet style communism to me, regardless of the dictionary definition. And believe me, I’ve seen it firsthand and it is something we do not want, no matter how wonder it is described.

    Capitalism overall has benefited more people and built a middle class that thrives, until someone comes along and decides to “fix-it” for those who don’t try to succeed.

    In theory, “equality for all” sounds great. In reality, it does not happen because you always have those who feel they are more equal than others.


  14. Lew, I agree with you, that’s why I’m not a Socialist (though I might have been if I wasn’t born in America where I could experience the positive effects of Capitalism), and anti-Marxist (which I would have tried to escape if I was born in a Marxist nation).


  15. The income tax is Marxist, Martin. Maybe you didn’t know that. It governs much of the way this nation is run.


  16. “It is indeed difficult to imagine how men who have entirely renounced the habit of managing their own affairs could be successful in choosing those who ought to lead them. While
    democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude.” The equality of socialism is everybody equally miserable, everybody equally wanting, everybody equally unhappy. Not liberty, but equality in restraint and servitude. America is great, because she’s good. If America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great. Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.” The greatest threat that the nation faces is the absence, right now, of a moral core. Any attempt to establish one is fought tooth and nail by those who do not want one”. – Alexis de Tocqueville


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