Note to Birthers: Stop Wasting Our Time!

by lewwaters

This won’t be very long, but I wish all of you who believe the birth certificate of Barack Obama issue will get him removed from office need to wake up and open your eyes. It is a distraction and a complete waste of our time.

I have no idea of the veracity of the issue and even if true, is meaningless at this point.

We have 8 months until the election and with as poor as his polling has been, there is a very good chance if our focus is concentrated on getting behind the best candidate to defeat him.

I’d like all of you who feel you can have him removed over this issue to think back to the impeachment of Bill Clinton over his perjury concerning his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Articles of impeachment passed in the house does not remove a president from office. After passing the articles of impeachment it is passed up to the senate for determination of a trial will take place to remove him.

As you all remember, the senate declined to try Bill Clinton and Republicans held a majority in the senate then.

Should the majority Republican house pass articles of impeachment over this, it is sent on to a Democrat majority senate. A senate that is supportive of Barack Obama and you can bank on there is no way they will hold a trial to remove Obama in the next 8 months.

In the meantime, efforts are going into a dead end issue.

Let’s focus on supporting  a candidate who will defeat him in November, before we end up with egg on our faces as we did impeaching Bill Clinton.

Republicans were suckered then and you’re being suckered now by Democrats.

10 Comments to “Note to Birthers: Stop Wasting Our Time!”

  1. Lew,

    So true!!!



  2. Good post Lew. Even if it were true, which looks very unlikely, it wouldn’t matter at this point anyway. As you say, it’s a waste of time and a distraction.


  3. Lew, if the Republicans had any balls Obama would have been Impeached or thrown out a long time ago. The problem is not “Birthers”, the problem is wimpy, RINO Republicans that might as well be Democrats. Until we get rid of those gutless bastards, the nation will continue to fall apart.


  4. The political reality is that “proof” of Obama’s birth (making him ineligible for holding office) would raise so many questions — rendering all of the legislation he’s signed in the past three+ years of questionable validity — that there’s no way that a court would rule him ineligible at this late date.

    Based on the prior Supreme Court decisions (that a “natural born” person would have to have parents who are _both_ U.S. citizens), it would appear that Obama is disqualified from the start.

    However, the time to raise that issue was during the primaries in 2008 and during the fall campaign in 2008. Since it was an issue that wasn’t raised and wasn’t litigated (due to what corruption?) it is now too late.

    It is, however, an issue that the Democrats regularly use to beat up “crazy” conservatives who “don’t like having a black president.” And that does no good for the conservative cause.

    I strongly agree. It’s time to put that argument aside. It has no traction. It won’t have any traction. It isn’t going anywhere. It doesn’t matter what the truth is, as politically no one in power really wants to face the issues it raises.

    Better to focus on Obama’s horrible record of nonperformance. Compare his 2008 promises with the 2012 reality. Focus on the multitude of lies he’s told about his past and background — and focus on the horrid results of his administration.


  5. Jack, while I agree the GOP is spineless, the fact remains this issue is a distraction that will go nowhere.

    The Democrat majority in the Senate will not move an inch towards removing Obama, no matter what he was does. They wouldn’t have supported his election and got him put in office if there was any chance of them removing him later. It’s a circle the wagons around their chosen one and just as with Clinton, truth will play no part in how the GOP ends up being ridiculed and slapped back.

    It’s time we wised up and stopped letting Democrats manipulate us with these juicy little morsels that draw our attention elsewhere, away from the main goal, defeating them in the next election.

    Think back to Clinton and the Lewisnki deal. Who leaked that? How did it just happen that his involvement with her fall into Ken Starr’s hands just as he was getting close on so many other things that just dropped off the radar as Republicans fought a losing battle over sex?

    No, it was more than sex, we know that, but how did it end up being played by the very same media who is outraged if a Republican cheated on his wife?

    Clinton came out clean, more popular than ever and the GOP stood around with egg on their faces.

    Screw the spineless GOP, it is we the voters who need to wise up and focus our efforts where they can actually accomplish something.


  6. Let’s hope that the voters eventually wake up before it’s too late, but I frankly have my doubts that they will. Perhaps a bloody Revolution is what we need to get rid of a lot of the “stupids”.


  7. Lew you’re right, but you’re only hitting the tip of the iceberg of crappolla that doesn’t make a damn bit of difference to what should be our goal, getting rid of Obama and the regulatory EPA / TSA / NLRB cabal with its over-reach and trampling on the constitution. Whether it’s better for the president to be Mormon or Catholic, gays, contraception, Romney’s wife driving two Cadillacs, etc – it’s all a load of BS.


  8. You got it, Lew! Win on the issues


  9. I would say on the “birther” subject. He probably was born somewhere else. Problem is he is not Republican, add to that the white guilt and well, nobody cares, or it is all excused.

    Yeah, let’s kick his rotten apologizing ass out of the White House.


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