Is Congresswoman Herrera Beutler Paying Any Attention?

by lewwaters

Totally unbelievable that as more and more revelations of incompetence keep being revealed, Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler, in who’s district the bridge is located seems to be completely oblivious to what continues being revealed. A partial list can be seen in my recent posts here and here or simply scanning through current editions and archives of and the Willamette Week, particularly articles by Nigel Jaquiss.

With all of the revelations of the bridge not supply sufficient clearance for river traffic, the Oregon Supreme Court admitting the prime reason for the project was to overcome Clark County’s objection to light rail, traffic estimates being wrong that proposed tolling is based upon, questionable financing and accounting and many more problems facing this $3.6 Billion boondoggle, what does our freshman 3rd Congressional District do?

Send out the following mailer, of course.

It’s time to stop “fighting for more money” to be poured into the fiasco.

It’s time our elected officials, especially Ms. Herrera Beutler began demanding accountability of the CRC and those in office who continue with such incompetence.

We do not need more questionnaire’s asking if we even want a vote.

15 Comments to “Is Congresswoman Herrera Beutler Paying Any Attention?”

  1. I have stated repeatedly that herrera wants the bridge, wants light rail and wants tolls… and she wants this without a vote.

    How can I conclude this?

    Simple:she ha done absolutely nothing to stop it. Her earlier, bumbling efforts were eyewash, for public consumption at home. But this is an outcome-based business… and on this scam, her outcomes have been abysmal.


  2. This latest mailer would seen to support that.

    As our elected “representative” in Washington D.C., she is who should be demanding answers over the level of incompetence seen throughout this boondoggle.

    Included with the mailer is a small questionnaire to be sent back on whether or not we feel a vote is proper. How many times is she going to ask what we all keep demanding?

    There is also an “other” part I will use to send back my thoughts.


  3. I think all she’s really concerned about is staying in office and being an “ornament”.


  4. Jack, she is a congresswoman up for election every two years. She is supposed to ne concerned with getting reelected. I am alarmed that she thinks its a feather in her cap that she gets federal funding for the CRC. $1.2 billion federal money comes at the expense of $1.4 billion capital local contribution. Call it tolls if she likes but it comes out of our after tax paychecks.


  5. Hey Jaime,
    This is 3 BILLION DOLLAR light rail project with a $0.4 BILLION highway component.

    Dump the toy train (light rail) and just build a bridge!!!


    PS: Don’t miss the earlier posting on transit costing more than the total, complete cost of owning & operating a car!



  6. It’s a “$10 billion dollar project”, Jim.


  7. She got a piece of my mind today and the mailer back is a joke. Who in god’s green earth is going to put their email out there for the world to see in sending this back to her? I hate how she is wasting taxpayers’ money if she has made up her mind and is a joke like those that are supporting LR/the cash cow!


  8. Jack, I looked deeper into the back pay issue and it is negligible.

    However, what this holds for the future remains to be seen.

    That it happened at all points to city leadership.


  9. My goodness. The Columbian is all in a dither about the flyer. Maybe because it does something that they don’t like – such as ask citizens for their opinions. The Columbian doesn’t think that the community needs to make their views known. Neither do The Columbians entourage’ of facebook sockpuppets.


  10. I fiiled mine in with a suggestion that the entire management of CRC be terminated, and the project put on hold until competent new management capable of balancing the books and accurately determining height requirements is installed.

    Not holding my breath.


  11. She needs to get into the 21 century and allow folks to email her not send a card back in the mail for the world to see your email address. So how many of you sent the card back and didn’t put in an envelope or take time to send her a letter?


  12. I don’t worry about it, karmaht. I have no problem in giving her a public thrashing.


  13. Well guys and gals, if it’s any consolation…a few days ago, I sent our lady representative a rather lengthy email and just received an email back. Not one with her official header…an actual letter with information on another subject indirectly related to the crossing with regards to the fuel issues associated with running the vehicles that cross into Oregon and the prices we’re facing at the pump (oil/gas production and HR 3408 – the PIONEERS Act). I was quite surprised to receive such an email as I half expected it to be part of her newsletter…and this isn’t the first time. She has responded to other emails I’ve sent her in recent months as well…not all the same type. Another email I’ve sent her…it was obviously on the direct discussion of the crossing and light rail. Now, we’ll see what type of answer I receive.

    I had informed her the most reasonable approach to getting the crossing completed was to eliminate the entire bottom deck and light rail…and include the Bus Lane to as far as the Interstate Avenue Transit Station, THEN they might have more people on board with the project. How unreasonable is that idea??? I also said if that wasn’t an option, then scrap the entire project…retrofit the dinosaurs and call it a day. They NEED to work on the ramps in Portland and right next to the bridges. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Oh how I wish common sense would return. I think it has washed away in the deluge of the dumbing down of our society.


  14. Goldenoldie, I also asked her if she knew the history on how this was pushed? Or the build a new concept of destroying our history with throwing all the bath water out with the baby. Then there is the fact that we only have two bridges to move traffic and why not leave the one bridge up and build another one some place else to move the traffic? We shouldn’t just have two bridges to meet the transportation needs of this area? But again no one is looking at the federal laws that govern transportation in this area. Folks just hate waiting for the lift and when you look at the new bridge, one has to take in consideration the flight patterns of this area for the planes on both sides of the river. What is next move the airports? Oh no there goes the baby in the bath water again in building a new? There was a reason the old bridge was built at that height and why the air port was located on the river front. How about moving folks from the city to the interstate Ave. Transit Station by monorail? It could be done from the Hazel Dell transit station right through downtown and be done with less mess and disruption. If you really want to move people and get them out of their cars, this would be a fun way!


  15. However, people won’t ride choo-choo trains. We much prefer our cars because they actually take us where we want to go when we want to go anytime we want to go.

    Choo-choo trains and busses will never compete with that, and choo-choo trains are tremendously expensive and very inflexible.


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