To Train Occupiers

by lewwaters

If you still believe the Occupy “movement” was spontaneous, think again. It’s all orchestrated by those who have long sought to destroy America as we know it and rebuild a socialist society.

The following email I received from explains their goal along with asking for our money to do it.

Click image for larger view

As for their words of “nonviolence?”

Don’t you believe it.


3 Comments to “ To Train Occupiers”

  1. What’s the limit again? Two in the trunk… one on the hood? I always get that part mixed up.


  2. tsk, tsk, tsk do you honestly think they can make a difference when they can’t moveon in the right direction? Where is the leadership that is going to lead us further into the 21 Century?


  3. This is the (socialist/communist/progressive) “mob” that the left is attempting to use justify a takeover of the U.S. Government. OWS was designed specifically to help mobilize the left against a Romney campaign. The continuing strength of Gingrich and Santorum has caused some heartburn on the left (since they were not prepared for a ‘values” candidate like Santorum).

    However, the recent fake brouhaha over “access to contraception” (not religious freedom) is intended to counter a Santorum campaign.


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