Jay Inslee to Abandon Constituents to Seek Governor’s Mansion

by lewwaters

A ‘Breaking News Alert’ from the Seattle Times announced that 7 term Liberal Democrat, Jay Inslee (Wa. 01) will resign his position to the House of Representatives in order to devote more time in his struggle to be Washington States next Governor.

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Inslee, with a 92% record of following the party line has lagged behind GOP candidate Rob McKenna throughout the campaign and if the GOP were not once again playing favorites, it is likely he would be shown to be lagging behind conservative gubernatorial candidate Shahram Hadian as well.

The media and both parties have placed their bets on Inslee and McKenna, locking out others who would place the state the people of the state above all else.

Inslee, who supports homosexual marriage, says he knows how to create jobs and undoubtedly will continue to push deeper into taxpayers pockets again shows how self means more than anything to elected Democrats. His term was to end in January 2013, but quitting now frees him up to devote more time to raising money and sprinting around the state trying to sucker voters into voting for him.

It should not be forgotten how the Democrats lined up to demean former Alaska GOP Governor Sarah Palin over her decision to resign in July 2009. I have no doubt those same Democrats will now laud Inslee over his announcement quitting his constituents in order to seek the governor’s mansion as a great idea.

Shahram Hadian has not quit his day job to seek office nor has McKenna.

Inslee shows the mindset that has placed our state in such dire circumstances economically. Winning comes first, the good of the people of the state comes in somewhere down the ladder.

After nearly 8 years of Christine Gregoire at the helm and more years with total Democrat control of the state, we need a change and frankly, Jay Inslee is not it.

He shows himself to be just more of the same.

6 Comments to “Jay Inslee to Abandon Constituents to Seek Governor’s Mansion”

  1. The guy has zero chance. He must be tired of his old job and decided to push his whole stake into the pot. (Nothing wrong with that – done it myself a time or two.)

  2. Inslee will win against either McKenna or Hadian. I’m not happy about it but those are the facts. You can take that to the bank. Washington won’t have another Republican governor until the Democrats bankrupt the state.

  3. Who does he think he is . . . . . .Sarah Palin?

  4. Speaking of Sarah Palin, I wonder if the Democrats will criticize Inslee as much as they criticized Palin when she resigned?

  5. I imagine the Dems will say the difference is that Inslee left to run for higher office while Palin left to make more money.

  6. They could also say that he’ll be making less money as governor. He’ll lose about 7 grand per year- although at least he won’t have to maintain 2 homes any longer. There’s something wrong when going from a member of the US Congress to the Governor’s mansion results in a pay cut. They should cut the pay of Congress to about $26,000 per year (median US income), then add a housing allowance (for housing in D.C.), and travel expenses.

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