Washington State, We Do Have A Choice For Governor: Shahram Hadian

by lewwaters

Tired of the status quo and the same old, same old every election? Fed up yet with the major political parties choosing who we may vote for? Don’t be fooled that our only choice for governor this election is Democrat Jay Inslee or Republican Rob McKenna.

Excerpts from a much longer talk given by Conservative Republican candidate for Governor of Washington, Shahram Hadian. He spoke before the We the People meeting in Clark County, November 11, 2011.

I first posted about Shahram Hadian last October, prior to actually meeting him. I have since met him twice and like who and what I see in this candidate.

As we saw just this weekend, Democrat Jay Inslee has resigned his elected position as Representative for the 1st district, leaving some 675,000 constituents who elected him to be their voice in Washington D.C. without a voice, any advocacy or representation, all so he can pursue his own personal and political gain.

Republican Rob McKenna remains in his office as attorney general, but in spite of impressions from the Washington State Republican Party, doesn’t inspire a lot of conservatives with his moderate views.

As I mentioned in my October post, it is obvious that the WSRP has once again chosen a candidate and is playing favorites on who they have decided we should be able to vote for. Mentioning this on a facebook group elicited the response from WSRP chair, Kirby Wilbur, that the party “has not officially endorsed any candidate.”

Nice play on semantics as he never returned to respond to an additional question from me, if the party is not endorsing and promoting only McKenna, why was Wilbur quoted by the Seattle Times saying, “he and other state party leaders recently notified the Republican National Committee that McKenna was the only credible Republican candidate in the race, clearing the way for the party to start funding his campaign before the Aug. 7 primary.”

This same article quotes Washington State Democratic Party chair Dwight Pelz, “Sometimes primaries are good, and sometimes they are not necessary, adding that he’d ‘look askance’ at any Democrat who picked a primary fight at this point.” At least the Democrat Chair is honest enough to come out and warn any other Democrat to not even try.

Although the article claims this “two-man race” was not intentional, neither party is receptive to any other candidate, as can be seen in the several notices sent out by the WSRP promoting only Rob McKenna and completely ignoring the other Republican, Shahram Hadian, who is steadily building a grassroots support team.

Many of you are already convinced and committed to either Inslee or McKenna and that is well within your rights. But many aren’t and are either going to hold their nose and vote for whoever is on the ticket after the primary or will just not vote at all.

I urge you, before you decide to not vote, give Shahram Hadian a look and see for yourself that he is committed to making the hard decisions that will be necessary to break the gridlock and get our state moving again.

At the very top of our state constitution appears,

SECTION 1 POLITICAL POWER. All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights.

The “power” resides with us, the individual voters, not a handful of chosen people in a political party.

For me, I really like that Shahram Hadian has a clear focus on the problems within our state and has not been part of the process that put us so deep in the hole. He sees the dangers in where our country is headed and that many of those dangers are in fact state issues that need addressed, not just swept under the rug again.

As we just saw in this latest and short legislative session, at the urging of the current governor Christine Gregoire, a nearly $1.5 Billion budget gap was cast aside for almost half of the session in order to ram an unnecessary social issue down our throats, requiring yet another special session to work out the budget for the state.

That is not leadership.

Shahram Hadian is running for governor on a platform of “Courageous Leadership,” ready to make the difficult and hard choices needed to turn our state around.

Before you commit, I urge you to visit www.hadian2012.com and to attend any event near you where he appears.

Let’s begin taking the power in our state out of the hands of political bosses and parties and restore it where it belongs, in the hands of the people.

I proudly trust and endorse Shahram Hadian to lead Washington State this election.

19 Comments to “Washington State, We Do Have A Choice For Governor: Shahram Hadian”

  1. What I know is this: I will not vote for McKenna or Inslee… since that’s a distinction without much of a difference outside the party label.

  2. I was very disappointed when Kirby Wilbur tried denying the WSRP is once again playing favorites, as they did in the 3rd CD in 2010.

    I’m probably not as down on McKenna as you are, but he not my first choice either.

    If we don’t stand up to the parties and retake the political power in the state and the country, there is no hope for America, much less Washington State.

    As I said in the post, neither Inslee or McKenna are owed the governors office. They only think they are.

  3. I believe we are in the same boat with Stephen Pidgeon vs. Reagan Dunn in the AG race. I really like what he has to say when he came with Shahram to Vancouver about a month ago. I know the “party” gets testy when others have different ideas on the way things should be governed…and by whom. It’s going to take a strong conservative with consistent principles to push that Overton Window back the other way. I’m on board. Convincing others to jump on board as well… Good article, Lew…..

  4. oops….I am the GunJam, Lew…..Lynda W….. Working on a new blog myself and meant to sign out of that….

  5. Let me know when you have it up and running. I’ll add you to my blog list.

    And you are correct, we have to stand up and take the country, the state and the process back.

  6. Here is where he lost me: “I am committed to protecting the sanctity of life by supporting legislation on parental notification laws, parental consent laws, and ultrasound laws. Lastly, I will veto any bill that has a single dime of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood!”

    While I am against abortion and I support parental rights here, I do not agree with government forcing a medical procedure on an individual, nor do I support singling out a specific organization because it supports abortion. I don’t think, in my opinion, that it is the place of government to do so.

  7. Is that the only thing, Greg?

    The reason behind singling out Planned Parenthood is they do receive tax dollars, about a third of the funding last I heard. Our tax dollars should not be supporting them.

    They should be able to stand on their own.

    Given how entrenched abortion is in our society, doubtful that any legislature will pass bills banning it (and don’t forget, it was a Supreme Court decisions, not a legislated law), hisstated position is unlikely to happen.

    The ultrasound law he might have a better chance achieving, provided he convinced the legislature to write it. Given our current legislature, also highly doubtful.

    If that is your only reason, it appears the rest of his views is something you would support.

  8. Yes, I was impressed by the remainder of his positions. I will continue to pay close attention to him. I appreciate your posting his information.

  9. I thought we already decided: If a campaign focuses on social issues, it loses.

    A Conservative that never mentions a social issue but instead goes balls-to-the-wall for a balanced budget and defeating public employee unions will get every vote except public employees and those who feed off them.

  10. Martin, that is just excerpts from nearly 2 hours of speaking.

    Even in the excerpts, he mentions more than just social issues.

    But, some of these social issues also affect our economic condition and security conditions.

    That being said, much of my post is pointing to how, once again, the party is playing favorites in a contested primary. Even Dwight Pelz is even more honest with his view of no one else need apply.

    I would much rather stand the candidates up next to each other and let voters choose, not either party pre-decide who the nominees will be for the general election.

    I will probably cut out more from the speech in the weeks ahead. He makes an excellent point on how immigration is a state issue as well as the Islamization of our public schools. Born a Muslim, he has great insight many of the rest of us do not have.

  11. Hadian is getting my primary vote for sure… I would be thrilled if he made it through to the general… It would be even better if Inslee didnt make it to the general…

  12. I figured the Viginia misdadventure concerning vaginal probes put an end to the idea of ultrasound laws. What’s this guy thinking anyway? I’ll take a look at Hadian only because I’m so underimpressed with McKenna. Martin is correct though. If a conservative candidate focusses on social issues, he will definitely lose in Washington. Unfortunately, even if an ultrasound law is a minor goal of the candidate, his opponents will blow it all out of proportion – “setting women’s rights back”, “war against women”, etc., and all those wonderfully convincing soundbites. He’ll get buried.

    I don’t have a problem with a candidate targeting Planned Parenthood – they’ve placed themselves squarely in the political area and thus are fair game for a candidate to attack.

  13. Lew – Is there a full copy of the speech up on Youtube or somewhere else, so we can hear him speak without editing?

  14. Jeremy, I taped it while there that evening. I believe We the People, who held the meeting, also taped it, but don’t know if they have placed it up anywhere yet.

    A lot of it was on how Islam is slowly creeping into the country and government from his TIL Project.

    I suppose I could put the entire thing up on YouTube, but it will take some time in order for it to upload.

  15. ha ha.. I see I misspelled “Virginia”. It was completely unintentional! Honest.

  16. I was at the We-The-People meeting where Hadian spoke and was very impressed with him (and Stephen Pidgeon). As Lew mentioned, Hadian did address social issues, however that was not the focus of his platform and in context of his total comments his attention to social issues was relatively minor.

    Like Lew, I am fed up with WSRP deciding who the appearant nominee is before the primary campaign has even gotten under way.

    I will be supporting Hadian in the primary.

  17. Great article! I encourage everyone here to post on the WSRP facebook page to give your support for Hadian. Perhaps if enough squeaky wheels screech, the WSRP will be forced to at least highlight Hadian once on their page.

    This week, Kirby Wilbur stated that the WSRP will be doing fundraising for McKenna. What? No vote…no choice. It’s time to put the WSRP in it’s place which is not to choose for us.

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