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March 12, 2012

International Brotherhood of Crack Ho’s?

by lewwaters

The older I get, the more absolutely astonished I become at the level of stupidity that we human beings stoop to. The bleeding hearts seem to have turned the world upside down. Good is bad, up is down, black is white and it just gets crazier all of the time.

Nothing symbolizes that more than discovering that right here in America, we have chapters opening up of a relatively new “union” designed to give drug addicts a stronger presence in the “discussion” over health care.

The group falls under the International Network of People Who Use Drugs or, as I prefer to label them, the International Brotherhood of Crack Ho’s. Their website and explains their position, they choose to walk through life high on drugs and expect wide acceptance from the rest of us.

This advocacy group came to my attention through an article appearing in the Los Angeles Times, Drug users’ union in San Francisco part of growing movement where we read of different drug users, current and former who strive to feel good about using drugs.

The group meets regularly in San Francisco’s Tenderloin district, “not for treatment, but to discuss public health policy and share their experiences free from shame or blame.”

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