If Obama Is To Be Defeated, It’s Time Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul Dropped Out

by lewwaters

Seeing the results from the Republican Primaries in Alabama and Mississippi, it is obvious now that the nomination is a race between two candidates, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum. That Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul remain in the race is a distraction, and only further divides an already divided party.

Not that Republicans are noted for running smart campaigns, but if both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul dropped now, it is likely Gingrich would get behind Santorum and release his delegates to back Santorum. That would bring the projected delegate count to within 100 between Romney and Santorum.

Ron Paul’s 47 projected delegates would further close it, but let’s face it, Ron Paul supporters will stick to him, even if it means Obama is reelected.

Santorum and Romney have been showing strength in the primaries and caucuses with Romney carry 14 states and Santorum 10 including Alabama and Mississippi, Hawaii results not in at the time of this posting.

Newt Gingrich has won 2 state while Ron Paul once again, has not won a single state, often coming in dead last or close to it as he did today in Alabama and Mississippi with a 5% and 4.4% showing respectively.

ABC is reporting that the Libertarian Party is extending an invitation to Ron Paul to be the Libertarian candidate, as he was in the 1988 election, garnering less than one half of one percent of the popular vote.

Dropping out of his 2008 bid, Ron Paul urged his supporters to reject both the Republican and Democrat party candidates and vote for Ralph Nader, Chuck Baldwin or Cynthia McKinney, all 3 who did not stand a snowballs chance.

Mitt Romney remains the front leader so far, but does not draw favor with many conservatives. Rick Santorum doesn’t draw much favor with Moderates. Newt Gingrich receives more of his support from conservatives and if his supporters switched and supported Santorum, this could easily become a drag race, if Santorum can continue closing the gap.

We are about half way through the primaries and caucuses and I believe with only the two candidates left, Romney and Santorum, either one would stand a decent chance of getting the nomination.

Although many Ron Paul supporters have vowed to sabotage who ever received the nomination, other than Ron Paul, I really don’t believe his support is that strong to make much of a difference.

But let’s face it, Ron Paul still doesn’t stand a chance nor does Newt Gingrich.

How Ron Paul supporters think their “strategy” of gaining the majority of delegates will force him onto the ticket and see him sitting in the Oval Office escapes me.

Hate to say it as they surely won’t believe it, but the country is rejecting Ron Paul and his ideas for the third time.

While doubtful he will drop out, Newt Gingrich is smart enough to read the writing on the wall.

It’s time for the bottom two to drop out and let the top two, Romney and Santorum duke it out.

Let’s see who the country favors more and get behind that candidate, or see 4 more years of Barack Obama destroying the country.

34 Comments to “If Obama Is To Be Defeated, It’s Time Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul Dropped Out”

  1. Sorry but Ron Paul won’t drop out. Like he’s said, he’s running to accumulate delegates and for his platform, not necessarily to win. He will win, however, because his loyal supporters will vote only him in November. If the GOP fails to realize this and elects Romney or Santorum to face Obama, Ron Paul will go 3rd party,and Obama will win.


  2. And like I said, he’s going to see Barack Obama reelected because he isn’t smart enough to realize the country is rejecting him a 3rd time.

    The threats of him going 3rd party and ensuring Obama wins proves my point, the country isn’t what is important, just his own personal and political gain.

    If you Paulbots think you will hold the rest of us hostage with your threats of Ron Paul or sabotage, ya’ll are bigger idiots than he is.

    It’s time to wake up and smell the menudo.


  3. There is a huge gap (around 30 points) between how well RP plays to registered Republicans, and how well he plays to the general voter population that includes independents. That gap represents an important chunk of the votes necessary to beat Obama. If RP is not on the ticket, who will fill that gap? Certainly not Santorum.


  4. So, you think holding the country hostage and threatening to make sure Obama is reelected if Ron Paul isn’t on the ticket is the democratic process?

    Sorry Tom, I know don’t want to see it, but Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance and efforts to force him onto the ticket, or else, is just too reminiscent of the 1932 German elections.

    Even the much touted Youth Vote didn’t turn out for him on Super Tuesday.

    And, if it comes down to Obama being reelected because Ron Paul supporters defected rather than vote him out, that’s on your head and we deserve Obama as country.

    Sorry, but we are not going to be strongarmed into voting for Ron Paul.

    There is a reason he has not won a single primary or caucus. The country does not want him.


  5. “There is a reason he has not won a single primary or caucus. The country does not want him.”

    The country doesn’t vote in the primaries, Lew.


  6. I do not want him Tom. I want someone who does not refer to American Vets as murders who fought in unjust wars.
    I want a president and I haven’t had one in a long time so please could you please just stop with the immature reactions to not getting your way in the political arena and vote for a republican for president that will win. PLEASE!


  7. Ron Paul could have done a lot to convince Republicans that he’s a viable candidate by running for (and winning) the Senate or Governorship of Texas. I’m not convinced he’d capture any more than a third of the electorate in a national election. Maybe even less against the Obama machine. If he does run third party, his only accomplishment will be that he assures an Obama win.


  8. Please Tom, don’t try games like that with me.

    When state after state after state rejects him, for the third time now, that is country.


  9. Santorum doesn’t stand a chance, either. The Republicans will lose a vast majority of the independents and a good portion of the less extreme republicans.

    The United States will not support a theocracy. Note the differences between how Kennedy addressed his relation to the Catholic Church vs. how Santorum is doing it. It’s like night and day.


  10. I don’t know about that, Greg, he seems to be gaining quite a bit in primaries.

    I don’t see anybody advocating a Theocracy, but it is a nice scare tactic. I guess we could say Obama is moving us towards a theocracy, or more likely, Sharia, if we wanted to look.

    I would prefer religion not be part of anyone’s campaign, but it remains there.

    Other than Ron Paulies throwing a tantrum, I don’t see any Republicans or Independents currently supporting either of the candidates defecting en masse to Obama.


  11. Independents would most likely move toward Obama if Santorum were the candidate. I don’t think the less extreme Republicans would do that, but just wouldn’t vote for Santorum.

    I certainly couldn’t support him.


  12. Greg, since we all know that you are neither a Republican nor a conservative, I find your assessment of what Republicans should do seriously lacking. That you wouldn’t support Santorum is no surprise. Would you ever actually support any conservative? I think not.

    What you describe was somewhat seen with McLame, but we also now have over 3 years of evidence of what happens when you stay home.

    There are no guarantees in elections, as we know, but I believe you are dead wrong. Much the same was said about Ronald Reagan in some circles back in 1980.


  13. Well, that’s what you get for doing your own thinking, Lew. I am a Republican and I am a fiscal conservative, social moderate.

    Nope. Santorum has no chance.

    Care to put a dinner at El Gaucho on it? If Santorum gets the Republican nod and wins the general, I will take you and your wife to a dinner at El Gaucho. If not, you host my wife and I.



  14. Carolyn you’re entitled to support and vote for anyone you want, as am I. That’s what makes a democracy. But I’m not sure which “immature reactions” on my part you’re referring to, please clarify. Thanks in advance.


  15. Greg, I surely don’t need you doing my thinking for me.

    I have yet to recall you taking a conservative, or Republican stance on issues.

    Now, go back and read the post. Did I say I want Santorum to win it? Or did I say only he and Romney are doing well over all and the race should be left between them?

    That you believe only Romney can win it betrays any claims of conservatism you might make. His record as governor is not that of a conservative Republican.

    And again, given that only he and Santorum are winning primaries negates your claim that Republicans will not support him, should he receive the nomination. Just who do you think is supporting him in these primaries? The point of this post is that it is a race between Romney and Santorum.

    It’s almost as silly as Ron Paulies claims that he is winning in spite of not winning a single primary yet and polling dead last nationally.


  16. How about you go back and read MY post? I didn’t say that Republicans wouldn’t support him. What I did write was this: “The Republicans will lose a vast majority of the independents and a good portion of the LESS EXTREME Republicans.”

    The extreme right wing Republicans are trying to take over the party. It is not the majority of the party, as we can see by the primary results. Santorum may win states here in there, especially in the Bible belt because the religion of candidates matters to them, but he won’t begin to win a majority.

    Santorum is too extreme, and shouldn’t be the Republican candidate, because he has no chance against Obama.


  17. The “extreme right wing” is backing Ron Paul, along with more right Libertarians.

    Moderates have caused the GOP to lose several elections, with their spineless wishy washy ways of appeasement and not standing up to extreme left wing Democrats.

    Don’t forget, Reagan was said to be “too extreme” too.

    And again, the post is about letting Romney and Santorum duke it out and one or the other be chosen.

    That you join in the call of you won’t vote for Santorum if he should receive the nomination places you down there with the militant Paulbots who say they will sabotage any candidate besides Ron Paul.

    You’re entitled to your opinion, but prophetic it is not.


  18. Reagan is NOT Santorum. Not even close. We’ll see about my opinion being “prophetic”.

    And no, I won’t vote for Santorum, nor Ron Paul. If Romney wins the nomination, I will vote for him. Other than that, we’ll have to see what happens.


  19. You make your bed, you lie in it.

    But, you display the attitude that will guarantee Obama’s reelection.

    As long as we assume strict divisive positions like that, no one will defeat Obama, just as he is banking on.

    You also display the attitude of why the GOP continues to fail.

    Such a position is okay in the primaries, but once the general comes along and it is between two candidates, you know what happens.


  20. Greg is right. Santorum is NOT Reagan so you can’t use the argument that he can win because the conservative Reagan won. If Santorum wins the nomination, you can kiss the White House goodbye.

    Greg won’t be the only one referring to a “theocracy” if Santorum wins – the Dems are already saying that. I’ll hold my nose and vote for Santorum if he becomes the nominee, but it won’t do any good. Obama will bury him.


  21. I’m not saying Santorum is Reagan, no one is another Reagan. Hoping for another Reagan to run is idiocy as there is not another and even Reagan had his faults.

    What I am saying is that Reagan was marginalized and said to be “too extreme” too and unelectable.

    Why do we worry about what the Dems say? Have they somehow became the guiding light for the GOP? Have we not learned they will say anything in order to get us to promote our weakest candidates?

    I’ll give you credit for holding your nose and voting for Santorum if he should win the nomination, although I still feel it will be Romney, who I will have to hold my nose to vote for. In fact, I’ll be holding my nose to vote for either.

    But the premise of the post stands, that being that Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich should step aside and let Rick and Mitt fight it out.

    Don’t ever underestimate the voters. The Polls had Carter winning by a landslide in 1980 and Kerry easily defeating Bush in 2004. And who can ever forget Dewey Defeats Truman?

    Who wins will depend on just how the voters feel towards Obama and how effective of a campaign the GOP mounts.

    If they follow as they did in 2008 with McLame, it is doubtful either of them can win.


  22. Let’s put it this way: “Anyone who doesn’t vote for the Republican candidate regardless of who it is might just as well vote for Obama in the first place”.

    It’s just that simple. You either want Obama or you don’t want Obama. Anyone would be better than Obama. Period.


  23. “In fact, I’ll be holding my nose to vote for either.”

    Ain’t that the truth! This Republican field has to be the weakest group since the Democrats “7 Dwarves” – when Dukakis became the nominee. Bush won 79% of the electoral votes that year.


  24. Hey Lew….what do you know about Gary Johnson?


  25. I looked him up when he came to town a couple years ago, but haven’t paid a lot of attention to him.



  26. Thanks…I am doing some research on him myself…I am a poker player, and he is being supported by the Poker Players Alliance. Just wanted to get your take. We don’t always agree, but I always know you don’t pull any punches, either. For what it’s worth, your input helps direct my analysis…just so you know….


  27. Thanks, Greg. It’s nice to agree occasionally 😉


  28. If Republicans are arguing whether Santorum is too religous, what do you think the centerists & Democrats are going to think? He’s unelectable.


  29. Everybody ought to acknowledge that Obama is unelectable and to hell with anything else.


  30. Greg Owens said,
    “The United States will not support a theocracy. Note the differences between how Kennedy addressed his relation to the Catholic Church vs. how Santorum is doing it. It’s like night and day.”

    Indeed it is. Two things about those differences are note-worthy.

    First, JFK was a Catholic in name only. He was born into a Catholic -Irish family and therefore he was Catholic. There is nothing in his bio which indicates that either his private or public life was guided by his adherence to the Catholic faith. Therefore it was a simple matter for him to assure American voters that a Kennedy administration would be directed by the Pope.

    Santorum, on the other hand, is very devout and his faith does guide his private life and we should expect it to guide judgments he makes in his public life. That is to say, it should inform his worldview. However, that does not mean that a Santorum administration would be directed by the Pope. It merely means that within the confines of the authority delegated to him under the United States Constitution, his decisions will be consistent with his moral belief system—just as Kennedy’s decisions were consistent with his belief system, such as that was. (Obama, needless to say, does not confine his decisions to the authority of the Constitution.)

    Secondly, When JFK was running for president in 1960 none of the moral-social issues that are on the front burners of politics today were even on the radar screen then. The very idea of legalized abortion let alone tax funded abortion was unheard of. As were any discussion of same-sex-marriage; gays in the military; and , you know the list. If they had of been, then JFK would have had to stake out his position on those issues or he would not have had the support of the Catholic voters and he would not have been elected. (He lost the popular vote to Nixon as it was.)

    I guess I said all that just to say this: Your comparison of Santorum to JFK was totally irrelevant. How JFK addressed the issue of his religion must be viewed against the social and cultural issues of his day—which are in no way comparable to today.


  31. JFK today would definitely be a Conservative.


  32. Opps! meant to say “.. assure the American voters that a Kennedy adminstration would ‘NOT’ be directed by the Pope. Sorry for the sloppiness.


  33. Sorry Lew,

    The convention will be a brokered one. And sorry to burst your bubble, but CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and other American news stations only like to manipulate the population. Ron Paul actually does have a chance at winning the nomination. Why? All the delegates that CNN is stating that Romney has, the majority of them are not tied to him.

    Come the convention, you’ll see that Romney still has a long shot of getting the nomination.

    Don’t believe the media hype just yet. 🙂


  34. Irish, yes there is a slim chance the convention will be highjacked and Ron Paul forced onto the ticket.

    What you don’t see outside of your small group is, THE COUNTRY HAS REPEATEDLY REJECTED RON PAUL!!!

    For people who claim to believe in the constitution so strongly, I am utterly amazed that Ron Paul would resort to high jinks similar to those used by Adolf Hitler to force his way into office in 1932 or that he would take such great strides to circumvent the will of the people.

    There is a reason he has yet to win a single primary or stacked caucus. NO BODY OUTSIDE OF THE RON PAUL GROUPS WANT HIM!!

    It’s just that simple and the media has nothing to do with it, no matter how fresh your tin foil hat is.

    You are seriously deluding yourself if you think that somehow magically, people will vote for him in the general after rejecting him so strongly throughout the primaries and caucuses.


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