Update: March 19 GOP Debate Portland, Oregon

by lewwaters

We will know Thursday Morning if the debate goes forward when it is known if Rick Santorum agrees to appear. So far, only Newt Gingrich has confirmed, Mitt Romney said no, Ron Paul is a maybe, if others show up.

Should it go forward, I will be live tweeting the debate from Portland as I have been invited by Oregon Public Broadcasting to come and participate tweeting the debate.

You can follow me on twitter at @LewWaters or look for the hashtag #GOPMarch19 Monday evening starting about 5 PM Pacific Time.

Read more at Oregon GOP or visit KATU News

UPDATE: It looks like the debate has been canceled, according to a news release from the Oregon GOP

If any other updates are released I will post them.

3 Comments to “Update: March 19 GOP Debate Portland, Oregon”

  1. All I can say is way to go, lew! I hope you get a laptop or phone and you can do the Oregonian’s justice! 🙂 You earned this from your wonderful blogging and intellectual competence in local politics.

    I wonder if Jack Bogdanski is going to be asked to come in and help out like he did last year?

  2. Probably just as well, Lew. Romney is nothing more than a RINO bobblehead with a phony “R” tattooed on his chest with a wash-off tattoo, but we’re going to get stuck with the silly bastard anyway and I think we all know it.

    The only thing you can say about Romney is that he isn’t Obama. Not much to get “excited” about, but it’s still “something”.

  3. I just got back from OPB studio’s where they hosted a luncheon in appreciation for every bodies work and willingness to cover it.

    I’ll post some photos in another post, but the set was simply fantastic. It would have looked great over TV

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