Play Ball!

by lewwaters

This morning saw the opening ceremony of the 2012 Salmon Creek Little League Season at the brand new Luke Jensen Sports Park on 78th Street in Hazel Dell. Below are highlights of the event.

Luke Jensen, if you recall, was the 9 year-old who succumbed to leukemia a couple years ago.

How fitting that shortly after his death, the community chose to name the new field in honor of this brave little boy.

I encourage you all, when you have a chance to stop by the field and see this state of the art facility.

3 Comments to “Play Ball!”

  1. Ahh yes… Thank you for the wonderful video! 🙂


  2. My two boys were out there yesterday and both played games on the field (and oh-yeah….both had great single base hits!). 🙂 Beautiful facility. The only downside was that they allowed Steve Stuart to throw out the first pitch. IT would have been nice for them to allow the Jensen family (dad, brother, etc.) to have thrown out the first pitch. More fitting….and more special. Thanks for the post, Lew!


  3. Having volunteered for them, I can truly say that Salmon Creek Little League is an exceptional organization and this field is a tribute to how they value and care for our youth. I wasn’t there, but I agree with you, Tiffany; it would have been fitting for a family member to throw out the first pitch.


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