Once again, The Columbian’s Bias is on Full Display

by lewwaters

Just when I think the Columbian and Stephanie Rice are becoming more the centrist, objective newspaper the region deserves, they throw out another hatchet job against the Republicans.

I am amazed that nearly 4 months after Clark County Commissioner Marc Boldt was ‘sanctioned’ by the GOP Executive board, over his abandoning the party platform, endorsing Democrats over Republicans an issuing a misleading robocall on C-Tran’s Proposition 1 leading up to last November’s election, the Columbian acts surprised with their hatchet job, Why was Boldt sanctioned by GOP?

The fallacy of this smear is in the fact that the Columbian has admitted to viewing my blog frequently and this sanction was prominently mentioned in my November 29, 2011 post Admissions Tax Defeated, Proposal Does Not Even Receive a Vote.

I don’t for a minute believe I had knowledge of this and the Columbian did not. Not since I first learned of it on facebook and spoke with GOP Chair Brandon Vick. He had intended it be kept private, but one of the board members leaked it out.

I had written a scathing post that I decided not to post when Boldt did not second Commissioner Steve Stuart’s motion for the admission tax, in hopes that Marc was returning to his roots claimed of being a conservative.

By all appearances, Stephanie Rice ran with this story now, ONLY after the Columbian, CRC, C-Tran arch nemesis David Madore announced he intended to run against Marc Boldt.

Stephanie made sure to mention in her smear job that Mr. Madore had made a donation to the GOP weeks before the sanction to “conduct the best Get Out The Vote effort possible,” according to Vick.

Naturally, the implication desired for the reader to draw is that David Madore bought the sanction against Boldt, a blatant untruth.

I know it to be an untruth as board members had mentioned to me that for several months they had been trying to get Boldt before a board meeting to “discuss” his conduct contrary to the GOP platform. That alone shows Madore’s donation 3 week prior to the sanctioning had nothing to do with it, but that has never stopped Stephanie from issuing any smear she could.

It has been obvious that the Columbian would run cover for Marc Boldt, just as they do other Democrats, no matter what. Evidence that the disparity seen when Democrat 49th legislative district representative Jim Jacks resigned under mysterious circumstances and the coverage given when Republican Richard Curtis resigned under scandal that I covered here.

Clark County Politics gives more on the reasoning behind the sanctioning last November here.

The meme makes sure to mention that Democrats “do not sanction officials,” claiming to be a “big tent party.” When was the last time they embraced any conservative? That they have not sanctioned any officials for “taking a moderate view” is a non-sequitur as there have been no Democrats taking a moderate or conservative stance in Clark County.

Boldt makes sure to mention, in regards to his many sidings with Democrat Steve Stuart, “If he and Stuart didn’t work out compromises, we’d never get anything done.” Again, pure nonsense as what about siding with the lone conservative on the 3 member commission, Tom Mielke?

Is there a reason Boldt, who claims he is still a Republican, side 90% of the time in disputed votes with liberal Democrat Steve Stuart in shoving tax increases down our throats, advocating shoving CRC and light rail down our throats and he decides to take the liberal Democrat stand in so many votes against Mielke? That is about the shallowest claim made!

This latest effort, nearly 4 months after an in house event by Republicans is just too transparent. Why sit on it for so long and only bring it out only once a citizen they repeatedly shown dislike for announces to run against the person sanctioned?

I thought the Columbian and Stephanie Rice were becoming more objective.

Obviously, I was mistaken.

31 Comments to “Once again, The Columbian’s Bias is on Full Display”

  1. Lew, like all Lefties and Elitists, the goons down at The Columbian would rather go out of business and lose everything they have rather than to change their stripes. I think they’ve already shown how suicidal they are a long time ago.


  2. This is good news for Madore’s campaign. Most Rs don’t know Boldt is a turncoat – thanks to the Columbian, they do!


  3. Yes Martin, Stephanie’s effort likely will backfire on her.


  4. Again, Lew, I ask a very simple question: Is it ever appropriate for a party’s leadership, at any level, at any time, to ask a representative to commit to a vote prior to a scheduled public hearing? Yes, or no? Quit dancing around it and give a straight-forward answer. If the conversation centered around sanctions at that time, it very well could be undue coercion (in essence bribery or blackmail).

    How can you possibly support that behaviour. And don’t come back with something about the whole story. Both sides have admitted the conversation took place. Try and justify it, Lew. There is no way this can be appropriate or ethical.

    No wonder they wanted to keep it private….and yes, it will backfire…on Madore. ALL (not some, ALL) of the Republicans I have personally spoken with are APPALLED at this behaviour, and if David Madore doesn’t speak out against at least this portion of the sanctions, he is in huge trouble, as Marc Boldt is gaining momentum quickly.


  5. You asked no “simple question,” Greg. I know the game and I won’t play it. As I left on Kelly’s;

    Greg is just doing what he tries to do best, bash Republicans with his phony “the party leaders asked Boldt to vote no” crap.

    Debbie Peterson commented last evening, as one on the board who voted to sanction Boldt that the tax did not come up in the meeting.

    I am sure that some sitting on the board made personal requests, just as many of the rest of us did, for Boldt to vote no.

    Kelly and I both blogged against the tax and stadium as did some Democrats. Many citizens commented against it on the Columbian pages and I am sure all 3 commissioners received mail, phone calls and other correspondence B-E-F-O-R-E the final public hearing urging Boldt, Mielke and Stuart to vote NO.

    That is how our system functions. We are permitted to contact any elected official with our desires as to how they vote.

    Greg and his crony fail, in their effort to build a false claim against the Republicans, to show that the board met and discussed such a vote, then took it to Boldt. But, they want to give the impression they did and that was the reason he was sanctioned.

    SO yes, some probably did ask him to vote No just as I am sure others from the Democrat Party urged him to vote yes, as he was expected to do by many.

    Is anybody crying about the Democrats urging him how to vote before the final public hearing?

    The article and comments by Greg and another are made solely to continue their incessant bashing of the Republicans.

    You know where you can stuff your hatred of Republicans, Greg. Show where the board made any “official” party request for him to vote a certain way.

    Or, condemn half of Clark County for also exercising their constitutional right to contact an elected official with a request on how they vote.

    You, Briggs and the Columbian are just too transparent.


  6. Nice to know where your ethics, lie. I already know where Kelly’s are now. You are both hypocrites for calling anyone else out on their political behaviour, when your ethics are so far south.

    So much for any credibility you hold with anyone that isn’t as extreme as you, Kelly, and Jack.

    Deal with it.


  7. Greg, you of all people have no room to discuss someone else’s “ethics.”

    When did it become unethical for citizens to contact elected officials with our preferences?

    Show where the board made the sanction conditional on his vote on the tax, which you have yet to do.

    You’re full of shit, Greg.

    You cry ethics, but can’t show something was unethical. So you play insinuation games. You are a phony!


  8. BTW, Lew, it seems to me that you said you weren’t a Republican. So, then, if I were just bashing Republicans, which I’m not (unless you consider holding the leadership to an ethical standard is), what do you care?


  9. Ordinary citizens contacting their representative to voice their opinion is the way it’s done, Lew. Party leadership coercing a vote by threatening to withhold funding and support is blackmail, Lew.

    Both sides have admitted to the discussion, Lew. Nothing I have written or otherwise stated is phony.

    Your support of unethical behaviour is hypocritical and basically erases any stand you have ever taken or will take in the future toward anyone else’s political behaviour.

    You had some credibility in the community. Now, you’re just an unethical grumpy old curmudgeon that must resort to profanity because you have nothing left.

    Deal with it.


  10. Greg, show where the party leaders “COERCED” Boldt’s vote or shut the hell up!

    Even party leaders of either party retain their right to contact elected officials with their preferences.

    Neither you, Boldt or Stephanie have shown tht the board took an action due to Boldt’s vote. You just throw out your usual smoke screen of insinuation, ala Michale Moore.

    My credibility is intact by standing up to your bullshit, Greg.

    Show the board itself took an action, or shut the hell up!

    And my standing by what is right has nothing to do with whether I am a Democrat, a Republican or an Independent.

    The article was a hit job against Republicans and David Madore, which is why you and Mike Briggs jumped in to throw crap at them.

    It’s an effort to create a scandal where there is none, just as your incessant “unethical” allegations are.


  11. “• Admissions tax: Boldt had indicated he would support the admissions tax. On Thursday, he said when he met with party officials a week before the public hearing, they wanted him to promise he was going to vote no. He told the board he would make up his mind after the public hearing.”

    Straight from Brandon Vick, Lew.

    Deny that.


  12. Don’t you mean straight from Stephanie Rice?

    Wouldn’t Brandon have said “we” and not “they?”

    And still, even that small blurb does not say what you want it to. The impression is made that it was an an official board position, which Debbie Peterson put to rest last evening.

    You’re grasping at straws to further your hatred of the Republicans, Greg.

    Stephanie is very adept at spin and twisting, much better than you. She is noted for writing in such a manner when she wants to attack Republicans.

    And don’t forget, the sanction was approved well before the vote and the letter was sent out to him well before the admissions tax vote. That is why I held off on the post I never put up.

    But thanks for proving what we all knew all along, you’re just another cheap partisan hack yourself. You think you have a Rush Limbaugh “slut” moment and you don’t. No matter how much you try to spin it.


  13. “The impression is made that it was an an official board position, which Debbie Peterson put to rest last evening.”

    Wrong, Lew. Debbie said it occurred prior to her being on the board, or a meeting she didn’t attend. She never denied it.

    Your acceptance of this unethical behaviour and your attempts to justify it are something that most of us certainly didn’t expect from you, that’s for sure.

    It’s sad, really.


  14. Spin, spin, spin.

    Your own quote you supplied says “he said when he met with party officials a week before the public hearing.”

    That is the meeting where they voted to sanction him!!!!

    That is the meeting I was informed about where he was sanctioned!!!

    That is the meeting where Debbie Peterson sat in and voted on sanctioning Boldt!!!

    The board only meets once a month! I sat on it myself for a short while.

    There is no mention of another meeting, is there?

    Take your smoke screen and partisan hackery somewhere else, Greg. You have revealed yourself to be just another cheap partisan hack.

    Your effort fails big time!!!


  15. Bias in the print media? I’m shocked and disappointed to hear of this!



  16. Lew, the vote to sanction and the request for a promise to commit to a vote are two separate issues. Brandon Vick said himself that one of the reasons for the sanction was his refusal to commit to the vote PRIOR to the scheduled public hearing.

    You can’t justify this, in any way, shape or form. You should be ashamed of yourself for even wanting to.

    Again, Lew, many of us are saddened at your lack of ethics here. We expected more.

    Sad; sad indeed.


  17. No Greaseball, it’s YOU who are trying to spin nothing into “something”. Your fake “Republican outrage” is nothing but hot air and it’s OBVIOUS.


  18. Greg, by your own quote, there was but one meeting.

    Your dishonest spin will not stand unchallenged here.

    I have no reason to be ashamed for standing up to you and your dishonest effort.

    You’re a pathetic little partisan hack, Greg. You strongly supported sticking it to the middle class for the baseball stadium and lost and now want to point fingers of blame where they do not belong.

    Not to worry, though. I have it on pretty good authority that the nutless GOP board will most likely re-embrace Liberal Democrat Marc Boldt into the GOP which will just further the irrelevancy of the GOP, just as you and your party hack friends want.

    Never mind they continue to bankrupt the county.


  19. It’s hard for me to imagine that a small town journalist would compromise their ethics to achieve a political goal, but this does look awfully suspicious. The timing, the veiled implication of a “bought” sanction, the inclusion of Stuart’s silly comments about how the Democrats are so good and kind and altogether wonderful, they’d never even THINK of sanctioning one of their own (pssst…better not remind him of how the Dems treated Joe Lieberman).

    Very suspicous indeed.


  20. “Again, Lew, I ask a very simple question: Is it ever appropriate for a party’s leadership, at any level, at any time, to ask a representative to commit to a vote prior to a scheduled public hearing? Yes, or no?” Greg Owens

    I’d say absolutely yes. All the cards were on the table. The whole county knew what the score was. There were no suprises waiting for Boldt at the hearing. What’s the problem with trying to get one of your own people to make a committment on a vote?


  21. There is no “problem”, Craig. Greaseball Owens is just trying to raise a phony “issue” because he has nothing else. The Columbian is scared to death of David Madore. It’s just that simple.

    Btw, talking about “journalism” and “The Columbian” in the same sentence is an oxymoron, you know. Same with “ethics” and “The Columbian” or Greaseball Owens and “Republican”.


  22. “What’s the problem with trying to get one of your own people to make a committment on a vote?”

    You really don’t see the problem with this, Craig? There was a scheduled public hearing AFTER this request from party leadership. How is the public supposed to have any faith that their input is valuable if all the decisions have been made PRIOR to the hearing? This is really okay with you?


  23. Ooops…that was me before…I was doing something for my wife at the same time….


  24. You still spewing that same false claim?

    There was no demand that he vote no from the board itself. Brandon is telling the reasons individuals have for sanctioning and that tax was just one.

    Your baseball dream died and all of the efforts by Identity Clark County and others to coerce Boldt to stay a yes vote failed.

    The effort to create a scandal where none exists fails.


  25. It’s not a false claim, Lew. Both sides have admitted that there was a request forl Marc to promise to commit to a vote. You are the only one disputing this, for some unknown reason.


  26. Greg, you are wearing out your welcome really fast.

    I will not tolerate your false claim to help you spread your hatred of the GOP.

    You are trying to make a picture of Boldt was sanctioned because he wouldn’t commit to a vote of no when there were several reasons why.

    Everybody on the board has their reasons why they voted yes or no individually. You are trying to twist it to appear that the board voted on the admissions tax vote and made an official demand. That is the false picture you paint to further denigrate and demean the GOP.


  27. Again, Lew, Marc Boldt was asked by the leadership of the Clark County GOP to promise to commit to a vote PRIOR to the scheduled public hearing. This is an undisputed fact. You’re going to ban me for stating facts?


  28. Besides, you aren’t a Republican, remember? Why do you care, then?


  29. Greg, you continue to paint a false picture of an official party demand. Even you have admitted that several people, as we are entitled, were lobbying Boldt to vote how they desired, BEFORE the public hearing.

    Why single out the GOP, Greg?

    It’s pure hatred on your part of anything not far left liberal. None of us buy for a minute your claim of being the “token Republican.”

    You want to make it appear that the party is manipulating elected officials when that is not the case. Just because someone is leader in a party does not mean they lose their right to lobby positions on matters and as stated, the board took no vote to demand Boldt vote a certain way, they exercised their right to lobby as individuals, just as Democrats do, Identity Clark County does and individual citizens do.

    But you want to twist it to make the Republicans look evil, ignoring the Democrats opposing Joe Lieberman when he strayed from the party stand, opposition to Brian Baird from the party when he backed the surge in Iraq or the outcry over the 3 Democrats in Olympia who sided with Republicans on the budget.

    You somehow forget that parties are made up of people, people who have rights too. Do you not think we haven’t been giving party leaders hell for not taking Boldt to task for his stands on position contrary to what he campaigned on to get us to vote for him? Do you miss the times I mention “gutless,” “spineless” and “nutless” GOP leaders?

    So yes, you are spreading a false picture and assigning a lie to what happened. Individuals sitting on the board have every right to vote to sanction Boldt over his perceived support of the admissions tax, along with the plethora of other reasons they had for their vote.

    But that does not mean the board took an official stance on the one matter, just that individuals expressed their personal choice.

    Just because I resigned from my seat on the GOP board and my PCO position does not mean I will sit back and allow lies to stand. I have also defended Democrats in the past when the GOP makes a mountain out of a molehill, witness my earlier post saying the birther issue is a ridiculous matter.

    You are not stating “facts,” but twisting something in the same manner Michael Moore is famous for doing to build a false impression of what occurred.

    If you want to spread such falsehoods, start your own blog or do it elsewhere.


  30. You know, it doesn’t make any difference why the Baseball idea hit the toilet, it was a stupid idea anyway. The proposed area is already too crowded and there is no parking. A facility like that would be much better located out somewhere on open acreage far and away from the city.

    Not only that, but Portland has already demonstrated that minor league Baseball is nothing but a loser.

    And of course, the Economy is in the tank so it’s stupid to spend a lot of money for something that no one needs.

    I’m glad the dumb idea was killed and I really don’t care how it was done. If private money couldn’t be found to finance Baseball then we didn’t need Baseball in the first place. There are a lot of other things we need worse than some goofy Baseball arena.


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