Sanctioning Commissioner Boldt Was the Right Thing for the Clark County GOP To Do

by lewwaters

It was just days ago that the Columbian pretended as if they just now discovered that the Clark County GOP had sanctioned one of their own for his frequent strays from conservatism and selling out our conservative interests to side with liberal Democrats, going against his campaign promises of supporting conservative values. In a nutshell, he frequently voted against the best interests of the citizens in order to further the liberal Democrat agenda.

I have been one of the few willing to stand up for the Clark County GOP, even as party leaders now cower and seem prepared to throw open the doors and re-embrace Marc Boldt, to be decided this Tuesday I am told. Republicans, spineless as they now are, have no need to appease liberal Democrats or suck up to the Columbian, who cannot find a good word to say about them, except for those RINO’s that are more liberal than conservative, such as the current 3rd Congressional District Representative.

In my expressions of defense of the GOP I have made several references to a scathing post against Marc Boldt and why he deserved to be sanctioned that I wrote back in November 2011, but never posted, due to his one time vote against the baseball stadium admissions tax. Below is that post in its entirety with a prediction I made then bolded.

Marc Boldt was first elected as Clark County Commissioner in the 2004 general election, defeating Jeanne Harris by nearly 10,000 votes in large part due to a strong conservative record as a 5 term representative of the 17th legislative district. In 2008 he again defeated Jeanne Harris, who challenged him for the seat by nearly 12,000 votes. Voters indicated their desire to have a more conservative lean to the Clark County Board of Commissioners as 2008 also saw the election of Republican Tom Mielke who defeated Pam Brokaw by a narrow margin.

Steve Stuart remained the only Democrat sitting on the Commission, or so many thought.

Boldt maintains he is a Republican, but voters who have watched closely have seen a shift to the left, supporting Democrat policies and party platform while turning his back on conservative Republican policies all too often.

From supporting the Columbia River Crossing projects extension of Portland’s Light rail into Clark County to issuing a robocall in support of C-Tran’s Proposition 1, after an independent audit raised serious questions about the need for the tax increase, to holding private meetings with Commissioner Steve Stuart, excluding fellow Republican Tom Mielke.

After the failure of C-Tran’s 2004 effort to increase taxes on citizens, Marc Boldt sided with Democrats in gerrymandering a smaller sub-district to ensure the tax increase passed in a 2005 special election. That those now denied a vote still must pay that tax, considering all major shopping resides within the sub-district was ignored.

Boldt voted to raise property taxes on us while we remain mired in a deep recession and while home values plummet and foreclosures were widespread and has endorsed Democrat Party candidates over Republican candidates for elected office, while maintaining he is a Republican.

Suffice it to say, Marc Boldt, elected to the Clark County Board of Commissioners runs for office as a Republican enjoying the generous support of the Clark County Republican Party and receiving a majority of Republican votes, more often than not of late sides more with the Democrat Party promoting their policies and candidates for elected office.

Several efforts have been made by the Clark County GOP to remind Boldt that he must return to his Republican roots if he expects to continue receiving the party support and by all appearances, those efforts have been ignored by Boldt.

After numerous attempts to have Marc Boldt appear before the Executive Board of the party, Tuesday November 22, 2011 saw him appear before the board to defend his sedition against the Republican Party Platform and where the board voted on what action should be taken by the party in regards to Boldt. Boldt is said to have apologized for his past actions, but for many it apparently was too little too late.

The vote was 11 to 5 for the Clark County Republican Party to “reject” Marc Boldt.

That does not mean he has been ousted from the Republican Party, but that the party will no longer offer their support to Marc should he run for reelection as a Republican nor will he be allowed access to party literature or mailing lists.

Some preferred a meaningless ‘letter of censure,’ but given Marc’s past history on the Board of Commissioners, that would have been an exercise in futility in my estimation.

The hope is that this move will remind Marc of his GOP conservative roots. There remains a good chance he will switch to the Democrat Party and enjoy their support, which will gravely damage his chances of being reelected in the North County region, which remains heavily conservative Republican.

Sources already credit the Democrat Party as claiming Boldt as one of their own, but it is more likely they will humor Marc while setting a candidate of their own choosing up to defeat him in the upcoming election.

Marc Boldt has fooled us long enough and the Clark County GOP has woken up about his selling out our principals. We need to begin grooming a good solid conservative candidate to run against both Marc Boldt and the candidate the Democrat Party will no doubt run in 2012.

Undoubtedly, the Columbian and the Democrat Party will attempt to seize upon this to further demean conservatives in the Republican Party by painting the Clark GOP as mean-spirited, harsh and heavily partisan.

As their effort to further demean the GOP over this unveils and they try to paint another gloom picture of the GOP, indicating the Democrats never act in this manner, we only need look back to former 3rd Congressional District Representative Brian Baird over a single issue he sided with Republicans and former President Bush over, the Troop Surge in Iraq in 2007. While the Columbian tried to put a positive face on Baird’s switching, others amongst the Democrats did not, see DemocraticUnderground, Michelle Malkin, DailyKOS and Tacoma’s News Tribune’s, Baird’s visit to Iraq must have included trip to ‘spin city’.

Democrats were so incensed over Baird supporting the Troop surge that the Columbian’s Kathie Durbin wrote an October 10, 2007 article, “Baird war stance spurs activists to form local chapter” and the Seattle PI reported, “ TV ads chide Baird on Iraq.”

Needless to say, when an elected official actively runs as a member of a party, seeks that party’s support to win an election and then goes against that party’s platform, party leaders are not too pleased.

Based upon that, Marc Boldt should not receive another term on the Clark County Board of Commissioners unless and until voters who elected him on his claims of conservatism actually see those conservative actions.

It’s now up to Marc Boldt.

The Columbian can whine GOP Wounds Self-Inflicted as much as they want. A blind man can see their effort is to protect liberal Democrats and oppose any free thought in our community of our traditional strong conservative values and desire to keep our country and community free.

Along with denigrating successful businessman David Madore, who the Columbian despises for his well spoken opposition to the CRC, the hatchet job continues as they desire to coerce the weak kneed Republican leadership into caving once again to liberal Democrats.

If the GOP does, that will be their “self-inflicted wound.”

For those who say Democrats don’t sanction their members? Refer them to Joe Lieberman,

Examples of Democrat’s “Big Tent?”

43 Responses to “Sanctioning Commissioner Boldt Was the Right Thing for the Clark County GOP To Do”

  1. Reading Stephanie Rice lying again…. that she’d “just found out” when you know damned well they’re riveted to both our blogs on a daily basis, tends to support your position here rather nicely.

  2. They forget the many times they have admitted to watching whatever it is we both do.

    Now to see if the weak kneed GOP caves to them again. No bets from me.

  3. That’s why you guys want to just keep hammering away no matter how many times that arrogant bastard Moeller tries to tell you that “nobody reads” your blogs. You put the truth out there for the community to find, and they are finding it.

  4. I’ve written a letter to the Board of the CCGOP encouraging them not to UNsanction Mr Boldt. Either the Republicans have a platform that they stand on ….or they need to change the platform in order to accommodate the moderate Republican. The platform appears to be a document that will certainly sound good on paper but terribly inconvenient when it comes to standing its ground. Principles are a tough thing sometimes…

  5. The intention of the board was to get Marc’s attention and remind him why he was elected. Whether or not to go public was debated and the board divided because some felt without the public knowing it would have little affect. Others believed a change in behavior would settle the matter. Marc did not apologize when he met the board but claimed ignorance that endorsements have any affect on elections. He sent his letter of apology very recently and some are skeptical that it is motivated more by his having an opponent than by real change. Others point to his vote against the entertainment tax when he was still undecided when he met with the board. Even that vote is hard to categorize because the city council indicated they would not support it. That meant no matter how Marc voted, the tax would not go into effect. This is going to be a difficult decision for everyone because we all believe in redemption. Marc’s future depends on how many of those originally voting for sanction have been convinced he’s back to the Representative Marc’s values.

    At least in the legislature you are allowed to hire your own staff of like-minded people. County commissioners have county workers giving them information. It is up to us, the citizens, to be vigilant and be sure we bring issues to the Commissioners and opposing viewpoints. I am guilty of not attending city council or county commissioner meetings very often. We must do better or we will continue to see solid people swayed over time because of hearing onesided evaluations of an issue. I am not saying that the county employees are trying to be deceptive…they probably believe everything they say, but not everyone sees things the same and government rarely sees things the way private citizens do. One glaring example is how they base wage and benefits on what other similar sized cities offer. Huh? Shouldn’t it be based on what private industry workers in their jurisdiction receive? It takes 8 private industry workers to pay for one goverment worker. Surely we should not be paying for government workers to receive more than what the average private worker receives.

    Please join me in resolving to be a help to our elected officials by attending meetings and being sure they are informed rather than just a critic. Everyone should be able to agree on that.

  6. You know, I think most people are quite tired of the BS we go through with politicians. Political idiots have made some real messes of things and caused most of us a lot of headaches and
    cost many of us a lot of money.

    I think it’s also “tempting” to want to avoid all of the hassles, sit calmly in a circle, and sing “Kumbaya”. I’m not ready to do that however. An old saying sticks in my mind: “Fool me once – damn you. Fool me twice – damn me!”.

    Marc has had his “chance”. Once is enough.

  7. Did Stephanie Rice lie, and participate in a nice little spin piece to help their boy Boldt? Sure looks like it to me. More deceit and deception by the Columbian.

  8. I would never accuse Stephanie of lying, Daniel.

    Perhaps she just engaged in a little disinformation? 😉

  9. Look… there’s much more to this then just the ballpark vote, where, like a broken clock and several months too late, Marc actually got it right… but not before 10’s of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money was wasted on county staff time for an issue that should never have seen the light of day.

    Even his utterly bizarre and indefensible statement in the Columbian: That if he and Stuart “doesn’t compromise, nothing would get done.”

    What about if he and Mielke voted together, EVERYTHING would “get done?”

    Why does Marc, a member of the allegedly GOP majority on the commission have to “compromise” with the minority democrat?

    He and Tom could do anything they wanted and Stuart couldn’t do anything about it… but Marc has gone so far left he no longer even identifies as a Republican… which led him to utter this moronic phrase.

    For the entirety of Tom Melke’s tenure on the commission, Marc has repeatedly voted against him both on the commission and on the CRC.

    Marc has voted to raise our taxes, raise our fees, acted as a shill for CTrans, and voted to exclude tens of thousands of rural voters from voting on CTran tax increases… but not from paying the taxes this small minority of voters in a gerrymandered CTran district have assigned to us. Marc even voted for CCO 2.48A.090 which allows the county to confiscate our weapons if the commissioners declare an emergency… like they did in New Orleans… and how did that work out?

    Marc indicated he hadn’t even READ the county GOP platform, and he sold us out by TWICE endorsing Steve Stuart against first, Tom Mielke, and second, Alan Svehaug.

    These are not recent developments… these things have been going on literally for a number of years.

    He has voted himself out of the GOP, and he should not be allowed back in.


  10. dem2gop, will you be joining me? 🙂

  11. joining you in what? I am for the sanctions if that’s what you are asking.

  12. “The intention of the board was to get Marc’s attention and remind him why he was elected” Ummmm, not so much. He was elected to represent his constituents, not the Republican Party of Clark County leadership. This is also a very contradictory statement, because by asking Marc to promise to commit to a vote PRIOR to a scheduled public hearing, they were taking the voice AWAY from the people he was elected to represent.

    But that’s okay with you. Until it happens against you. Then, not so much, right?

  13. Uh oh…I stated a fact again….I might get banned….. 🙂

  14. He was elected to represent his constituents as a Republican, not a Democrat, Greaseball. Perhaps you don’t “understand” that. The baseball deal was doomed anyway. Perhaps you don’t know that either.

    You don’t know a lot of things, do you?

  15. Btw, why would you get “banned”? You’re providing “comedy” for a lot of people. Boot manufacturers love it every time you get your miserable ass kicked. It promotes their products.

  16. No, Greg… you LIED again.

    NOTHING said or shown or revealed at the public hearing was new to Marc: nothing said there would have changed his mind because he had been contacted, individually, by 5 Vancouver city council members who had TOLD him your rip off scam had ZERO chance of passing in the council.

    As I have explained it to you like you’re a 4 year old, Marc was NOT banned because he was appaearing to favor your baseball fetish, although he, perhaps, should have been, and it wouldn’t, in fact, make any difference if he was.

    The FACT is that Marc was banned for a years-long PATTERN of political misconduct, like that which you’ve been foaming at the mouth over since long before I smacked your plan… out of the park… so to speak.

    Your fixation on the ballpark fiasco, as unhealthy as it is, continues to be irrelevant to the issue at hand.

    By the way… your side lost. Get over it.

  17. Greg, allow me to enlighten you on a little fact,

    “All Clark County residents who are registered voters and declare themselves affiliated with the REPUBLICAN Party are considered to be members of the Clark County REPUBLICAN Party, and are eligible to become members of the CCRP.”

    In case you are wondering, the italicized and bolded is to inform you that those words are added. What you read is word for word other wise right out of the Democrat Party bylaws.

    If everyone who declares themselves a Democrat is considered members of the Democrat Party, isn’t it a reasonable assumption that those who declare themselves Republican are considered members of the Republican Party?

    Your little game isn’t working. The executive board did not act against the wishes of members, but in accord with members of the party due to Boldt’s actions.

    I contacted all commissioners and city council members PRIOR to the vote to vote no. As I am sure you recall, I blogged against the idea as presented and even then you argued fruitlessly.

    You can grasp for straws to throw blame on those you hate so much, but it isn’t going to work. You lost, baseball as you wanted is dead, time to get over it.

    Boldt was sanctioned for several reasons going back long before the baseball scam was even brought up.

  18. A little more for you Greg, also word for word from the Democrat Party bylaws;
    Article II – Purpose
    The CCDCC shall function continuously for the growth and influence of the Democratic Party and for the following purposes:
     Recruit and promote the highest quality Democratic Party candidates for elective office
     Support vigorously the nominees and platforms of the Democratic Party in national, state, and local elections
     Build and maintain an effective grass-roots party organization that can help win elections and maximize the Democratic vote
     Recruit new members and encourage participation in the local, state, and national Democratic Party
     Foster and perpetuate the ideas and principles of the Democratic Party
     Acquaint voters with the issues and with Democratic candidates
     Coordinate Democratic campaign efforts in Clark County and cooperate with the National, State, Legislative District and County Democratic committees
     Be a truly representative party open to all who declare themselves to be Democrats
     Stimulate an active interest in governmental and community affairs

    Where’s the “big tent?” Where is there anything but promotion of the Democrat party platform and principals? Where is any purpose stated of compromising with anybody?

    Why do you hold Republicans to a different standard than you do Democrats?

  19. The fact is, again, Kelly, and Lew, no matter how much to dance around it, that his indecision on a promise to commit to a vote PRIOR to a public hearing was cited as one of the reasons for the sanction. Clear as day. Period. There’s no getting around that. It is not a lie, Kelly, no matter now much you try to deny it, it is the truth. Period.

    You all cry how much you aren’t being represented on the CRC, yet you support public input being denied on another issue. Hypocrites, the both of you.

    And hillbilly, well, you’re just being hillbilly.

  20. Greg, you are unable to build a case to make yourself feel better about losing the baseball stadium.

    You’re just looking more an more foolish every time.

  21. Greg, you have the situation reversed. Marc volunteered he was undecided on the stadium when he addressed the board over the broad issue of tax and fee increases he had already supported. His subsequent vote has been interpreted by some to mean he recognizes the economic hardship in our community and is doing what he can to minimize the burden. Others are skeptical since his vote was moot. Not person asked him to commit ahead of time. He was being questioned over historical missteps, the most grievous being his endorsement of a Democrat when there was a Republican in the race.

    I hope you are holding city council members to the same standard. Both the mayor and Rep. Moeller have continually said that light rail are baked in the cake. That is another complaint of the party. Marc promised us a vote on light rail to occur this year. He and Stuart then misrepresented that it would cost $100,000 so they had to renege on their promise and said if we wanted a vote we had to get signatures. The truth is there are other items on the same ballot so the cost would not be that large. Whether you support or oppose light rail, everyone should be in favor of a vote or your expressed outrage over a perceived predetermined vote prior to public input becomes hypocritical.

  22. Sorry you’re not getting any “traction”, Greaseball. After all, you are just a Greaseball.

  23. Sorry, what? It doesn’t matter who brought it up, dem2gop. The fact remains that he was asked to promise to commit to a vote PRIOR to a public hearing, essentially removing public input from the process. That fact is undisputed. That’s okay with you?

    Quit being so hypocritical by crying about not having input on the CRC while being okay with eliminating public input on another issue.

    And, dem, as I have said before and will continue to say, the best possible person for the job is the person that can do the best possible job. A Republican idiot is still an idiot. Would you continue tblindly follow a candidate or elected official that is unable to be effective? If you would, then, shame on you. I, and most other people, aren’t that shallow. Marc Boldt’s support of Stuart was appropriate, given the alternative.

    But, you go ahead and blindly follow the mandates of the party leadership. I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself by thinking too much on your own.

  24. Uh Greg, since Dem2Gop sits on the executive board and was there for the actual vote, I’ll take their word over your speculations.

    As for Stuart being the better candidate, that is just your opinion. He won, with Boldt’s help.

    But 68,323 people disagreed with you, perhaps some even believing Boldt.

  25. Sorry, but dem2gop conveniently leaves out the part the Bold was asked to promise to commit to a vote PRiOR to a public hearing. I am not disputing how it came up. The result is still the same. Still unacceptable, and still disgusting. No one is talking about a vote, which is the way you all dance around the issue. The issue is the discussion at which CCGOP leaders asked Boldt to promise to commit to a vote PRIOR to a public hearing. Funny how that works….straw man extraordinaire….And It will continue to be an issue. Marionnette Madore will have a tough time getting around it. The question will continue to be, “Do you want a representative that will represent their constituency, or remain in lock-step with the party no matter what? That’s an easy answer for most people, except those that have a great deal of difficulty doing their own thinking….(hillbilly).

  26. Stop acting like such a dumbass, Greg.

    Dem2GOP was there casting a vote. Were you?

    You’re grasping at straws and looking dumber the more you drag it out.

  27. Name your source for CCGOP leaders asking Boldt to promise to commit or drop it since you were not there. I have no doubt he felt pressure to not support a new tax since he had been pressured from a number of people over his actions in raising taxes and fees during his tenure. Relevant portions of our by-laws were even brought out and read to him as a reminder of what Republicans believe. It’s ludicrous to think we took a vote to tell him how to vote. We were talking to him about principles and how his past actions violated them.

    This seems to be an orchastrated strategy of dems. Find a view that deflects the real issue and blow it up. This is the same theme that was repeatedly alleged on the Columbian comments covering this issue. I am far too busy preparing for our County Convention this Saturday than continue addressing the same issue over and over. You don’t want the facts since your mind is made up so enjoy your delusion. This has become a complete waste of my time.

  28. Those yellow splotches all over Greaseball’s face are AA Large.

  29. Greaseball’s hat that says: “I’m A Republican” is a fake that was made in North Korea, too.

  30. Dem, don’t fret about Greg, he remain clueless.

    The whole matter wouldn’t even be an issue if David Madore hadn’t announced a run against Boldt.

    Greg is still ticked that he didn’t get his way on the stadium and has a hatred of David Madore unmatched by many.

    Pay him no mind and watch out at the convention. I got word that one district in the Pierce County convention was highjacked by Ron Paulies where they successfully blocked all delegates already voted in and replaced them all with Ron Paul delegates, some who weren’t even voted for in the caucus.

    Some people up that way are hopping mad over it.

  31. dem2gop: I was asking if I was going to see you at the City of Vancouver or Board of Clark County commissioners meeting, a previous comment you were asking about earlier? (before this little exchange got out of hand with Greg & Jack, the odd couple.)

    Jack – its time to move on from going back and forth with Greg. I may speak in the minority here on the subject. But why would I want to read 20 to 40 message of you going back and forth with Greg? Maybe its time to pants up and let us have a real discussion? 🙂

    I know you are really capable of it and let Greg festoon over in the corner. Let us talk about Marc’s banishment and put the troll flag away back in the corner….

  32. To Lew, 🙂 uh oh! 🙂 Did the RPers get Guy Fawkes mask and going to run around the state or regional GOP convention?

    demtogop, I hope to hear MORE from you about how this convention goes. Sounds interesting!

    And now, off to bed with this late night fool!

  33. But kicking Greaseball’s miserable ass is so much fun…

  34. My focus is on the convention. After that I will attend city and/or county but not on a regular basis.

  35. Jack – 🙂 You have made your point quite well over the past many months about Greg. Its time to put it to rest unless your speaking to a subject he’s commenting on. And that is the last I’ll say of this since I do not control this blog.

    dem2gop – If you want, you can always watch either of them live through if you can’t attend or want to watch playback video encoded within the next 24 to 48 hours, there is always a way to watch what was said later.

    Hope to see you around if you are there….

  36. Sources tell me that The sanctions are remaining in place even after Marc met with the Board tonight.

  37. I haven’t heard yet, but I hope your source is right.

    This whole matter is orchestrated and the Dems link to the Columbian articles on their page, I hear.

    And we’re supposed to believe he is a Republican?

  38. The Dems link to The Columbian articles because The Columbian is orchestrating for the Left – that’s obvious. The Columbian is also doing it’s best to silence Lew Waters because Lew easily kicks the Lefties’ miserable asses.

    Again, the biggest enemy that Clarke County has is The Columbian.

  39. May have been the “right thing to do” for party fringe/insiders, but what a PR nightmare. Couldn’t get any better for Marc Boldt, nor any worse for his opponent (is he still in the race) David Madore. What a debacle…

  40. Not as much of a PR nightmare as some of you think, Tim.

    Voters who voted for him on his conservative claims deserve to know how he abandoned them in order to further the liberal causes.

    We’ll see come November how much of a PR nightmare it is.

    Then again, we know the Columbian will not give favorable coverage to any real conservative, don’t we?

    That is a big reason the readership on blogs keeps increasing.

  41. Yes…indeed we’ll see. I think you are underestimating the moderate and reasonable nature of the majority of citizens. Look for example at the continuing success of Mitt Romney across the Country. Most are turned away….at the end of the day…by fringe voices. Yes, those will get air-play and attract attention (by design) during primaries. But, why do most politicians (at least those that want to be effective and actually accomplish something…anything) become more moderate after Primary elections and once in office? Because mainstream America is moderate!

  42. As I said, Tim, we’ll see come November.

    But, you too just might be underestimating the citizens of Clark County, many of whom outside of downtown Vancouver are quite conservative.

    You do yourself a disservice by pointing to a moderate like Romney, who is doing what he can to endear himself to conservatives.

    Mainstream America just might be a bit more fiscally conservative than you’d like to admit. In spite of the canards of an improving economy, people do not have more money in their pockets and still struggle to get by. They cannot afford more taxes and want answers from government besides being ridiculed as “fringe.”

    The art of compromise means more than caving to the liberal Democrat agenda every time. I supported you because I once felt you knew that. I’ve since come to realize that it was all a hoax to get us to support you.

    Moderates and liberals are who has gotten us into this mess. If you recall 2006, Republicans were voted out for going moderate. They spent like crazy and lost the election. 2010 showed far different results across the country, except for the left coast, who still struggles under taxes and fees imposed by moderates and liberals who want “to get things done,” whether voters and taxpayers want them or not.

    Bottom line, Tim, if one must lie in order to win, what have you gained? Explain how your “No Tolls” campaigning for mayor was “moderate.”

    You weren’t seeking the “moderate” vote then.


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