Is There No Lie The Democrats Won’t Tell?

by lewwaters

Received this morning in email,

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25 Comments to “Is There No Lie The Democrats Won’t Tell?”

  1. No; there’s no lie the Democrats won’t tell, especially in an election year.


  2. Ditto that.


  3. That definitely deserves the pant-on-fire award from Politfact. Unfortunately conservatives are far from squeaky-clean on this kind of crap either. One recent example – stories being circulated about Obamacare supposedly containing explicit exemptions for Muslims on page 107. Total BS.


  4. Better to learn the truth about Obamacare. See the video:


  5. There’s all sorts of things that are both wrong and unconstitutional about Obamacare. That’s all the more reason for conservatives not to make stuff up.


  6. I did not see where Martin wanted to assign his movie and TV royalties as a start toward paying for this crud.


  7. One of the fascinating and puzzling things about America is that this sort of thing works. Why do large numbers of people let their beliefs about some fairly complicated subjects be guided by someone with no experience, education or expertise in the field, simply because they’ve seen that person’s face on the silver screen a few times?


  8. Because schools and many parents don’t teach critical thinking skills. Instead, kids are taught to blindly accept statements from, and be subservient to, authority figures and by extension, media stars.


  9. I went and watched the video linked in this email. Is there really a Bill to eliminate Medicare? Who’s sponsoring it?


  10. How can you believe a word Martin Sheen says, Martin? He spreads hype and lies faster than anyone. That video is filled with them.

    Medicare is going broke with Obamacare expected to reduce what it costs by some $500 Billion over 10 years. It will still increase with the plan of spending $500 Billion less than anticipated.

    I doubt the GOP plan will pass, since Dems control the Senate still and i also question the amount of savings claimed in it.

    But Sheen is spinning as fast as he can throughout the video. The GOP effort is to save Medicare, not end it. Dems seem to want to turn a blind eye to how fast money is running out.

    Dems tried this last year and got lie of the year from Politifact.


  11. Got it. The Bill puts Medicare recipients into the federal employee healthcare plan and eliminates Medicare.

    Very cynical.

    Just socialize healthcare already. There is no workable in-between solution.


  12. I don’t see socializing health care as a solution, Martin.

    Socialism robs those under it of their innate desires to improve and experience personal profit.

    I’d rather see steps taken to make our health care more affordable.


  13. Lew, as much as I, an avowed Capitalist, would like to see it as the panacea of all things political – it ain’t. Capitalism is a tool, just like socialism, and the right tool for the right job. Healthcare is a natural monopoly, therefore Capitalism fails.

    In my opinion (obviously not yours or others), healthcare (like protection, old-age, education, and the environment) is a basic societal need. But you can argue with me on that. You can say that people deserve to die or be ill. However, you cannot argue that healthcare is not a natural monopoly. Do you really have a choice how much it is going to cost? Would you make a choice to lose your eye?

    An insurance company can only make money if it denies service. I find that astounding in the field of health!


  14. The Democrats don’t want anything that makes healthcare more affordable. They just want more power over the average citizen.


  15. Martin, do you recall that we did not even need health insurance before Johnson put in Medicare?

    I disagree with you (no surprise) that insurance companies only make money by denying service. They make it by people paying their premiums and not using it for every little ailment they have. But, that is one of the drawbacks to “free” socialized medicine, people just rely on on the “free” service for every little thing instead of using their common sense.

    And, in order to be seen right away, they over load the Emergency Rooms for minor ailments they could care for at home themselves. Eventually, to keep costs in control, rationing must come in. Socialists or those advocating socialized care do not even see their eventual outcome is the very thing they today claim is wrong with health care.

    I believe one step towards making health care more affordable, besides tort reform and a few other steps would be to see competition in the system. You’re right, it is a monopoly today. But giving it all to government is an even bigger monopoly, filled with more bureaucracy, delays and restrictions than now.

    Why do you think other countries are trying to move away from their socialized health care?


  16. Martin I have to take issue with the idea that health care is a “natural monopoly” (unlike, for example, power lines or cable services). In principal, we do have a choice of going to Dr. A or B, or Hospital A or B just as we do with dentists, and taking Medication A, Medication B, or no medication at all. The only way a natural monopoly could emerge if if government over-regulation creates circumstances in which only one supplier can possibly afford the compliance costs. To be sure, we are headed in that direction, in many industries, not just healthcare, if we can’t re-assert States Rights and roll back commerce clause overreach, but that’s more of an “artificial monopoly” isn’t it?


  17. Tom, when was the last time you saw a “sale” at the hospital? Capitalism only works when there is an adversarial relationship among all parties involved: owners, workers, customers, to keep each other in check. The market forces in healthcare are unbalanced.


  18. Lew, tort reform & gate-keeping are both great ideas – we can agree on them – but those won’t fix the problem because monopoly is a fundamental flaw of Capitalism. Our argument is whether healthcare is a societal responsibility or not? If not, let it explode on its own. But if heathcare’s time is now then we have the solution. Don’t be programmed to think all socialism is bad. (The Marxists think all Capitalism is bad.)


  19. Martin, do you think a government monopoly is better?

    I don’t need to be programmed to think socialism is bad, history shows us how bad it is, if we look at it.


  20. Lew, Medicare is already a government monopoly.

    I currently live in a socialist country. I can’t wait to get home where workers are held accountable, and someone is in charge who can make heads roll. I’ve experienced the NHS. Folks who say Capitalists are selfish must never have lived among people who all think they’re the center of the universe. Socialism is definitely NOT for me! But…

    The Big Five need to be socialized: protection, education, environment, old-age, and healthcare.


  21. My point exactly, Martin. Medicare is a government monopoly and it’s failing, running out of money, going broke.

    Socialized education has become more of an indoctrination rather than education and still, we are graduating functional illiterates not prepared for the job market.

    National Defense is a responsibility of the government. But, it too has become another tool for Democrats to push off their social experimentation which is bound to weaken it in time.

    Social security is also going broke and amounts more to a ponzi scheme. Then too, with the push for abortions, you doom future generation even more as there will not be enough people entering the work force so today’s younger people will have social security.

    Some regulation for the environment is acceptable, but when it goes to an extreme that taxes people to death while forcing them onto unemployment, it fails.

    And again, if Medicare is going broke now, how do you think it will work out when it is the only healthcare available?

    And, if socialism isn’t for you, why do you encourage it for others?


  22. Lew, you are attributing the ills of the world to wrong cause. It isn’t lack of rationality on the part of the provider – it’s the irrationality of the people who want the benefits.

    The leaders of our democracy is proof-positive of this. We don’t elect qualified people. Elections aren’t job interviews. The politicians who can gain office are the ones who inspire the least envy, or promise the most, or are attractive, or lie. The reason so many people *hate* government is because of the caliber of the people we elect to represent government.

    But all of the above is a separate problem… Assuming the right people are in charge (a BIG assumption I agree), government can work just as well as business.


  23. Martin, you are hitting on the very problem of socialism. It is basically free and people don’t have to work for it, so they don’t appreciate it and take advantage of it and cry like hell when they might be expected to contribute to it.

    And your point on elections, the closer we move towards socialism, the worse candidates we seem to get and too many vote expecting freebies.

    If you really look, I bet you’d find those that hate government the most are those of us who oppose socialism. Supporter of it love government, expecting government to take responsibility and care for them.

    In order for government to work properly, more people need to return to self reliance and accept responsibility for themselves, the last thing today’s Democrats want.


  24. It’s a fine balance between an aristocracy and socialism, I agree.

    Luckily, people are reading your blog so they can get enough understanding to make their own decisions.


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