Port of Vancouver Executive Director Larry Paulson, Light Rail Is Coming “Like It Or Not”

by lewwaters

The Executive Director of the Port of Vancouver (Washington), who makes over $170,000 a year, plus $500 a month “car allowance,” giving public testimony before the Vancouver, Washington City Council, March 26, 2012 telling citizens in their 4th year of double digit unemployment with a median income of $58,000 that they are getting light rail from Portland, Oregon “like it or not” and they will pay for it “like it or not.”

Answering Mayor Leavitt’s call of “Our goal is to attract more citizens and a broader perspective to come and talk with us… we want to hear from those that haven’t previously spoken up! I know you’re out there…” Paulson was one of eight who spoke before city council in favor of the CRC project March 26.

While Mr. Paulson is free to his opinion, I am especially taken aback at this emphasis and repeated use of the words, “like it or not!”

Paulson, who announced he will retire this April, perhaps with a nice pension, admittedly has been involved for some time in pushing this project down our throats. With a yearly salary in excess of $170,000 a year, plus a $500 a month “car allowance.” by what right does he publicly state we that are fortunate enough to reach the median Clark County income of slightly more than $58,000 a year “MUST” pay for this project he also declares is an “International Issue?”

He has a point on “moving freight,” but who can explain how Portland’s Light Rail reaching a mile or two into our community helps “move freight?”

Whether Paulson realizes it, this project does not have community support “like it or not!”

We are in our fourth year of double digit unemployment in Clark County, “like it or not!”

Voters have repeatedly indicated by wide margins we do not want Light Rail from Portland, “like it or not!”

Voters in Clark County are expressing outrage that we are being denied the vote promised on this, “like it or not!”

It has been revealed that this project has several serious flaws, not the least of which is it is designed with insufficient clearance for river traffic due to the design of Portland’s light rail being run on a lower level. Hence, the U.S. Coast Guard will not issue the needed permit for the project to move forward, “like it or not!”

This is not the Democratic process we Americans have gone off to war for and sacrificed much for. And for a six figure income appointed official to stand up publicly and tell still struggling citizens they “MUST” pay for this project they do not want, adding and emphasizing “like it or not” is preposterous in its arrogance.

We must begin changing the face of city leadership in Vancouver, “LIKE IT OR NOT!”

View the entire Citizen Forum at CVTV

13 Comments to “Port of Vancouver Executive Director Larry Paulson, Light Rail Is Coming “Like It Or Not””

  1. Paulson + Leavitt = scum.

  2. Well if we can’t vote them out because they’re controlling that then I remember an event in Tennessee that we can re-enact right here. We know we have the guns to do it.

  3. I would hope we could come together in public demonstrations and civil disobedience long before resorting to that.

  4. I think I heard: “Let them eat cake!” uttered by the Elitists…

  5. Pretty soon it will be: “Arbeit Macht Frei!”…

  6. Mayor “I was against Bridge tolls before I was for them” Leavitt should be careful about who he selects as a plant. He must have forgotten that the citizens of Vancouver and Clark County do not have a lot of faith in Larry Paulson, the Executive Director of the Port of Vancouver. We have not forgotten boondoggle to raise our property taxes by 132 %. He claimed it was to buy purchase some property the port needed to survive. His attempt to pick our pockets soundly defeated at the polls whether he “Liked it or Not”.

    And as it turned out he didn’t need the money because he went ahead and bought the property anyway. Why must these Spend and Tax Rascals continue to Mislead us.

    And so it goes

    Some food for thought:

    Those who come to engage in debates of consequence and who challenge accepted wisdom should expect to be treated badly. Nonetheless, they must stand undaunted. That is required. And that should be expected. For it is bravery that is required to secure freedom. Justice Clarence Thomas.

  7. Hey Paulson. CTran’s own resolution in 2008 states ANY source of funding MUST be voted on. Just a stooge for Leavitt.

    Why Light Rail??
    Leavitt: PBS Engineering will make millions.
    Gathe: Wife, former CTran Lobbyist.
    Eric Holmes: Former employer, MacKay and Sposito, will make millions.
    Burkman: Paid by WSDOT.

    The Attorney General really needs to take a look at this…..

  8. It should also be known that Larry is retiring as the Executive director of the Port of Vancouver some time THIS April 2012, so he is going to have a lot of time on his hands and someone else will be filling in his roll that has been now working to take over the position.

    I don’t know the exact date, so someone might want to check with the Port on that. As for the rest, Larry has the right to his first amendment opinion just like all of us do, though I may not agree with it. He will be a private citizen soon.

    And Lew makes a good point here, if you are going to be dumb enough to make a comment similar to some of the first postings, you might get a nice visit from local law enforcement, so please, use some common sense. Though I do like Lew’s thinking that a non-confrontational tactics like a mass sit-in or the like might get their attention, but you probably should do that SOON.

    And a final note, Larry was on the original Columbia River Crossing task force in from 2006-2009. 10 or so before it was disbanded along with the Port of Portland, as they were trying to assess the Ports access needs, wants and desires for the Interstate 5 and 205 corridor systems.

  9. Hmmm… I’ve always said there’s just a few people in positions of power who think they are so enlightened and wise that they can force their opinions on the rest of us cretins. This Larry Paulson is one of them!

    Larry, dude, if you’re so intelligent, ethically pure, and have the wisdom of Jobe, let’s talk – I’ve never met a god before.

  10. If Larry Paulson is retiring from the Washington State Retirement System and is in Plan 1 he will get 60% of his base salary from his two highest years whenever they occurred. That’s about $10,200 per month. If he is in Plan II then it could be more. Now, on that note yep he can afford the Tolls that are coming. But I bet he will never ride Light Rail. If fact, I bet he moves outta the area to someplace where they are more tax friendly and the weather is nicer. I am appalled by this statement. Now our real question is if he thinks this way then……does the rest of the Port Commissioners. I am affraid the answer is Yes.

  11. I find it very telling that so many of these bureaucratic pro-public transportation people accept hundreds of dollars each month for a “car allowance.”

  12. It is a “hypocrisy”, isn’t it Lew?

  13. Arrogant hypocrisy at that.

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