Democrats May as Well Hang a Neon Sign Over Commissioner Boldt’s Head

by lewwaters

Any doubts about the left leaning bias of the Columbian are forever shattered with their orchestrated outrage and coverage given to the in house sanction placed on Clark County, Washington County Commissioner, Marc Boldt. One would have to be so far left they are blinded to reality to not see it.

Since their “breaking news” of the sanctions, put in place in November 2011 nearly 4 months after the fact, we have now seen 4 articles covering the sanction within as many days, 2 yesterday alone. Three achieved front page coverage in the published editions of the paper, Friday March 23, Wednesday March 28 and Thursday March 29.

In comparison, when Democrat Jim Jacks abruptly walked out on constituents in the 49th legislative district one year ago, the Columbian addressed that 5 times, but over a 30 day period without the in depth coverage we see given Boldt. The claim of having no “paper trail” was the given excuse for such slim coverage. We have yet to see any coverage of the well founded rumors associated with inappropriate behavior towards staffer, particularly of the opposite sex in regards to his abrupt resignation.

In less than a week, we know more about what the Columbian claims is the reason for these sanctions placed on Boldt than we know about why Jim Jacks left constituents high & dry in spite of having one year to discover anything.

Also of note is the large influx of left leaning liberals and Democrats who flood the comments section of the Columbian in defense of Boldt and spewing their condemnations of conservatives and Republicans. Somehow, his turning his back on the conservative principals he campaigned on, in order to side with liberal Democrat Commissioner Steve Stuart in the majority of disputed positions is considered “looking out for constituents,” even though over 89,000 voted for him based on his expressed stand of being a conservative Republican and only some 74,000 voted for the Democrat.

Apparently, the leftist agenda coming into focus in Clark County means that regardless of how the vote goes down, only liberal Democrat positions are permitted.

Boldt maintains he considers himself a Republican still. I am reminded that White Supremacist David Duke publicly declared himself a Republican a few years ago and even though the Republican Party rejected and did not support him due to his racist views, no one complained about the Republican Party “sanctioning” him by refusing to acknowledge him and denying him any Party Support. No, the left used his past to once again bash the Republicans with.

Of note with Marc Boldt, it remains Democrats who rush to the comments section to defend him. Claims of his moderate views grant him more credibility and they will vote for him next time fly. No Republican has yet to actually defend Boldt’s seditious actions nor to actually complain about the party sanctioning him, save two recent appointees to the board who have now allowed themselves to also be used as tools by the left in their very vocal resignations last evening due to the sanctions not being lifted.

The resignations are actually meaningless as neither were seated on the party’s board at the time of the sanctions nor has either even been on the board long enough to have been present in much more than a couple meetings, just being appointed in January.

But the Columbian and Democrats are using their resignations to once again paint the GOP as evil and corrupt for actually having standards and upholding them. Hence, both have no become tools of the left.

To further show their now being mere tools, word has reached me that one is thinking about running again the only Republican on the County Commission, Tom Mielke, who is already facing two Democrat challengers as the effort is to maintain the commissions leftist lean. These two “Republicans” are prepared to undermine the party platform and all of the conservative taxpayers in our county to push the county commission further left.

If you take exception to that, stop and think why would either one want to replace the only conservative on the 3-man commission, even if they do disagree with sanctioning Boldt for his past seditious votes. Wouldn’t it be the turn-coat Republican they would want to replace?

The Clark County Democrat Party has made sure to link to the pro-Boldt articles on their website, further indicating that they apparently consider Boldt one of theirs.

We do not need the same political viewpoint in power in the county, but under two different names, which is what I see happening. Far from a difference between moderates and conservatives, the effort more appears to be to make both parties liberal, putting conservatives in Clark County in subjugation to the left.

Of course, neither the Columbian nor the Democrat Party had a problem with the sanctions months ago until after conservative Republican businessman and outspoken critic of the current Columbia River Crossing project David Madore announced he would run against Boldt this election.

In spite of their expressed view, they are all too obvious in showing us they see Madore as a substantial threat to the current status quo of ignoring voters’ wishes in regards to CRC, tolls and Portland’s light rail invading our community.

Boldt has been supportive of ramming that project, the most expensive project ever attempted in this area down our throats. How he became corrupted in favor of such a bankrupting project is not known, but Boldt’s abandoning of his earlier conservatism to embrace the liberal agenda in Clark County is glaring.

That both the Democrat Party and their mouthpiece the Columbian have circled the wagons around “Republican” Marc Boldt is blinding in its intent.

As I said, they may as well erect a bright neon sign above Boldt’s head identifying him as just another liberal Democrat in Republican dress.

If Marc Boldt had any character at all, he would resign and issue a statement correcting this false perception he has began and the Democrats and the Columbian are are using to divide the Republican Party. That he urges further division of the party to retain his cushioned seat of authority alone shows his complete lack of character and unworthiness to remain a county commissioner.

14 Responses to “Democrats May as Well Hang a Neon Sign Over Commissioner Boldt’s Head”

  1. I see you ducked back in here after taking all the heat on the Columbian. I probably would, too, if I were you.

    First of all, you keep stating that no Republicans support Marc Boldt. That is entirely false. Many Republicans, both on the Columbian and off-line support him. You think you somehow have the authority to determine who is and who is not a Republican. Funny that. Nice delusion, but again, totally untrue. Not all Republicans share your and Kelly’s extreme views. In fact, the extreme positions are becoming more and more the minority; hence, the outrage that the leadership wanted to move in that direction and try to force a representative to not work through issues with his peers in representation of his constituency.

    I hope that another Republican runs against Mielke, and if it is one of the two aforementioned, I will support them, as will many, many others.

    So, continue to cower in your little cubby hole, here, Lew. I hope the Hillbillies provide you great comfort.


  2. Greg, you are an idiot.

    I have always been here since I opened the blog. Hardly “ducking back in.”

    You won’t have Matt here to protect your sorry ass either.

    You only think you “beat me up.” You failed. All you and the rest did was prove our point that Boldt is furthering the Democrat Party agenda and rushing us towards a one party, one allowable thought county.

    And, if Matt is true to his word, you and your ilk will be facing more sanctions too in your use of certain inflammatory phrases.


  3. You’re kicking my ass again, Lew. You’re right, I am an idiot.

    Waaaa, Waaa, Waaa.

    I’m going to call my attorney too.


  4. Note to Greg Owens, you can go spew your crap on the Columbian.

    You have no freedom of speech here.

    If you don’t like it, TOUGH!

    Give me the name of your attorney you are threatening to forward things to and I’ll send him some more.


  5. I think it’s kind of funny to see all the supposedly “moderate” Democrats coming out for “moderate” Boldt. I don’t believe it for a second. Right now Boldt is a “useful fool” (or is that “tool”?) of the liberals. They will no more vote for Boldt than they would for Mielke. They’ll vote for Democratic candidates just like they always do.

    Looks like Lou is pulling out all the stops to crush Madore before he even gets started – that is the point of the hysterical blathering by the paper after all. They’ve already implied that Madore is behind the sanction, and they’ll try their best to marginalize the CC Republican party leadership and paint Madore with the same brush. Well, at least they’re scared enough to go all postal on him – that’s something I guess.

    I suspect that some of those on the board are more conservative than I am – maybe I would have gone a little easier on Boldt, but I’m not going to sit on the sidelines and take pot shots at them either. If I get concerned enough about the direction they’re going in, I’ll get involved.


  6. You guys are like that movie Grumpy Old Men.


  7. Greg, there isn’t any “heat” over on The Columbian’s blog. The Columbian is an obvious Leftist rag and they deliberately “throttle down” any Conservative views. We have open discussion here, and you get to stand on your own merits. So far, you haven’t shown any “merits”.

    It’s very glaring that The Columbian has so many Leftist sockpuppets that they allow to gang up on any Conservative posters. Here, you’ll get your miserable ass kicked every time you deserve it. And so far you have.


  8. Naw Cory, we just don’t put with any nonsense. We call spades as spades. Wussies get no quarter.


  9. Here is how I remember my one and only Republican Party general meeting….a clusterf–k. At it, bylaws were voted on and shutdown. Those bylaws suggested by true conservatives blasting anyone in the republican party supporting the other side. People, who we call republicans, conservatives actually stood up and preached to the board. We switched from the other side to this side so we could support anyone we wish. My first thought was WTF. Yeah, that’s right. These idiots in our party were and are nothing but traitors at best. They will support any democrat at any time. Pure and simple that is crap. If you are in the Republican Party and you are a voting member of anykind you should not be allowed to openly support any democrat. I backed away from this group as I was the subject of some of that rhetoric.


  10. Moderates are really just liberals still trying to make up their minds. Or, as Rush Puts It, Moderates Are Liberals Without The Guts To Say So.

    That is the problem currently with the GOP. No balls to stand up and be counted.

    Mediocrity carries no rewards.


  11. I email the Nut and Boldt , challenging him to return his car allowance and CC Columbian, Oregonian and reflector, hope we can get some traction !!

    No response yet! Lol


  12. Ted, I doubt you will get any answer. Honestly, I think it will all come to fruition at the some form of primary vote in May? to whittle down all the contestants down to 2 combatants, who will face a vote in November?

    Am I wrong in this as this voting process that Marc and the other people vying for his seat will have to face?



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