What The Trayvon Martin Case Is Supposed To Teach Us?

by lewwaters

by Emanuel Mccray on Thursday, March 29, 2012 (Reposted with author’s permission)

Why, in a civilized society like America, do we have laws in the first place?

Gimme Three Steps by Lynyrd Skynyrd immediately came to my mind. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygausyezIOc

In Gimme Three Steps, the incident did not escalate into violence or death. Instead he said: “Wait a minute mister I didn’t even kiss her, don’t want no trouble with you, and I know you don’t owe me But I wish you’d let me ask one favor from you”: “Oh, won’t you gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister Gimme three steps toward the door?”

The laws in America are designed to promote, foster and nourish civility. This is why WRITTEN civil and criminal statutes are on the statute books in nearly every State of the Union.

Zimmerman was on private property inside a gated community. For whatever reason, Trayvon gave him the impression that he was trespassing. Rather than use his phone to call his dad, 911 or the police, the media informs us that Trayvon carried on a conversation with a female friend.

Was Trayvon raised to walk around looking for a fight?

Was Trayvon raised, trained, taught and or groomed to make himself judge and jury of his own rights when confronted by Zimmerman or any other person who questioned him?

This case is solely about the reason and purpose of laws and living disciplined lives. The Bible tells us of numerous stories similar to Trayvon’s. U.S. Supreme Court cases from the early days of our Constitution are helpful in understanding why we need to focus on the TRUTH and not be misled by Satan’s agenda in the media.

In the case of CALDER v. BULL, 3 U.S. 386 (1798), the Supreme Court wrote:
“The people of the United States erected their Constitutions, or forms of government, to establish justice, to promote the general welfare, to secure the blessings of liberty; and to protect their persons and property from violence…. There is a great and apparent difference between making an UNLAWFUL act LAWFUL; and the making an innocent action criminal, and punishing it as a CRIME.” http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=US&vol=3&invol=386

Mr. Justice Bradley, writing for the Court in BOYD v. U S, 116 U.S. 616 (1886), described the situation impacting on the Trayvon case this way by quoting Lord Camden:
“The great end for which men entered into society was to secure their property. That right is preserved sacred and incommunicable in all instances where it has not been taken away or abridged by some public law for the good of the whole…. By the laws of England, every invasion of private property, be it ever so minute, is a trespass. No man can set his foot upon my ground without my license, but he is liable to an action, though the damage be nothing, which is proved by every declaration in trespass where the defendant is called upon to answer for bruising the grass and even treading upon the soil. If he admits the fact, he is bound to show, by way of justification, that some positive law has justified or excused him. The justification is submitted to the judges, who are to look into the books, and see if such a justification can be maintained by the text of the statute law, or by the principles of the common law. If no such excuse can be found or produced, the silence of the books is an authority against the defendant, and the plaintiff must have judgment.” http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/cgi-bin/getcase.pl?court=us&vol=116&invol=616

Mr. Justice JACKSON, dissenting in TERMINIELLO v. CITY OF CHICAGO, 337 U.S. 1 (1949), wrote:
“As this case declares a nation-wide rule that disables local and state authorities from punishing conduct which produces conflicts of this kind, it is unrealistic not to take account of the nature, methods and objectives of the forces involved. This was not an isolated, spontaneous and unintended collision of political, racial or ideological adversaries. It was a local manifestation of a world-wide and standing conflict between two organized groups of revolutionary fanatics, each of which has imported to this country the strong-arm technique developed in the struggle by which their kind has devastated Europe. Increasingly, American cities have to cope with it. One faction organizes a mass meeting, the other organizes pickets to harass it; each organizes squads to counteract the other’s pickets; parade is met with counter parade. Each of these mass demonstrations has the potentiality, and more than a few the purposes, of disorder and violence. This technique appeals not to reason but to fears and mob spirit; each is a show of force designed to bully adversaries and to overawe the indifferent. We need not resort to speculation as to the purposes for which these tactics are calculated or as to their consequences. Recent European history demonstrates both.

Hitler summed up the strategy of the mass demonstration as used by both fascism and communism: ‘We should not work in secret conventiclers but in mighty mass demonstrations, and it is not by dagger and poison or pistol that the road can be cleared for the movement but by the conquest of the streets. We must teach the Marxists that the future master of the streets is National Socialism, just as it will someday be the master of the state.’ (Emphasis supplied.) 1 Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression (GPO, 1946) 204, 2 id. 140, Docs. 2760-PS, 404-PS, from ‘Mein Kampf.’ First laughed at as an extravagant figure of speech, the battle for the streets became a tragic reality when an organized Sturmabterlung began to give practical effect to its slogan that ‘possession of the streets is the key to power in the state.’ Ibid., also Doc. 2168-PS….

There are many appeals these days to liberty, often by those who are working for an opportunity to taunt democracy with its stupidity in furnishing them the weapons to destroy it as did Goebbels when he said: ‘When democracy granted democratic methods for us in times of opposition, this (Nazi seizure of power) was bound to happen in a democratic system. However, we National Socialists never asserted that we represented a democratic point of view, but we have declared openly that we used democratic methods only in order to gain the power and that, after assuming the power, we would deny to our adversaries without any consideration the means which were granted to us in times of (our) opposition.’ 1 Nazi Conspiracy & Aggression (GPO 1946) 202, Docs. 2500-PS, 2412-PS. [337 U.S. 1 , 36] Invocation of constitutional liberties as part of the strategy for overthrowing them presents a dilemma to a free people which may not be soluble by constitutional logic alone.

But I would not be understood as suggesting that the United States can or should meet this dilemma by suppression of free, open and public speaking on the part of any group or ideology. Suppression has never been a successful permanent policy; any surface serenity that it creates is a false security, while conspiratorial forces go underground. My confidence in American institutions and in the sound sense of the American people is such that if with a stroke of the pen I could silence every fascist and communist speaker, I would not do it. For I agree with Woodrow Wilson, who said:

‘I have always been among those who believed that the greatest freedom of speech was the greatest safety, because if a man is a fool, the best thing to do is to encourage him to advertise the fact by speaking. It cannot be so easily discovered if you allow him to remain silent and look wise, but if you let him speak, the secret is out and the world knows that he is a fool. So it is by the exposure of folly that it is defeated; not by the seclusion of folly, and in this free air of free speech men get into that sort of communication with one another which constitutes the basis of all common achievement.’ Address at the Institute of France, Paris, May 10, 1919. 2 Selected Literary and Political Papers and Addresses of Woodrow Wilson (1926).” http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/scripts/getcase.pl?court=us&vol=337&invol=1

This is how the before-mentioned Supreme Court cases bring us to the Trayvon case. According to the Miami Herald newspaper:
“Zimmerman and the 17-year-old had argued and struggled in a gated community near Orlando where Zimmerman lived and Trayvon was visiting with his father.” http://www.miamiherald.com/2012/03/28/2719868/network-broadcasts-surveillance.html

Go back to what Hitler said about his enemies, the Communists and the Marxists: “We must teach the Marxists that the future master of the streets is National Socialism…. It is “the conquest of the streets.” Using thousands of Swastikas and men and women, Hitler ruled the streets without pistol or bullets. A fair trial, called Justice, was given to all through the courts Hitler created for use in controlling the streets. Is there a semblance of Hitler’s policies in the policies of those attacking Zimmerman?

Was Trayvon acting as a “master of the streets?” To this question I will answer, YES. Blacks were immediately called to take to the streets; arrest and terrorize Zimmerman.

People live in gated communities for a reason. They put bars on their windows for a reason. They alarm their homes and cars for a reason. They want to place ID chips in their children for a reason. When the police say “freeze;” “stop;” “pull over” and “driver get out of the car,” they say these things for a reason.

HERE, Zimmerman was providing security for Trayvon’s father inside a gated community. Humm! This diffuses the claim that Zimmerman was an out-of-control racist. When a stranger is encountered in an area where they do not belong, the mind sort of twists a little.

Imagine how you’re crazy you and your mind becomes, or would become if you encountered a stranger inside your fenced yard; your garage; your bedroom. Now imagine what happens to your mind when the stranger gives you the impression they have a right to be where they are without nothing more, or better still, in a belligerent manner or tone of voice.

When I look at the media promote this as a case of race as opposed to the protection of private property, it is difficult not to reach the conclusion that Trayvon was ingrained with the mindset that the White Man is out to get the Black Man. Further proof can be found in the fact that the media, Jackson, Sharpton, the Panthers, the President and the “Hoodies” all want Zimmerman’s death, not caring an ounce about how the death of a 17 year old could have been prevented had it not been for their deep-seated racism.

This whole matter goes back to how we raise our children. I was NEVER raised to see “The White Man” as my enemy. I was TAUGHT no distinction in color. Everyone was my equal competitor. If I wanted what my competitors had, I had to LEARN IT and EARN IT, legally.

I was TAUGHT to NEVER mouth off at my elders, regardless of color or against the police. When questioned, I was told not to escalate violence.

So why is there such a HUGE disconnect between Zimmerman, Trayvon, Trayvon’s dad and the fact that they were all inside a gated community?

Could it be the fact that Trayvon was visiting his dad and not his mom and dad? Was Trayvon’s dad aware his son was coming to visit? Was Trayvon leaving the gated community after visiting his dad? Why did Trayvon’s Dad not provide transportation for his son? If the community was gated, how was Trayvon able to visit or leave the gated community? Why all of a sudden is Zimmerman such a stranger to Trayvon’s dad?

Read this question carefully: Why did this particular gated community have, in addition to gates, a roving security watch that included rules and regulations for the performance of his or her volunteer security duties?

We’ve all seen a neighborhood watch where the public drives freely through its streets. This community was clearly different. Because this case is truly about the protection of private property secured behind a gated community, the 2011 Florida Statutes, Title XLVI, CRIMES, Chapter 810 provides that:

810.09 Trespass on property other than structure or conveyance.—
(1)(a)  A person who, without being authorized, licensed, or invited, willfully enters upon or remains in any property other than a structure or conveyance:
1. As to which notice against entering or remaining is given, either by actual communication to the offender or by posting, fencing, or cultivation as described in s. 810.011; or
2. If the property is the unenclosed curtilage of a dwelling and the offender enters or remains with the intent to commit an offense thereon, other than the offense of trespass,

commits the offense of trespass on property other than a structure or conveyance.

(2)(a)  Except as provided in this subsection, trespass on property other than a structure or conveyance is a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.

810.12 Unauthorized entry on land; prima facie evidence of trespass.—
(1)  The unauthorized entry by any person into or upon any enclosed and posted land shall be prima facie evidence of the intention of such person to commit an act of trespass.

Zimmerman was on private property inside a gated community. For whatever reason, Trayvon gave him the impression that he was trespassing. We are told and given numerous examples not to be aggressive towards bears, wild dogs, etc., because we could lose our life. This is, in a way, the law.

When laws are not respected, we have the situation we have with Trayvon Martin. Our first reaction is to blame Zimmerman. But in American Law and Justice, it is called contributory negligence on the part of Trayvon, his parents, and the community that raised him.

If we teach our children to teach their children to teach their children how to avoid this type of situation, we will eventually have a Country where these types of deadly confrontations will cease to exist.

Sadly, the blood of Al Sharpton and other Black racists and their Satanic supporters will be around for a few more hundred years.

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  1. “Oh, won’t you gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister Gimme three steps toward the door?”

    “Oh, won’t you gimme three steps, gimme three steps, mister I won’t wear dis hoodie no more..”


  2. “Our first reaction is to blame Zimmerman.” Perhaps, so….

    MY first reaction was to wonder what the facts were. My concern was that there would be sufficient evidence from forensics and witnesses to determine what EXACTLY happened to two people on a dark street that ended up with one dead.

    We can second guess the motives and actions taken by both Trayvon and Zimmerman — but that doesn’t (and can’t) resolve what actually happened. I’m sure, all things considered, that both individuals might rather have followed a different course.

    I did not assume that either Zimmerman or Trayvon was either in the right or in the wrong. My first reaction was to want to understand what went down. Since I’m unable to personally sift through the evidence, I’ll have to leave that to better qualified police and prosecutors. Hopefully, a politically expedient “solution” won’t be sought, but rather an honest and even-handed investigation will reach a conclusion about the matter.

    The politicizing and flapping tongues of the left-stream media, and the immediate mobilization of the race baiters Jackson and Sharpton are exactly the wrong “first reaction.” But sadly, these days, one does not see much intelligent reflection about such events, but rather we see people jumping to judgment based on first emotional reactions. Sad. Very sad.


  3. This case is tragic on many levels. We have people defending Zimmerman’s shooting an unarmed young man. We have people equating Trayvon to a thug wearing a hoodie. We have Sharpton and Jackson using this case for personal gain. We have talking heads trying to justify a neighborhood watch member, shooting someone who wasn’t committing an illegal act. This should be about race or politics, the case should be about a man tracking down and using a gun to kill someone who didn’t have any weapons and wasn’t committing a crime. Zimmerman should be in custody and preparing to defend his actions in court. Instead, he is free as a bird. Tragic.


  4. The problem really is, that we have absolutely no idea what transpired that night, and we’re not in a position to know, and we should shut the hell up and leave the details to the grand jury, and all vigilantes should be rounded up and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.



  5. Mike, that you say, “the case should be about a man tracking down and using a gun to kill someone who didn’t have any weapons and wasn’t committing a crime. Zimmerman should be in custody and preparing to defend his actions in court” shows that you too have fallen prey to the very “race or politics” nature the lamestream media and race hucksters are feeding the public.

    He was in custody and was recommended to be freed based upon the early evidence shown the District Attorney.

    That he was armed and Martin wasn’t is totally irrelevant if eye witness accounts of Martin being who attacked Zimmerman is accurate.

    Trayvon’s Dad heard the 911 call where someone was yelling for help. He said the voice was not that of Trayvon.

    Joe Oliver, a Black friend of Zimmerman’s has come out and defended his friend, only to be met by a media assault impugning him.

    That some accounts are questioned in the lamestream media and race hucksters are raising so much hell, to make it all about “race and politics” is why it is still being investigated.

    The problem now is that even if an arrest and trial is warranted, how could he ever receive a fair trial? Or, is it that a trial is unnecessary and he should be lynched to satisfy the polls?

    The media and race hucksters continue showing you a photo of a 13 or 14 year old Trayvon, not the tattooed 6 ft 3 in football player he was when shot.

    The media does not mention he was on a 10 days suspension from his school, much further south in Miami. Varying accounts and reasons have been given for the 10 days suspension, but you aren’t suspended that long today for a minor infraction of tardiness.

    That doesn’t necessarily make him a bad guy, but does show that the public is not being given the whole story yet. And based upon flimsy and some outright fabricated accounts, the lynch mobs have formed.

    I thought we got away from lynch mob mentality decades ago.

    And too, Mike, say he does go on trial and is acquitted due to lack of substantive evidence. What then, nationwide riots like in LA after the Rodney King trials? Then what, more trials to appease the race hucksters?

    And if he were found guilty. What if Whites took to the streets to riot? Unlikely, but sooner or later the White Supremacist jerks out there will grow their numbers based off of this sort of media lynch mob actions, while that same media ignores thousands of Black on Black murders and Black on White Murders.

    All this is doing is leading to a major race war that no body will win.


  6. Thanks for the post. OBTW: I love your tags!


  7. You’re welcome, Emanuel.

    And thank you for allowing to post it.

    Nicely done


  8. Lew, what about Zimmerman’s criminal record? What about his arrests for violence against an officer, battery of a law officer, and a civil motion for a restraining order (domestic violence). Who has a violent history? Trayvon or Zimmerman?


  9. Criminal record? Arrests for violence, with charges dropped, never prosecuted and amounted to shoving?

    You do yourself no favors by falling into the hyped and partial “news” the lamestream media and race hucksters are spewing Mike.

    What about Martin’s twitter where his brother speaks of him “swinging on a bus driver?” Or his facebook Gangsta poses? Or the twitter message someone sent asking where he was as they “needed a plant?” You do understand that phrase, I hope.

    What about his backpack discovered with jewelry that Miami Police believe to be stolen?

    And don’t forget, Martin was seen on top of Zimmerman beating him, not the other way around. Martin’s own father said the voice heard screaming “help! Help Me” was Not Trayvon’s. That leaves only one other person it could be.


    Far from the photo of a juvenile Trayvon Martin, he looked like the photos seen in this article,



    None of us have all of the fact, Mike, yet you, the race hucksters and the lamestream media have condemned Zimmerman based on hype.

    Justice is not served if you manufacture an injustice, Mike.

    Let the investigators do their jobs and let the chips fall where they may.


  10. Lew, responding to Mike, once again you nailed it. People forget the damage an unarmed 17 y/o can inflict on person and property. Mr. Obama was a young man walking the streets of Chicago as a community organizer. He is now President of the U.S. 17 year olds in America go to war and return heroes. I will end my post with a very strong belief: Based on the law of private property, Zimmerman was right to challenge Trayvon, who did not live inside this gated community. Call it communications breakdown or whatever, this boy was taught to die for all the wrong reasons. That is my opinion, and I am sticking to it. Both his parents came out and confirmed this. They even went to Capitol Hill for support of the race baiting agenda. It’s not a sad story to me. Rather, it is a pathetic situation. See this: http://dailycaller.com/2012/03/29/second-trayvon-martin-twitter-feed-identified/


  11. Lew: “Justice is not served if you manufacture an injustice, Mike.” Perfect point!


  12. To bad Zimmerman didn’t give Martin three steps…


  13. Might be difficult to do when they are top of you swinging.


  14. Only one guy ended up dead here – the 140 pound one armed with Skittles. The 250 pound guy tracking him with a handgun is doing just fine.


  15. Where do you get that Zimmerman was 250 lbs?

    He is reported as being 5’8″ and about 170 lbs with Martin being 6’2″ and about 160 lbs.


    Funny, the Police reports don’t claim he was being “tracked” and one says Zimmerman was returning to his vehicle when Martin attacked him.

    Regardless, witnesses place martin on top of Zimmerman hitting him repeatedly. The 911 call recorded of someone yelling “help” as been identified as not being Martin, by his own father.

    I am surprised, what with you being an attorney, that you would join the rush to judgement vendetta lynch mobs with just the flimsy and erroneous media reports.

    Would you approve of such vigilantism had it been a Black guy that shot a White guy under the same circumstances?


  16. You might also be interested in the witness that spoke with Police that night, http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/dpp/news/state/witness-martin-attacked-zimmerman-03232012

    Also of interest is seeing the photos promoted by the lamestream media have been digitally altered http://cofcc.org/2012/03/msm-we-control-what-you-think-and-hear/


  17. Lew, I can’t understand why you’re defending the indefensible!

    I’m not going to march in a parade of self-righteous twits in hoodies, or revel in moral indignation, but, dude, a mentally ill jerk-off killed somebody because of a stereotype. Zimmerman put himself into that situation – he MADE it happen. People are responsible for their actions.


  18. How can you say it is “indefensible” when you do not have access to any actual facts or documents?

    He was neighborhood watch and has caught criminals in the past.

    If anybody “put themselves in that situation,” Martin did. If he was just walking along, innocently with skittle and a can of tea, why was he peering into cars?

    I’m surprised you fall for media hype and join the lynch mob mentality.


  19. I listened to the call…

    What?! You can’t walk around where you want? You can’t run? “Neighborhood Watch” can follow you?!! (Which is WHY you ran in the first place.)

    Jerk-off wannabes have no business enforcing the law, or deciding who should be followed, or killing folks.

    However, I understand how this fits into the Conservative ideology of “preemption.” (No insult or disrespect intended in that comment.)


  20. Just one question for you at this time, Martin. Why do YOU live in a gated community?

    Who’s narrative does that fit into?

    Now consider that Trayvon was just “walking around” in such a gated community and observed peering into cars within that “gated community.”

    Seek more than just what the race baiters are feeding you, Martin.

    Once the investigators have completed their job, then lynch him in the town square, damn any facts.


  21. What if Trayvon Had Been White, and the Shooter Black?
    By Michael Filozof

    “We know what would happen in such a case. There would be no white mobs in the street chanting “No justice, no peace!” There would be no whites holding a “million hoodie march” in New York City. There would be no white equivalent of Al Sharpton, the professional race-baiter behind the 1987 Tawana Brawley hoax, leading marches in the streets of the shooter’s hometown. There would be no Federal civil rights investigation by the Justice Department. There would be no comments from a president who seems congenitally unable to keep his mouth shut on matters involving left-wing political correctness. And there would be no national media attention from biased, left-wing ‘reporters’.”

    “We know this because in fact, such an event occurred in 2009 in Greece, N.Y., a suburb of Rochester. Roderick Scott, a black man, shot and killed an unarmed white teen, Christopher Cervini, whom he believed was burglarizing a neighbor’s car, with a licensed .40 cal. handgun.”


  22. Lew, if I shot every person who walked through my neighborhood looking into houses and cars, I’d be a mass murderer, but to you it would be okay? Weren’t you looking into the cars?

    Dude, I’m against knee-jerk reactions on both sides. Zimmerman needs his day in court. It’s only a problem if he doesn’t get one.


  23. How is he to get “his day in court” after all of the hysterical hype surrounding this?

    And what if he is acquitted now?

    I’m sure you recall Rodney King.

    The media and the race hucksters Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are destroying the very legal system you embrace.

    What is happening is nothing more than vigilantism, save an actual lynching.

    And don’t forget, it was the District Attorney who viewed the case and said there was not enough to prosecute on.


  24. He shot somebody in seriously suspect circumstances. If there’s not enough evidence to prosecute, let a judge have a chance to say so. (DA’s have ulterior motives for not pursuing cases.)


  25. Martin, you’re playing “devil’s advocate” here again. Isn’t there anything good on the tube? Trayvon shot someone who was on top of him beating the hell out of him. You are aware that someone can kill with their fists, aren’t you?


  26. ‘Skuze me, make that: “Zimmerman shot someone who was on top of him beating the hell out of him”.


  27. And now forensic experts say it was not Mr. Z yelling for help. Too much evidence. Forensics not witnesses are going to seal his fate.


  28. If it really was Martin yelling for help, after his own father said the voice wasn’t his, what was he yelling for help with, someone to help beat the guy he was on top of up?

    Forensics are not as all powerful as television leads one to believe.


  29. Lew, you’re too far out on a limb on this one…

    Just hold your position that the Left has exploited the incident for their own ends and quit trying to exonerate the shooter.


  30. Not out on a limb at all, Martin.


    This is just another attempt to justify the vigilantism.

    I am not exonerating the shooter, I’m calling on people like you who are throwing the hangman’s noose over the tree to stop the mob attitude and let the investigators do their job and accept the consequences, whichever way they might fall.

    As an attorney, Martin, how can you justify the lynch mob attitude and the political race baiting measures surrounding this?

    Is this just another attempt at achieving “social justice” based upon what mobs are whipped into believing by activists, instead of actual Police work?


  31. Lew, that’s double-speak. As soon as a judge rules on this issue, I’m done with it. Until then, what investigation?


  32. I thought you were supposed to be an officer of the court desiring fairness and blind justice for all?

    How is vigilantism, lynch mob mentality and court of public opinion whipped up my biased media justice?

    Has the pendulum swung to where Whites are now considered guilty just because of their skin color?

    I thought we got away from that in the 1960’s?

    Why bother with a judge? Why not just find him and hang him from a tree in the middle of town?

    That’s what you all are doing.


  33. Lew, what???

    I can tell you’re appalled by the media manipulation, the self-serving speeches, the exploitation, the faux indignity…

    But what does that have to do with a judge reviewing the evidence to see if there’s a case or not? Common procedure. Checks & balances.


  34. Martin, the question is, why aren’t you, an attorney, appalled by the media manipulation, the self-serving speeches, the exploitation, the faux indignity?

    I have no problem with a judge looking over actual evidence.

    I have a problem with the false and tainted “evidence” the public is being fed that will likely result in riots and violence should that judge deem the evidence does not support the allegations of murder bandied about by the media and race hucksters.

    Florida has different laws than does New York. Yet, you seem to want New York laws applied to Florida in this.

    Lynch mobs do not help anybody or anything.


  35. My name is Kristine Cervini, I am the Aunt of Christopher Cervini, the Boy that was killed by Roderick Scott in Greece N.Y. I would, like all of you to know, that Roderick Scott got away with MURDER! The evidence in our case was never brought in to our case. Christopher, was shot in his back..this is absolute truth of the matter. These cases of self-defense..vigilantism needs to stop! We, too are fighting for Justice. The people, need to know, the truth about our case, and when you get the actual facts..the question will remain, how did Scott, get away with MURDER! In N.Y. State you can not do what Roderick Scott did..We want an investigation into our case..they let him go! We can PROVE IT!!


  36. Kristine, I just recently learned of Christopher’s death, thanks in large part to the American Thinker article on him.

    I am appalled at how both of these cases were handled by the media and race hucksters, who I have no doubt would run to the defense of Scott should he be brought up on any additional charges.

    Any use of deadly force in self defense should be clearly shown to have been necessary and each must be taken individually, not used to sell newspapers nationwide to whip up a lynch mob mentality, as is being done with Trayvon with few actual facts. Race should not even be a factor.

    I have no reason to question any evidence you have, but am left wondering why it is was denied. To me, an entry wound in the back is very telling in regards to Scott’s claim of Christopher “charging at him.”

    Have you considered a civil suit or a civil right’s violation suit as was done with the Police Officers seen beating Rodney King? I am not an attorney, but it would appear to me that might be at least a partial recourse to take.

    I hope you can find at least some justice and peace of mind in this.


  37. Lew… in response to you Apirl 1st reply…. You’re kidding, right? This is not a white on black crime–Zimmerman isn’t even white, he’s Hispanic!

    You’re so focused on the media’s attention to Trayvon’s skin color that you too have lost sight of the big issue here. Allow me to remind you of the facts: a 17-year-old unarmed teenager was killed for walking down a street and exercising his right of freedom of speech by not identifying himself to his killer.

    Regardless of the victim’s skin color, I cannot comprehend why someone would support Zimmerman, a man who essentially hunted down and killed an unarmed teenager.


  38. Lee- after reviewing your posts here, I think you sympathize with Zimmerman because you would be suspicious of a black teenager walking in your neighborhood. Trayvon deserves to be shot because he was “peering into cars”? Seriously! And how do you even know that’s a fact when “none of us have the facts”? You preach on here as though you want to placate the “lynch mob mentality” when all you really do is try to discredit the victim and bolster the actions of the murderer. You are a hipocrate.


  39. Amy, why did the public support a 40 year old Black man who shot and killed an unarmed White kid back in 2009? Why was there no marches, no demonstrations all over the country or Obama speaking out on that?

    What you and others, like Neil do not comprehend, is I advocate allowing the system to work and do its job, not lynch mobs stirred by race hucksters like Jackson and Sharpton. Can the system function now? I seriously doubt it, too many of you are wanting to see blood based on what few “facts” you read in the papers or see on TV. There is a reason the DA declined to arrest Zimmerman after 5 hours in the Police Station.

    I don’t know the exact reason any more than you, but it was a legal determination based on available facts and evidence at the time.

    And you are wrong on it not being a White/Black affair. The media and race hucksters made it one. And when they discovered Zimmerman was actually Hispanic, invented a new category to fit their race baiting, “White-Hispanic.”

    Forgotten by many of you wanting to see Zimmerman lynched in the middle of town from the highest tree, witnesses saw Martin on top of him, hitting him prior to the shooting. Why? We don’t know, but that doesn’t stop you all from throwing the rope over the tree, does it?

    Trayvon’s Dad listened to the 911 recording where someone is heard yelling “Help! Help Me,” an stated it WAS NOT Trayvon’s voice. That means it could only be Zimmerman’s.

    Why isn’t the media reporting that? Why do they run only the pictures of a sweet innocent looking Trayvon at 13 years old instead of the photo’s of him with gold teeth, tattoos, making gang signs and flipping people off at his current age?

    Where do you get he was “hunted down?” Reports say Zimmerman was heading back to his truck (SUV or whatever) when he was attacked by Martin, who sucker punched him, knocking him to the ground.

    Do you even know what a “gated community” is and why people choose to live in them?

    Neil, you can shove your psycho-babble where the sun don’t shine. You don’t know me or what I stand for, but like the typical hateful left, assume you know people more than they know themselves.

    Funny though, how you and Amy think you know it all after forming strongly biased opinions based on the racial makeup of the two people involved and what race baiting partial evidence presented by biased media.

    It’s the same crap done to Blacks in the South back in the 20’sand 30’s.

    Good luck in the coming race war because morons like you too fall for whatever you are spoon fed by those whose main goal is to divide and conquer.

    For your reading pleasure: http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-trayvon-martin-case-20120326,0,4845076.story





    Let the system function and do its job and let the chips fall where they may.

    It is not justice to manufacture an injustice on another.


  40. Let’s not ignore the simple fact that the Media is trying to start a race war here. It’s obvious as hell and they should be prosecuted for it.


  41. I believe it goes higher than that, Jack.

    If they get the race war and it’s widespread, then there are grounds for martial law.


  42. Not blood Neil… As Americans we want Justice. It’s appalling that you and the author blame the “victim, his parents, and the community that raised him” for being so audacious as to walk around a gated community that his father lives in. It’s so ridiculous. But hey, you can’t argue with stupid.


  43. If I may point a few things for you, Amy. The ‘author,’ Emanuel Mccray was born Black, raised Black and last time I spoke with him, was still Black. But, he seems to see the world somewhat differently than many others, either due to remaining on “Uncle Sam’s Plantation” or out of “White Guilt” fall for distorted media reports, race baiting hype and hyperbole spoon fed them by special interests.

    That being said, even though he wrote this in regards to the Trayvon Martin shooting, it actually applies to all raising children, Black, White, or whatever color or ethnicity.

    I find your claim of “As Americans we want Justice” to be somewhat disingenuous as we see no outcry for “justice” in the matter of the 13 year-old doused in Gasoline and lit on fire by Black youth’s who said as they set him on fire, “this is what you get, White boy.”

    We saw no national outcry for “justice” for those who kidnapped, repeatedly raped, tortured and then murdered Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom

    Where is this “wanting justice” in the killing of a White mentally disadvantaged man by a Black man in Phoenix, Arizona just last week? Is it now okay in your book to gun down White people for walking their dog passed a Taco Bell?

    How is it that if a gang of Whites, or even a lone White, attacks a Black person it is automatically a hate crime? Yet, if a gang of Blacks attacks a lone White, chanting racial slurs against them, it is not a hate crime?

    We saw the New Black Panthers issue a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster on Zimmerman with no arrests for that. By what right does a racist gang have to publicly issue a “Wanted Dead or Alive” poster for anybody? Have we slipped back to Vigilantism where we will see racist groups, both Blacks and White roaming the country, meting out their form of “justice?”

    Of course we won’t. People would be outraged and demand something be done about the White Supremacists groups.

    What would say about the Black Supremacist groups, though? N-O-T-H-I-N-G, as we have seen.

    You don’t know the story of just what transpired between Zimmerman and Martin any more than anybody else. You know what you have been spoon fed by the lamestream media. Yet, you joined the “lynch mobs.”

    Maybe that is why Criminal Lawyers in Florida are saying “Trayvon Martin’s Case May Not Go To A Jury” and are pointing out “Probable Cause Affidavit in George Zimmerman Case Woefully Inadequate”

    I wait to see your public outrage over the killing of Daniel Adkins for “walking his dog” passed a Taco Bell.


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