Updated: Oregonian: Rep Moeller Drawing Per Diem During Special Session!

by lewwaters

After ignoring the $1.5 Billion budget gap for the first half of the regular session on homosexual marriage and locking out Republicans and moderate Democrats from last minute budget negotiations, the governor had to call yet another special session in hopes of actually getting  budget written and passed.

While in Olympia doing what we supposedly voted these representatives in for, each are allowed to draw up to $90 a day per diem to help offset temporary living expenses while working  in Olympia.

Yet we now read from the Oregonian,

“Three weeks into the special session, the Capitol looks more like a ghost town than the bustling center of state budget negotiations.

Budget talks remained in limbo this week. Mostly just party leaders in the House and Senate and a handful of key budget writers — including Sen. Joe Zarelli, R-Ridgefield — have stayed in town to work toward settling the Legislature’s unfinished business.”

“Meanwhile, a number of lawmakers who have gone home to their districts continue to collect per diem. The most they can take is $90 a day.”

“The House is producing a report on which representatives are taking the pay.”

Vancouver Democrats Reps. Jim Moeller and Tim Probst are taking per diem. Republican Reps. Ann Rivers from La Center, Ed Orcutt of Kalama and Paul Harris from Vancouver said they are not taking the pay.”

Read more here

How many different ways can Democrats stick it to taxpayers? Why are taxpayers paying these people extra money to sit on their butts??

UPDATE: A more recent Columbian article says Tim Probst is not receiving per diem.

31 Comments to “Updated: Oregonian: Rep Moeller Drawing Per Diem During Special Session!”

  1. I am surprised ole lard butt pridemore isn’t on the gravy train.

  2. Pridemore isn’t on the gravy train because he is campaigning……now think about that for a moment. He is using his campaign money to pay his expenses. Otherwise it might have been a different story. Don’t give him to much credit.

  3. Gotta wonder: when is the Lazy C gonna print THIS?

  4. Brancaccio was asked about it today in his column comments.

    He has yet to respond.

  5. Speaking of Pridemore…..we have no republican candidate running for his vacating seat. This is important. The 49th could be won by a respectable republican this election. The district is largely a downtown demo controlled block. But, it could be swung. And, now is the time to announce and run. Before the filing deadline you can collect as much money as you can from anywhere you can….no rules. The rules don’t kick in until the filing date.

  6. I can’t speak for the situation. But as you stated in your above comments Lew, the Jim Moeller is a part of the house leadership team and speaker pro-tem. Are you saying to me that the oregonian is reporting that he’s home here in Vancouver sitting on his butt or working at Kaiser Permanente, when he should be in Olympia working to fix the budget issues?

    Please tell me that he is not in a house leadership position and not helping up in Olympia fix the mess?

    Also Paul Harris is also according to the article, thinking of taking the per diem to cover his expenses.

    Also is Tim on the some for of budget or appropriations where he needs to BE There? I know he’s on the house education committee, which is one of the reasons he might have to stay up there because of all of the financial implications and budget suckage that education takes up there.

    So there might be some really valid reasons. Am I wrong, Lew?

  7. Questions worthy of answers, Jeremy.

    Questions that should be asked by the Columbian, who just a couple weeks ago were complaining about Republicans accepting per diem while being up there!

  8. Hell hasn’t frozen over yet, Lew.

  9. I stated this very complaint to Moeller, Wylie, and Pridemore at the end of the regular session during their 49th Townhall. When will people get it that this “job” of representing the people is absolutely a special interest access gate for them personally not a true representation of the district as a whole. We are broke and now they are costing us more. If they cannot afford to do the job (ethically or financially) because of their own deficiencies then they need to be replaced.

  10. John I hate to be cynical, but having worked on several campaigns in the 49th, most recently Craig Riley’s, running a Republican candidate there is just a waste of time and money. But maybe someone can prove me wrong.

  11. Sooner or later something’s gotta change. Keep trying.

  12. People have hinted that I should run… or rather just stated it.
    However, as the party leaders stated, I will be lamb for slaughter you must know they will not pony up the money after Riley’s two losses. I do not have a fund to do this or I would offer the sacrificial option. It is prime for the taking with a vacant seat available. Anyone else got another idea I am willing to help or run. I cannot stand it to know we will lose more freedom and that they get the post uncontested!

  13. Districts like the 49th are what RINOs are for.

  14. The 49th is “Charlie’s Country” just like the 18th is for the other side.

    Speaker pro-tem is purely ceremonial. It has no leadership authority save at the rostrum. Why do you think they gave it to a partisan hack like Moeller?

    That Brancaccio doesn’t print this after singling out Benton and Zarelli just shows him to be a fringe-leftist clown.

  15. America has a 2-Party system, so their tents cover a variety of sometimes dissimilar ideologies. If you want an R in the 49th, run a Liberal who agrees to a majority of your platform and agrees to abstain on votes where there is no agreement. Importantly, you keep a Lefty out of the spot, and get someone who caucuses with you most of the time.

  16. The article didn’t say that Probst was “sitting at home”. Where did you get that information?

    As far as The Columbian not reporting this, Brancaccio apparently refuses to print something that another organization has already covered. At least that’s what was claimed when they refused to cover the story about the Oregon Supreme Court that had already appeared in the Willamette Week.

  17. Will somebody volunteer then because I am most definitly not liberal.
    I believe very strongly in Parental Rights, Land Use Rights, States Rights, Jobs rather than government handouts, Freedom of Religion although I do not personally attend a church, Freedom of speech even when we disagree, no Public/Private partnerships, no unions in government branches, validated citizenship status to vote, immigration enforcement, balanced budgets, fewer regulations, and that charity begins at home not in my taxes.

  18. UPDATE:

    Tim Probst did not file to collect per diem. He writes “When it came time to file my forms to collect my per diem payments for the month, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Working hard on a project is different than finishing a project, and since we haven’t finished it yet, I didn’t feel right collecting per diem for it.”

    So much for accuracy in reporting eh Lew?

  19. I wonder how the Oregonian came up that he did?

    I’m waiting to read the report they say is being put together.

    Still, if they had actually worked on the budget in regular session, instead of wasting half of the session on homosexual marriage first, we probably wouldn’t even need a special session,,, again.

  20. “Still, if they had actually worked on the budget in regular session, instead of wasting half of the session on homosexual marriage first, we probably wouldn’t even need a special session,,, again.”

    True enough

    Actually, I must apologize for the little jab – it was a report from the Oregonian after all – not from yourself.

  21. Carolyn I’d vote for you. But many of the voters in the 49th aren’t even considering the issues you raised. They see R or D and vote D. Then they go back to their government or union jobs, and spend their spare time figuring out max out their sick leave and spike their union pensions.

  22. Probst is not the guy you should be going after. Time spent hounding Leavitt is time well spent.

  23. “Time spent hounding Leavitt” is mostly wasted time. He’s much too arrogant to ever acknowledge that he’s so far off base.

  24. Personally, I don’t think holding any elected officials feet to the fire is wasted time.

    I think when citizens stopped doing so was when our time began being wasted.

    Doesn’t matter what party or what position. If they campaign for votes, we should hold them to their words.

  25. It’s ok to let the idiots know that no one is buying their BS, but just don’t get your hopes up that it will make much difference.

  26. Well, I appreciate that Tom. I know that I am sitting in liberal haven but I cannot as the Bill of Rights says I am DUTY bound to fight for these. Please everyone let’s put our heads together and find a fighter in the 49th we can get elected to Olympia. The vacant Senate seat is prime and the other two just flat need to go now.

  27. Btw, I just received my Referendum 74 petition in the mail today. It’s one of two to overturn this “Gay marriage” crap. I’ll have it filled shortly.

  28. Carolyn – As someone that have come and gone from the 49th state LD, I don’t remember many times I have seen a GOOD republican run for a seat here.

    I’ll be surprised if you or someone else runs and wins….

  29. I just want this to change from the socialist agenda it has become to a real American freedom agenda. I cannot believe that people just can’t see it.

  30. Carolyn – The last republican that won a race in the 49th LD made Tim look conservative! And I have lived here in on and off since 1987. So I have some political perspective that Lew and Kelly have.

    If you think the 49th is going to go republican or the way you want it, you are in for RUDE Awakening and shock! This state LD is more liberal than Seattle. (IMHO!)

  31. I don’t think it has or maybe even will… I just hate it that the libs get it without an open free speech debate for the other options Americans deserve and are their true entitlements.

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