by lewwaters

Just a little note to say that there will be little to no blogging for the next week. We have out of town family coming in who has never been in our community before, so my wife and I will be busy showing her around.

Argue amongst yourselves, but be nice, sort of 😉

4 Comments to “VACATION!!!”

  1. Have a nice visit, Lew. You’ve earned it.


  2. Hope you enjoy your visit!


  3. Have fun. Play safe and don’t forget to take her to our Haunted Houses and the tulip farm in Woodland.


  4. I agree with all concerned and has been said. PLEASE do sell our community proud and make sure you lay it thick as peanut butter about the wonderful treasures we have here!

    Stay safe, have fun and we’ll see you in a week…. 🙂


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