An Open Invitation to Vancouver Wa. Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt

by lewwaters

In a reply to me on the Columbian article about Tim’s pending Live Chat event, the mayor commented;

My reply back,

“Why Timothy D Leavitt, if I didn’t know better, your words seem to indicate that you don’t feel you should be held accountable by those who voted you into office.

BTW, video excerpts of actual and relevant words spoken by elected officials is not “doctoring.”

As far as town halls go, you have been and are most welcome to comment openly on my blog any time you please. There are only two people currently restricted on it and you aren’t one.

In fact, if you desire, you may write out your thoughts on me and those you consider as part of your “fan club,” email it to me and I will post it verbatim as received (I would recommend copying it to anyone you desire at the Columbian to ensure it is not altered in any way) and it will be open to anybody wishing to read or comment.

I would even be willing to un-restrict the one in this locality to allow him to continue defending you, even though he too doesn’t live in Vancouver.

And, it won’t cost the city a dime.

No limit on how many words or censorship in your words or public comments. Perhaps too, since you said I should be “emcee” I will not comment at all and will just allow the public to freely comment as they feel.

You won’t have to worry about video and the press will be free to continue monitoring it as they see fit.

Just email it to me at lewwaters@gmailcom whenever you feel like it.”

UPDATE: Leavitt seems to now wish to weasel out

My offer stands.

My offer still stands.

42 Responses to “An Open Invitation to Vancouver Wa. Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt”

  1. Holding your breath, Lew?


  2. No, but he is most welcome.


  3. That Leavitt can’t even tell the truth in a Facebook post: “Don’t really need any more doctored videos from you-know-who” just tends to show what a psychopathic liar he really is.

    I, of course, would meet him any time, any where.


  4. He got my response on the Columbians page. Keep up the good work Lew we need what you do out here.


  5. I’d be more than willing to meet with him too, but since he made the “request” for a town hall event, how better to allow the entire public to openly view his words?

    He could even give us the finger from the safety of his home or office without us actually seeing it too. 😉

    And, as I said, I would encourage him to copy anything to Brancaccio, Laird or even Jeanne Harris to ensure everything is as he wrote it.


  6. Thanks, Carolyn.

    As for “Camas resident” Greg Owns snarky comment on his being restricted here, he was not restricted for “speaking factually.” But for continually perpetuating untruths, shown to be erroneous and declaring them facts.

    The Columbian may allow him free rein to act as that, I don’t.


  7. I’m not sure what Leavitt’s dig at Herrera is supposed to accomplish. I hope that Leavitt finds the inner strength to debate on this site. Obviously he reads it.


  8. As I said, Craig, he is always welcome to comment freely.

    Greg was restricted for filibustering with loose “facts” that had little basis in fact.


  9. Leavitt smacking Herrera for her cowardly failure to hold town hall meetings with anyone who doesn’t bring a checkbook to donate to her campaign is the only thing he does that I, in fact, kind of admire.


  10. Leavitt is living in the “heights of total arrogance”. His “willingness” to “possibly” offer himself up to the community spotlight where unlike The Columbian, he can actually be challenged by all of the citizens of the community and not just a select “few”, is only proof of his perceived notion of his own “invincibility” borne out of his own arrogance.

    Most of us have already seen that “show”, Mr. Mayor. Lars Larson conducted the last one and it made you look pretty bad. I would note that the total thrashing you received from Mr. Larson did not result in any “corrections in behavior” by you whatsoever. Your “ship” has sailed on as though you had never been shown to be so wrong-headed.

    It’s very obvious that Lew Waters and the existence of this blog with it’s growing community participation really bugs the hell out of you. But I don’t think that anyone is so naive as to feel what goes on here will ever change your way of “thinking”.

    The only solution is for you to be thrown out of office and hopefully that will happen soon. And that won’t change your way of “thinking”, either. You’re much too arrogant.


  11. As much as I would like to see an honest open dialog with any of our elected officials it won’t happen. Not with this bunch. There are only two elected individuals I know who could show up at a totally open setting and not worry about any of the past comments or positions they have taken and be in their own skin of honesty. Unfortunately the group we have elected continues to hide behind closed meetings, the Columbian and controlled regular sessions \ meetings. The challenge really here is…..if you are an elected official and you are affraid to appear in public and hear your constituents complaints \ or is heralded for your efforts you are doing something wrong very wrong.


  12. Why didn’t you respond on The Columbian the same way you did here, Lew? Afraid that you couldn’t support your position, and the facts I was posting were, indeed, facts?


  13. As I have said before, Greg, I will not tolerate filibustering with erroneous “facts” that are shown to be erroneous.

    You and Mike Briggs seem to appear as you are appointed to bring down and undermine David Madore based on your personal prejudices, rather than factual matters.

    You don’t speak openly and insinuate a lot.

    Your comments here drew warnings that you chose to ignore.

    As I said, this is not a free speech zone.

    However, my offer to Tim Leavitt, should he choose to accept it, would offer broader latitude for him and his ass kissers.


  14. Greg thought he could “invent” a “crusade” and kept hammering on things of minor “importance” until he got told to get off it.

    Leavitt thinks he can “insinuate” that he will consent to an “open forum” and then draw the boundaries back and limit participation.

    Wrong on both counts.

    Cut the weaseling and the “games” and let’s have a real discussion. Grow a pair.


  15. Timmy,

    The way this works is this:

    If you had any guts, it would just be you, facing the majority of people oppposed to your arrogant, narcisistic, corrupt an lying ass WITHOUT condition.

    But you don’t have any. You sir, are a coward, unfit to carry the hod, as an old Army officer wrote long ago on another evaluation, and now, to the list of your underhanded accomplishments, you can add “weasel.”

    Do everyone a favor, and next time, think BEFORE you open your pie hole.

    You look less like a coward that way, you slimeball.


  16. Hey Lew — Thanks much for the offer to post here. As time allows, I’ll do so.

    Let me start here by addressing the responsibilities of the the position as Mayor of Vancouver….because it’s painfully clear in my conversations around the Community….and given some remarks here, that most simply don’t understand or care ot understand the realities of both Mayor and City Council duties. For the Mayor job in particular, it is a 24/7 job…without commensurate compensation. My “business” hours are roughly 7am to 10pm…nearly each and every day of the week. But, by the time I get home from a long day of both city and engineering business….typically around 10pm….the last thing I want to do is hang out on the blogs. So, while I appreciate you offerring that I can blog in the comfort of my own home…when I’m home, I’m trying to enjoy some personal time.

    Next, let me just say…in response to the 2:51 post by KJ Hinton….that such comments are neither productive, or mature. Can’t you think of something more intelligent to post, KJ? Get a grip on yourself, please.

    Lastly, here Lew is a copy of my recent State of the City Address, for consumption by your followers:

    Friends, Neighbors, Distinguished Guests, and Citizens of Vancouver.

    Good Morning and Thank you for joining us at the 2012 State of The City Address.

    On behalf of the Vancouver City Council, I’m honored to stand before you and share important highlights of your City…. past, present and… most importantly… future.

    And that future for our Community relies on the policy direction provided by your Vancouver City Council.

    Councilmembers are dedicated to serving our community.
    And they are experienced… and with diversity in perspective.

    I’d like to now introduce your City Council.

    Please hold applause to the end, and then help me thank them for their efforts:

    Jeanne Harris
    Jeanne Stewart
    Larry Smith
    Jack Burkman
    Bart Hansen
    Bill Turlay

    We set the policy direction and our City Manager is responsible for implementation.

    Each and every day, city employees work diligently to see that the City is meeting the needs of our Community.

    Our City Manager is Eric Holmes.
    He is the one and only employee of the City Council, and I’ll tell you this… I believe there is none better.

    Eric please stand and be recognized!

    And let’s also thank the Vancouver Downtown Association… Lee Rafferty, Linda Glover and our nearby businesses for participating in and coordinating this event. As you might imagine, there is much work that goes into preparation of the State of the City, and the VDA deserves tremendous kudos. Thank you!

    Pride, Progress and Possibilities.

    Without question….without question, we are a community that radiates a tremendous amount of Pride.
    And let’s be clear, ours is a Pride that is grounded in the humility and authenticity of our roots.
    We are founded on the spirit of our Native American ancestors, who for many generations lived and traded here.
    We gain our tenacity from pioneers and first families…those who trekked across untamed lands of our great country to discover and settle this beautiful place.
    We draw courage from the generations of soldiers who made Vancouver their home and served our Country.
    And, we have acquired resolve from those before us who successfully weathered many challenges.
    Recessions and Depressions.
    Real Estate Busts and Booms.
    Natural disasters.
    Political, Military and Social Confrontations.

    Time and again….our community pride has commanded that we draw up our bootstraps… we face our challenges… and we work together to successfully overcome!

    For laying the foundation of a strong community, we are indebted to early leaders like Henry Williamson, Mother Joseph, Mayor JP Kiggins, Esther Short, General George Marshall, Henry Kaiser….and more contemporary community advocates like Donna Cantonwine, Mary Granger, EW Firstenburg and Dolly Lynch…amongst many other selfless individuals.

    Each has played an instrumental role in the establishment of our “original” Vancouver. I encourage you to visit Susan Tissot at our Clark County Historical Museum to learn more about their accomplishments.

    Speaking of Mayor JP Kiggins…can you believe this incredible theatre? Only because owner Bill Leigh pursued his dream to restore this landmark, are we today able to enjoy Mayor Kiggins vision for the performing arts. Bill, thanks to you and your Staff for taking care of this important community asset.

    Like Bill, there are many others… organizations and individuals… who are deeply committed and passionate about the quality of life and well-being of our citizens. The breadth of productive partnerships… the numbers of willing volunteers… and the depth of philanthropic charity is overwhelming.

    Elected officials.
    Public agency leadership.
    Non-profits, service organizations, foundations and trusts.
    Business organizations like our Chamber, CREDC, Identity Clark County, and East Vancouver Business Association.
    Our Faith Communities. Our Schools. Our Colleges.

    And, the many, many volunteers on boards and commissions.
    There are simply too many partners doing so much great work in our community for me to recognize here…. unless you’d like to stay for another hour? I didn’t suspect that was the case.
    But I would like to recognize a few special circumstances.

    First… Our Port of Vancouver is truly the economic engine of jobs, freight and commerce for SW Washington. And this year, the Port is celebrating 100 years of that mission! Now, from me you won’t hear a rendition of Happy Birthday… but I would like to sing the praises of Executive Director Larry Paulson. His leadership of our Port over the past 20 years has been professional, reliable and passionate. Larry, please stand and be recognized.

    Second: We have 64 neighborhood associations around our fair city. Neighbors are coming together to take ownership of their little piece of Vancouver. We celebrate another birthday today, here in Esther Short Neighborhood. For 20 years, our downtown has enjoyed the passion of the Association. President Paula Person is with us this morning. Paula, thank you and please pass our appreciation you’re your neighbors, for your great work in our downtown.

    Lastly: We have with us this morning two extraordinary individuals, Jerry and Marsha Keen. I recently spent time with them at our local Veterans Assistance Center, which they founded. The Keens volunteer their time, with about 25 others, to provide guidance, mentorship, and sometimes just a listening ear to a very important set of individuals… our disenfranchised military veterans. This couple is passionate about helping others who served our country… and it is truly moving to experience their devotion. Jerry and Marsha, please stand to be recognized.
    And speaking of veterans, I ask that active personnel, members of the reserves, and veterans please also stand and allow us to thank you for service to our Country.

    To each and every one of you who have given of your time, your talents or your pocketbook to worthy causes in our Community… know this: You are transforming our home for the better.

    This is our DNA.
    This is our identity.
    Indeed, friends, We Are Vancouver!

    The City is successfully navigating through these challenging times… as it has for the past 155 years. Most importantly, we are living within our means and the city budget through this year is stabilized.

    So let’s review our recent progress.

    Last year, I laid out an aggressive set of initiatives to enhance city services, cut costs and set the stage for future growth. Here is where we stand today:
    1) I pledged we would work toward an even easier building permit process. Today, the city has invested in new technology that very soon will allow for paperless submittals and a more transparent process. Permitting requirements have been eased and streamlined.
    2) I pledged we would consider a modest level of re-funding our roads construction program. Today, our businesses and neighborhoods are requesting a larger look at our roads funding. We have hundreds of millions in deferred maintenance and capital projects. We are committed and have an obligation to address this shortfall…. that’s why this is still a top priority for 2012.
    3) I pledged we would work toward redevelopment of the empty Block 10, here near the heart of downtown. In this economy, that has been difficult. But we know that reuse of this property could enhance downtown. So, I’ll soon be working with a group of stakeholders to re-energize the block. And, we will continue to explore new ideas, like a performing arts center.
    4) I pledged we would engage in actively marketing our City to new employers. Today, we are working to create more jobs and grow business on two fronts. In 2011, The Columbia River Economic Development Council prepared a new plan that focuses our local efforts on creating more jobs and growing business. And regionally, we are working hand-in-hand with Greater Portland, Inc. … Last year Vancouver hosted a Fly-In at Pearson Airfield, showcasing our Community to CEO’s and investors from across the Country.
    5) I pledged we would revisit the City’s impact fee program. Today, we are reviewing and comparing those fees to the value of new development. This work will continue this year and may result in significant changes to our impact fee system.
    6) I pledged we would assess our ownership of certain city properties. Today, we have moved out of the Esther Short Building and have it listed on the open market for sale or lease. Last year, we downsized from five City buildings to one City Hall, saving $1 million per year in costs. And, the city inked an agreement with Fort Vancouver Library to continue operations at their headquarters on Mill Plain, while preserving the City’s future potential redevelopment.
    7) I pledged that we would revisit the downtown parking program. Today, we have completed a test pilot for a new program offering incentives to park off-street. And there is more to come this year.
    8) I pledged that we would finalize a plan of action to reconstruct or relocate our aged fire stations. Today, I’m pleased to share that the City Manager’s office and Fire Chief Molina, in partnership with our fire unions, have launched an effort to explore how we can do better… to have the right people with the right skills, at the right place and right time, with the right tools. I applaud this collaborative approach… which will include feedback from you.
    9) I pledged we would outline steps to bolster our police department. Today, we know that more than 30 positions funded by federal grant dollars will likely be eliminated. How do we preserve these officers after grant money expires… and further increase our ranks? This real problem has no easy solution. Later this year, the City will begin planning for the future of policing in Vancouver. I call on the police union to be a collaborative partner in this effort.
    10) I pledged we would improve our Council meeting agendas. Today, we are the most accessible elected body in the region and at all levels of our representative government. Citizens have six opportunities to talk to Council each month, including two monthly open comment sessions. And we’ve held town hall meetings in the community. Our goal is to attract more citizens and a broader perspective to come and talk with us… we want to hear from those that haven’t previously spoken up! I know you’re out there…
    11) I pledged we would reach you, our citizens in new ways. Today, the City has launched an online service center, a live Vancouver Webcam, our own YouTube Channel and a re-vamped Facebook page. Now, you can do business with the City from the comfort of your home. And soon… within the next few weeks… our police department will launch a new crime mapping tool. You’ll be able to search for crimes in Vancouver by date or type. You can receive alerts when crimes occur, or submit an anonymous tip directly to Crime Stoppers. And of course, for those of you with an iPhone, there will an app!
    12) I pledged we would implement a utility billing program to help needy families during these tough times. Today, we are preparing to implement the Help To Others… or H20… Vancouver Utility program. I’m proud to say that every penny donated to this Vancouver program will go directly to helping others.
    13) I pledged that we would develop a city-wide Volunteer program. In the last year, we held 43 different volunteer events… created an online community volunteer calendar and mobilized more than 800 volunteers. We launched a new volunteer Fire Corps program to build on the success of our smoke alarm installation program… Get this… staff and volunteers installed more than a thousand smoke alarms in homes around town! And… we added 30 new volunteers to the popular Neighbors On Watch (NOW) program, bringing that group of volunteers to 87.
    14) Last year, I relayed a bit of last minute news that the United Way stepped-up with a $6000 grant of matching funds to ensure that Evergreen Park Summer Camp program wasn’t cut. Today, I’m pleased to tell you that corporate citizens like Veolia and Comcast have also stepped forward. But this program, geared toward children in the Fourth Plain corridor, needs more support. To ensure camp remains intact for another two years, we must raise $16,000. Please consider this extremely worthwhile program, and contact me personally to make a donation.
    15) And finally, you emphatically supported my call to “Build That Bridge”!

    Nearly 20 years of effort.

    Bi-State Committees, Task Forces, Sponsor Councils.
    Expert and independent review panels.
    Numerous community advisory groups.
    Extensive consultations with local tribal interests.
    Nearly 1000 public events with 30,000 participants.
    Studies, surveys, designs….more studies, more surveys and re-designs.

    Today? Well… today, the Federal Government has approved of the project!

    Now, the Columbia River Crossing project is eligible for hundreds of millions of dollars in federal support.

    The project is immensely complex with many, many interests. Nearly two dozen public agencies, from federal to local, are involved… and that’s in addition to local native American tribes, a dozen neighborhoods, hundreds of businesses… and over 1 million residents in the Vancouver-Portland metro area.

    Do you get my point?

    Fortunately, there have been many strong CRC advocates over the years.

    Governor Gregoire has been a staunch supporter of SW Washington’s economy and this project.

    Both Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell and our former Congressman Brian Baird have been there for us.
    Our state legislators Jim Moeller, Sharon Wylie and Craig Pridemore get it. Senator Pridemore… Representative Moeller… both are with us today… gentlemen, we thank you for your leadership and support.

    In fact, both the State Senate Transportation Chair Mary Margret and House Transportation Chair Judy Clibborn have also been strong supporters of SW Washington and this project.

    These leaders understand that the bridge is a vital economic artery. It is hemorrhaging and must be operated upon.

    The strength of our heart… that is… the vitality of our community, our quality of life, and the opportunity for increased jobs and business… relies on an improved bridge, interchanges, and connection to the 55 miles of light rail system… on this side of the Columbia River!

    We’re extremely fortunate that the Federal Transit Administration is prepared to pay for construction of the light rail. We’re also fortunate that several hundred million dollars is anticipated from the Federal Highway Administration.

    But, we will continue to lobby our own congresswoman to productively support and work toward garnering more monies for this project. I call on Congresswoman Herrera Buetler to focus her energy on bringing back to our community these much needed federal dollars. It is high-time that SW Washington realized its just-due with federal financial support, and we rest that responsibility in the hands of our Congresswoman.

    And, I reiterate the call to Oregon and Washington State legislatures… Investment in jobs… and safe, efficient transportation for Southwest Washington must be the priority of your next legislative session, with the CRC at the top of your list.

    Folks, let’s remember this… every dollar that comes from both states and the federal government… means less burden and less cost… to our pockets here, locally.

    Now, in light of all the facts and the real circumstances of this project, some people still to want you to believe that a new bridge… or new interchanges are not needed…. or that public transit and light rail are a waste of money…. or that this project can be constructed without one of the pieces… or that this project can be constructed… without some local skin in the game. These people are long on criticism and short on solutions. And, frankly, none of their so-called “solutions” are feasible…. Period. The studies… the evidence… and the need for this investment in our future are crystal clear.

    The project is a replacement bridge of 10 lanes… reconstruction and widening of 5 interchanges… and extension of about 1 mile of light rail transit into downtown Vancouver.

    I say to you again….and please join me…Let’s build that bridge!

    I’ve discussed our past, our present…and now let’s look to the future.

    Clearly, these are challenging times. While the hallmark of the last decade was prosperity, we have since come to realize as a community, a nation… the world… we borrowed that prosperity from our future. Today those costs have caught up to us.

    We did not arrive where we are overnight, and we will not get out of it overnight.

    As your Mayor and this community’s chief elected official, I am committed to staying a course that moves our City from fiscal solvency to fiscal health.

    The Vancouver City Council has established the following as priority agenda items for this coming year:
    1) Address the future of fire, ambulatory and emergency facilities.
    2) Establish financial policies to further strengthen the quality of city services.
    3) Establish a strategic plan for the future of policing.
    4) Address the future of Parks and Recreation services.
    5) Represent and advocate for the community’s interests in the I-5 Bridge replacement.
    6) Address the City’s long-term street infrastructure needs.
    7) Enhance the City’s role in planning for jobs creation by our local businesses.
    8) And further improve on ways to reach, educate and involve citizens in our community.

    This is a hefty, but necessary load of priority issues we must address in the coming year. They are focused for laying the foundation for a more sustainable future.

    This work is not sexy or glamorous.
    It’s hard and takes time.
    You get dirty… your knuckles get scraped… and your back gets sore.
    If you don’t do it right… the house doesn’t stand straight.
    You do it right… and the house can stand for centuries.

    Vancouver’s possibilities are all around us. And together, from the new foundation we build today, we can make it even more so. In the coming years… I invite the City Council and Community to work with me toward:

    1) Exploring more vibrancy to our downtown core and redevelopment of Block 10.
    2) Developing a truly world class urban park while opening a half mile of the Columbia River front to our citizens.
    3) Establishment of an arts and entertainment district downtown, building even greater vibrancy in our historic heart.
    4) And building on the momentum along 192nd avenue… let’s launch redevelopment of the Riverview Gateway district… one of the most spectacular pieces of land in the entire region.

    You know… we are so fortunate to live in one of the most desirable areas of our Country.

    Our schools provide a quality education.
    Our water is clean and our air is clear.
    Our crime is low and our streets are safe.
    Our community is caring and giving, with an amazing level of philanthropy.
    Our cost of living is fair, and in your City, we enjoy the lowest utility rates of all the surrounding areas.
    We enjoy recreation programs at two beautiful community centers.
    We are located within 90 minutes or less of the ocean, mountains, desert, wine country and the amazing Columbia River Gorge.
    And, within a hop, skip and jump, we have access to one of the highest rated… most efficient international airports in the U.S.

    We enjoy summer concerts in the heart of our community.
    We dance and celebrate at the annual Wine and Jazz and Sausage Festivals.
    We can run in the Vancouver Marathon or the Summer Solstice, or ride with the Bike Alliance.

    We can volunteer at the Humane Society, SHARE, the Winter Hospitality Overflow, ARC of Clark County, Neighbors on Watch… or our newly formed Fire Corps.

    We can eat and drink at many great establishments in Vancouver.
    And very importantly, we have increasing options to Shop Local!

    We can host large events at both the Hilton Convention Center and the Heathman Lodge. In fact, just this week, Columbia Sportswear held their annual international managers meeting right here in good ol’ Vancouver USA.

    New downtown businesses are springing up.
    A booming east Vancouver is alive with new private investment.
    And our Port is teeming with new industry.

    Fort Vancouver National Trust is beginning to restore the Post Hospital building.
    The National Parks Services is about to begin restoration of the east and south barracks in our National Park.
    Our thriving local performing and visual arts community is re-energizing.
    Our parks are many and our trails are long.

    Clark Community College is continuing to expand, and coming next month we’ll dedicate the Pollard Japanese Memorial Garden.

    WSU Vancouver continues to grow! They recently named a new Chancellor to lead our local university into its next chapter.

    I know representatives from our school districts, Clark College and WSU are here today… we thank you for your commitment to the possibilities…. through a great education received right here!

    So… somebody please tell me why… why in the world we shouldn’t be optimistic about our future!?

    Yes, these are tough times. But those that came before us… those original pioneers and first families and community leaders… they too faced challenges, and in the end, they made sacrifices for their future… or our today.

    The time will soon come when we…we… will be asked to help our future generations.

    To re-invest in our community; in our parks and trails and recreation programs; in our roads, sidewalks, public transit… our fire stations… and in the strength of our police department to prevent crimes, fight gangs and investigate theft.

    And when that time comes… when you are asked to help or to sacrifice a bit more… I ask that each and every one of you step forward and join me in committing to the Possibilities.

    Each and every one of us carry an obligation to ensure that our City continues to remain a great place to live, work and play.
    I was recently reminded of some words of wisdom that the Reverend Martin Luther King, Junior shared with us. “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

    So, today I ask: Where will you stand? Where will we stand?

    The future of our City, now and for generations to come, hinges on our answer to this calling.

    But I am optimistic, ladies and gentlemen.

    Pride, Progress and Possibilities.

    Like those that came before us.
    We have pioneering spirit.
    We are resilient. We will innovate. We will persevere.

    And I’ll tell you this friends… for as long as you allow me to be your Mayor… I will not give up!

    Thank you and God bless!


  17. Fortunately for most, you are not the final arbiter of what is or is not “productive.”

    Let me tell you what isn’t “productive.”

    It’s not “productive” to lie… repeatedly, as part of a campaign to get elected.

    It’s not “productive” to flip on your position essentially within what amounts to moments AFTER you assumed office.

    It’s not “productive” to lie about WHY you flipped.

    It’s not “productive” to keep us from having a vote on these issues because you know damned well what the outcome would be.

    It’s not productive for you to ignore the 100,000 or so of us you want to PAY your taxes without allowing us to vote through your gerrymandered CTran tax district.

    And, in reality, it’s not “productive” to be such an arrogant putz that you extend an “invitation” to actually FACE people like me, only to have the lack of guts to follow through on it.

    THAT is not “productive,” Timmy, and you, most of all, need to “get a grip,” on yourself.

    Lying as a policy does not endear you, or any other politician, to me.

    And telling you these things to your face instead of you just listening to your self-serving, special interest toadies and sycophants while you jam your fangs into our jugulars to pay for this garbage you want for the next several decades without asking us?

    I find that EXTREMELY “productive.”

    Unfortunately for us all, Timmy, the only question that really needs to be asked is not does my observations concerning you equate to YOUR definition of “productive.”

    Unfortunately, the only question of concern is this: are they accurate. And sadly, for the entirety of Clark County, that answer is, “yes.”


  18. If Leavitt had made his statements about “let’s build that bridge” it’s obvious that he never would have been elected. A six year-old kid could see why the bridge project is a total boondoggle.

    We won’t gain a thing with a new bridge. We don’t want tolls or light rail. Leavitt needs to take off his colossal blinders. Maybe he’s so dense that he doesn’t know why he was elected? Is that possible? It sure seems like it.


  19. Mayor Leavitt and the City Council have made some good decisions. The move to buy the former Columbian building being one of them. Streamlining the permitting process and getting it online is another good move. The Mayor and the Council are to be commended for their efforts and the results of those efforts.

    His abrupt dismissal though, of those who oppose the catastrophic CRC project are disconcerting and unfortunate. “And, frankly, none of their so-called “solutions” are feasible…. Period.’ Really Mr. Mayor? Building a third bridge over one of the largest waterways in the United States isn’t “feasible”? There are more bridges over a tributory of the Columbia than over the Columbia in this region. That makes sense? I don’t think so.


  20. Buying The Columbian building was just to bail out The Columbian and the dying downtown core. Locating city hall downtown when the bulk of the city is elsewhere sure isn’t paying attention to the needs of the citizens. Vancouver isn’t a “city” in the common sense of the word. Cities are ghettos and people avoid them like the plague. That’s why downtown will stay dead no matter what.


  21. Let me say this to Mr. Mayor…

    Next time, please don’t post the whole comment of your State of the City. If I want to read that, I can Google or use some other search engine to find the text or go watch it on the CVTV archives, if I have questions about it.

    Or I can just ask questions of one of the local council members like I routinely do. Maybe I have more time than most to pay attention to the regular things going on with the city government. It would have have been a lot faster to just url link the transcript from the City of Vancouver website page….


  22. Leavitt was just showing his arrogance towards the community. He does that a lot, you know.


  23. Mayor Leavitt, first of all…thank you for sharing your time on Lew’s blog. It is greatly appreciated and I wish you would come forth more often.

    I must say that after reading your rather lengthy piece, that you definitely are a mayor with pride in OUR city. I hope you always remember that you represent the people of the fine City of Vancouver (as well as a member of the C-Tran Board which also means you are party in part…a representative to the folks of the C-Tran district beyond city limits as well) and that the people have a right to vote on issues which include increasing our sales tax, our property tax, tolling, increased fees, gas tax…and not just within the city. For those of us in the outlying areas, outside of your voting district…say north of Five Corners, Ridgefield, LaCenter, Camas, Battleground, Amboy, Yacolt or Washougal..those tax increases affect all of us. If you want us to shop Vancouver, it doesn’t help to increase congestion with a highly overrated light rail system to nowhere and with a dedicated corridor for BRT along Fourth Plain Road as well as down Fort Vancouver Way and into downtown Vancouver. We may live in the outskirts, but we still must travel to and from work as well as visiting family and friends and shopping for groceries. So yes, these tax increases affect each and every one of us.

    I do have one question (okay, two questions) for you as well, Mister Mayor…at the capacity of your position on the C-Tran Board. My question is…why must there be articulated BRT vehicles for Fourth Plain when it’s clear as a sunny blue sky that they have been proven to be a waste of taxpayer dollars for TriMet? Why not increase mobility through the Fourth Plain Corridor with more dedicated pullouts for the buses and better pedestrian crossing such as what is on Fort Vancouver Way???


  24. I think Timmy has “chickened out” on us, Goldie. He apparently was only interested in publishing his “campaign piece”, then he hopped on his skateboard and sped off.


  25. Jack, I think he’s still reading it but has said all he intends to say. He’d hopped in like a rabbit in a snake pit and has exited with dignity. It would be nice if he’d be more earnest in showing an honest concern FOR the opinions of the people by continuing the discussion, but I don’t see it happening, either.


  26. Goldie – Tim Leavitt’s above post was just a carbin copy of the state of the city that he did within the past month. Is really NEW data that any of here have not read or understood before?

    Normally, most of the posters here on Lew’s blog tend to pay attention to the local trends and political sways, so that CC’ing and reposting here, IMHO is a real waste of time.

    Yes, there might be a few political noobies but it is rare to see new names posting here. Most of us understand the City of Vancouver’s structure, how it votes, the basic finances and other features. If you don’t. go to and start digging around?

    I am kind of irritated right now, because I feel he just came here and blew us off like we are just children. And honestly, I spent a significant amount of my life with the CRC process, watching the city council and board of clark county comissioners. And that he can’t come here for a few minutes in his day to answer a few questions?


  27. How else to get people talking, Jeremy??? He’s made it perfectly clear on numerous occasions that he accepts emails from people who have questions or concerns. I’ve used that on multiple occasions and he has come forth with answers…albeit there were answers I on occasion disagreed, but he has no problem continuing the discussion. In his live chat on the Columbian, he even provided the link –

    I can’t say I agree with you that he’s blowing us off like we’re just children.


  28. No, he’s “blowing us off” like he’s a very “arrogant adult”, Goldie. Same difference.


  29. It’s only considered “blowing us off” if you don’t care to take the next step, Jack. He’s invited EVERYONE to email him if we have any questions, concerns or input we feel vital to the improvement of our city…hardly blowing anybody off. But that’s okay, Jack. You have a right to your opinion as I do mine. I know I’ve never had issues with him not responding to me. Have you tried his email? If so, have you received a response???


  30. Do you really think that Leavitt will answer the questions in an email that he won’t address on this blog, Goldie? Emails can be reprinted here, you know. I’m sure Leavitt knows that as well.


  31. From reading Andrea Damewood’s tweets of today’s workshop, it’s time to fire up those emails, if not more.

    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    It’s 3 p.m. This does not bode well for a contentious talk on #VanWa #CTran light rail ending at 4 p.m.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Getting started. Audience members: NASSET, Peterson, Herman. (@NickCPDX)
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Apparently there’s a nice illustrative packet out there showing all the ins and outs of the light rail plans. #benicetohave
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    My nose is plugged up and something smells bad. #VanWa council meeting
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Why did a Portland man bring an oven mitt to a #VanWA city council meeting? Answers at 11.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    #VanWa commuters have told #CTran they don’t want to get rid of their express bus to downtown #PDX, even with light rail on #CRC
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Harris said she wants to know more options for light rail $$. @MayorTimLeavitt, @JackBurkman and her are now for sure in no vote camp.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Turlay sez TriMet and Sound Transit are in financial hole, says he doesn’t see how C-Tran wnt light rail and have a good financial picture
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Harris points out transit is intended to be subsidized. (That’s why private sect doesn’t run it). Success is if there’s transit for all.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Also, as @PortlandAfoot has pointed out, TriMet has major pension/personnel cost issues that I’m not sure C-Tran has.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    .@jackburkman motioned that the city council say NO VOTE on light rail this year until funding mechanisms are studied. Smith seconds.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Stewart pushes back on #VanWa transpo manager’s light rail numbers: “It’s business. Not personal.”
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Stewart: “What I see here is preparations for a block veto” at C-Tran tomorrow over light rail sales tax vote. #CRC.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    #VanWa council majority supports delaying #C-Tran #CRC light rail vote this fall, until other revenue options are examined. #Novotein2012
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    .@HansenBart wants a subdistrict vote. But four in majority want no vote. Wonder if he’ll pull a Stewart and vote against majority.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Harris is just realizing that her saying she does not want a vote this fall means that #VanWa would in effect be a block veto.
    Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
    Now they’re taking a break and then diving back into this.


  32. Yes, Jack. I do. If he has nothing to hide, then why would it be an issue? Each and every time I’ve sent my email…I got a response…and he answered some pretty heated questions from me, too.


  33. It’s not as though he “has something to hide”, Goldie. Leavitt knows that he’s way off base and that he can’t answer the points raised against the CRC boondoggle.

    Refer back to the Lars Larson interview – Lars effectively shot down every statement Leavitt made and Leavitt was speechless. He was shown to be totally wrong and he had absolutely no response.

    Leavitt’s absence on this blog after a brief “appearance” is another “no response”. He knows he’s full of crap and he knows he can’t defend his stupid ideas, so he “hides”.


  34. Ah yes, the Lars Larson interview. We’re talking about the one which Lars didn’t let the mayor finish a single sentence??? Oh wait…that’s ALL of the Lars Larson interviews, lol.

    Listen, Jack. I’m not trying to sound like a cheerleader for the guy, but I do give him the benefit of the doubt and I admit there’s a lot of things he says or does that I flat out disagree. I’m also quite disgusted with his tactics to get himself elected by misleading the public but the FACT is…he is our mayor. He has opened the line of communication through his email. You ought to give it a try. Regarding his stupid ideas….

    He wasn’t the one who originally came up with the ideas.


  35. Goldie, Lars asked simple questions and Leavitt tried to take every opportunity to filibuster a bunch of blather like he tried to do here. When asked a simple question, give a simple answer – don’t filibuster off on an encyclopedia.

    Lars kept Leavitt “on topic” – not off in the weeds where Leavitt wanted to be. As a result, Leavitt totally got his miserable ass kicked and was left muttering to himself. Leavitt was shown to be totally and undeniably wrong.

    I have no interest in corresponding with Leavitt on a one-to-one basis. He is a public official, he should answer the public in an open public forum. If he can’t face the community in an open public forum, then he had better damned well resign.

    It’s just that simple.


  36. Btw, The Columbian Blog and city council meetings are NOT “Open Forums”. they are both very tightly controlled.


  37. It is my opinion that you are limiting your communication potential, Jack. I have my limits as well…I won’t do Facebook or Twitter, but I’d certainly do emails. I guess we all have our own preferences, huh.


  38. I’m not “limiting” anything, Goldie. In case you hadn’t already noticed, there is no “communication” wih Leavitt. The guy is like talking to a tree.


  39. AS it has been said, the columbian as a private business has the right to cut out or limit the free speech as does Lew or other local bloggers. Remember the disaster of the forums to try and cage the sock puppets? And going to a Facebook based forum.. How good did that work?

    Though I do say (and have said in private and pubicly) there is the email, phone call, facsimile and approach these people when they are at public events? What is worse than approaching them at a public event for a few minutes. That can’t always run away unless they are up to do some thing.

    Anything other than a face to face chat, can easily be ignored. Or you can create your own blog as so many have done to air their grievances!


  40. Hello! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok. I’m absolutely
    enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.



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