Vancouver Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt’s Cyber “Town Hall” (Sort Of)

by lewwaters

Mayor Leavitt’s comment left in an earlier thread here. NOTE: For sake of brevity, I have not included the full length copy of the 2012 State of the City Address that he did, but provide a link to it on the City of Vancouver website instead.

Hey Lew — Thanks much for the offer to post here. As time allows, I’ll do so.

Let me start here by addressing the responsibilities of the the position as Mayor of Vancouver….because it’s painfully clear in my conversations around the Community….and given some remarks here, that most simply don’t understand or care ot understand the realities of both Mayor and City Council duties. For the Mayor job in particular, it is a 24/7 job…without commensurate compensation. My “business” hours are roughly 7am to 10pm…nearly each and every day of the week. But, by the time I get home from a long day of both city and engineering business….typically around 10pm….the last thing I want to do is hang out on the blogs. So, while I appreciate you offerring that I can blog in the comfort of my own home…when I’m home, I’m trying to enjoy some personal time.

Next, let me just say…in response to the 2:51 post by KJ Hinton….that such comments are neither productive, or mature. Can’t you think of something more intelligent to post, KJ? Get a grip on yourself, please.

Lastly, here Lew is a copy of my recent State of the City Address, for consumption by your followers:

Click here to read the address. Click here to view the address on CVTV.

You may also read citizens reactions to the 2012 State of the City Speech here and here.

14 Comments to “Vancouver Mayor Timothy D. Leavitt’s Cyber “Town Hall” (Sort Of)”

  1. Fortunately for most, you are not the final arbiter of what is or is not “productive.”

    Let me tell you what isn’t “productive.”

    It’s not “productive” to lie… repeatedly, as part of a campaign to get elected.

    It’s not “productive” to flip on your position essentially within what amounts to moments AFTER you assumed office.

    It’s not “productive” to lie about WHY you flipped.

    It’s not “productive” to keep us from having a vote on these issues because you know damned well what the outcome would be.

    It’s not productive for you to ignore the 100,000 or so of us you want to PAY your taxes without allowing us to vote through your gerrymandered CTran tax district.

    And, in reality, it’s not “productive” to be such an arrogant putz that you extend an “invitation” to actually FACE people like me, only to have the lack of guts to follow through on it.

    THAT is not “productive,” Timmy, and you, most of all, need to “get a grip,” on yourself.

    Lying as a policy does not endear you, or any other politician, to me.

    And telling you these things to your face instead of you just listening to your self-serving, special interest toadies and sycophants while you jam your fangs into our jugulars to pay for this garbage you want for the next several decades without asking us?

    I find that EXTREMELY “productive.”

    Unfortunately for us all, Timmy, the only question that really needs to be asked is not does my observations concerning you equate to YOUR definition of “productive.”

    Unfortunately, the only question of concern is this: are they accurate. And sadly, for the entirety of Clark County, that answer is, “yes.


  2. First off Tim, I appreciate you taking time out of your oppressive schedule to interact with those who supported your election in 2009. But, I need to remind you that many of us have also put in 24/7 shifts under much more dangerous and frightening situations than Mayor of a mid-sized town. And, our compensation, even for the time, was woefully less than what you make as Mayor. Ask Larry Smith and Bill Turlay sometime, I’m sure they would agree.

    Parenting, something you have yet to experience is also a 24/7 lifetime occupation. No compensation comes with that, other than the pleasure of seeing your child grow-up and become a useful, functioning member of society. In fact, not only does it not pay “commensurate compensation,” it actually adds to our expenses.

    That being said, did you not realize that if elected you would face such a schedule at compensation as low as you seem to feel you are receiving? Part of your qualification to be Mayor was knowledge of what the job entailed and last I heard, no one forced you to run for Mayor.

    Then again, if the job is too much for you, there is an easy way for you to rectify that 😉

    Many of us out here, some younger than I am and not able to retire on social security would also appreciate some “personal time” with their families. Working 2 jobs and more to meet family needs under the current financial load, including increased taxes, fees and cost of living, preclude them doing so, though.

    Some may be foolish enough to actually believe you when you say we must have certain things and it’s worth it for them to keep ponying up more and more. They do not see that they still have no more time for their “personal time.”

    You were elected largely based upon claims that you reneged on. That is no small matter. You and the rest of the city council have an awesome responsibility and I find your attitude of “well, you elected us so you must tolerate whatever we do” to be woefully inadequate.

    Be it tax hikes, begging for federal dollars to temporarily reopen a needed fire station while wishing to build a gigantic bridge project that could be accomplished much cheaper if it was tried, an expensive waterfront project, passing unenforceable ordinances, raising fees, stopping citizen volunteers from maintaining neighborhood parks or not taking a stronger stand with public union city employees, not to mention trying to shut down or limit comments made some times before city council, people deserve better.

    It is called “representing,” not “dictating to.”

    We out here are not just dumb underlings who need to be told how wipe out backsides by the city. There are some very successful and intelligent people out here, Tim that only wish to be heard and heeded on our concerns and continuing struggles.

    We do not need to be told how great everything around us is as we continue to struggle to make ends meet. Squeezing more money out of us to give developers a break or to build a shrine to yourself is not helping us.

    Even though many of us could not vote for you, Tim, we supported you and you gladly accepted our support. You let us down to continue the policies of your predecessor, catering to those who did not vote for you.

    I hope you can understand why many of us are a bit perturbed over that. If you do not understand it, we hope to enlighten you come the next election.


  3. I’ll be the first one to admit that I voted for you and encouraged my family to vote for you because I thought you would bring some common sense to city government and to this ridiculous bridge boondoggle. I was wrong and we won’t be making that mistake again and neither will my neighbors.

    It’s not a case of “flip-flopping”, it’s a case of out and out lying and deception.

    A question I would like to ask: since the people of Vancouver and Clarke County really don’t want to be just another neighborhood of Portland, why are you pushing us to be just another neighborhood of Portland? And why are you working so hard to avoid giving the people a chance to vote on major changes that will affect everyone in Clarke County?


  4. Also Tim, can you even tell us why you were elected? Do you even know?


  5. Yikes. That was almost worse than not responding at all.

    But not quite… Thanks, Tim.


  6. Tim is always welcome, as are any other city council members, to freely comment or submit any written posts to me for unedited posting.

    However, comments will not be edited or posted to be favorable to them.

    Comments in support or agreement will not be edited either.

    I reserve the right to moderate comments on other posts, but will let any of theirs stand on their own and allow the chips to fall where they may.


  7. Lew,

    You and others are correct on addressing Mayor Leavitt. He was against the Light Rail and Tolls on our Freeways and Bridges, before he was elected Mayor and then he turned his back on all of us and voted for for all of it. The Citizens of Vancouver and Clark County will never forget all the deception and the chances of Mr. Leavitt ever being elected to office in Clark County again is null!!!


  8. “And then, Leavitt rode off into the sunset…”.


  9. Gee. It looks like Leavitt’s “live chat” showed that most people are decidedly against light rail. I wonder where those people who “support light rail” are? According to Leavitt, “for every person who is against light rail I hear from a person who supports light rail”. Maybe they’re just a “fantasy” in his mind? Of course, Leavitt doesn’t support a vote on light rail to prove his “theories”.

    How can a guy like Leavitt have his head so far up his rear-end?


  10. Yes, that was a really nice discussion. If you don’t know where there City of Vancouver’s Mayor thinks or believes, read the transcript.

    And to say to the people that he hates grandstanding… Reading the transcript, what do you think you were doing, Mr. Mayor? Calling the kettle black?


  11. You know, I’m one of those people who would actually ride light rail. I don’t mind the stench, and the noise, and the discomfort, and the fare, and the inconvenience. But… I don’t expect everyone else to have to subsidize my choices.

    If light rail made economic sense, or any kind of sense for that matter, I’d push it hard. Leavitt’s an engineer – he should be thinking just like me?! And he’s a Republican?!

    p.s. Maybe you should get your Professional Engineering license, Tim?


  12. “Leavitt has left the building…again”…


  13. Martin – I think you the point clearly. if light rail made sense for our community, it was effective, efficient and viable, there would be the years of outcry that has been garnered on this project.

    And I would not have to attend 1,000 meetings or more of the same repetitive commentary from the same people over and over and over again on both sides. Everyone would ride it and it would become a local staple in the transportation medium.

    But alas, we know public transportation does not pay for itself and shows that we have significant public subsidy to keep it going. C-tran averages 16 to 18 percent cost recovery targets for the average bus route and 20 or so percentage for the express buses that is subsidizing the other lower return rates on the more “empty” runs.

    I think they could raise bus rates (and in septemeber 2012 will do this) higher to recover more money to bring those lower bus runs into a higher cost recovery rate. Though I doubt it will ever lower taxes needed to operate the system.


  14. 🙂 time for pinoccio rose to come out of the woodwork?


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