Ridgefield School Board President Julie Olson Announces Run Against Democrat Tim Probst

by lewwaters

Received in email;

Julie Olson (R) to run for state house against Probst

Ridgefield School Board President Julie Olson will run for the state house seat currently held by Democrat Tim Probst.
Olson announced her candidacy at the Clark County GOP convention last Saturday.

Olson cited a lack of progress on the state budget with the prospect of another special session, and an anti-education vote recently taken by legislative Democrats as reasons she is running.

“One party controls all three branches of state government but they can’t pass a balanced budget on time,” said Olson. “They haven’t addressed the core issues of the mess we are in and they refuse to fundamentally change how state government operates.

Olson said the state’s problems are only compounding and that the time has come for new leadership.

Olson said her campaign will talk about funding basic education first with a balanced state budget, and bringing some common sense solutions to Olympia.

“We can’t keep holding our kids hostage in the state budget process,” said Olson. “The culture of failure in Olympia must be changed. We can do better than this.”

While serving on the Ridgefield School Board Olson led initiatives to streamline expenditures and cut operating costs without teacher layoffs.

“It is that same kind of innovation we have used in the school district that we need in Olympia right now,” said Olson. “If elected I will push for more budget reforms so we can do more with less.”

Julie Olson is a native Washingtonian. She said she and her siblings were all raised with a strong ethos for public service. Two of Julie’s brothers are fire fighters and her sister is a Federal Prosecutor.

Julie attended the University of Idaho on a volleyball scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Microbiology. She has been in the scientific industry all of her career and in scientific sales and sales management for over 25 years.

In 2005 Julie was elected to the Ridgefield School Board of Directors, where she has served as the Board Chair for the last 4 years.

Mike Appel has also announced his intent to run against Tim Probst, giving him 2 Republican challengers this election for his 17th legislative district seat.

Updates will follow as more is heard from the candidates.

15 Comments to “Ridgefield School Board President Julie Olson Announces Run Against Democrat Tim Probst”

  1. She’s going to have to convince me that she’s a better choice than Probst. Tim Probst is doing pretty good in my estimation. He’s a fiscal moderate and has some good ideas about vocational education. He gets a bit sideways with supporting unions too much and sometimes toeing the Democratic party line more than he should, but overall he’s doing a good job. Why would Julie be a better choice?


  2. That is the whole idea of campaigns, Craig, each showing why they are better.

    Everyone in the legislature has done “some” good, but each has also not some not so good.

    The one thing I have noticed with Probst, he often votes against spending & tax increases with the full knowledge that his party will easily pass them.

    I also notice many of his education bills entail increasing spending or diverting more money towards education, that already receives the bulk of state spending.

    To me, that does not fit in with his “social fiscal conservative” claims. Bribes on top of a generous salary to do the job you’re hired to do is not my definition of a “social fiscal conservative” or even a “fiscal moderate.” If it is yours, that’s fine.

    We have until August to assess each candidate and voters will decide whether they want to keep Probst in office or replace him with either Julie Olson or Mike Appel or any other who may yet announce.


  3. I don’t think I described him as a “social conservative” Lew. Maybe he’s described himself that way?

    You’re right that because of the Democratic majority in the House, it’s easy for him to vote against spending measures. I guess we’d know more if a vote was on the line as to which way he would go. As I suggested above, I think he’s too enamored of unions – but so are a lot of people.

    Yeah, I too am troubled by his constant harping on funding education. I read a very good letter to the editor in The Columbian a day or two ago in which a lady spoke about how things weren’t just handed out on a silver platter like they are in our school systems today. When I got out of line at school I got smacked for it – not diagnosed and ‘treated’. Kids weren’t diagnosed and categorized and specialized and pampered with all sorts of special “programs”, but they still managed to get a better education than what kids get today.

    What I’ll be looking for this election is someone who will pledge to STOP CREATING SO MANY LAWS! Those people spend all there time creating law after law after law – and all of those laws continue to knaw away at our freedoms. In fact, I’d like it if someone would completely shred the RCW and start all over with common sense laws. Don’t steal, don’t kill, don’t bribe, etc. DONE!


  4. Voting against Probst is easy: he’s part of the reason the democrats hold the majority… control all the committees and are drowning this state in debt.

    To me, that means he could be a democrat Abraham Lincoln and he still needs to be removed from office.

    Simple, really.


  5. Oops, my bad, Craig, You didn’t say social conservative and I screwed up. Meant to say fiscal conservative.


  6. Probst is good. You could do a lot worse.

    Typical voting quandary: vote the Party or vote the person.


  7. Sorry Martin, but I don’t share your view of Probst. I see him too much as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I don’t buy for a minute that he is a fiscal moderate as much as he claims.

    But, it really doesn’t matter as I am in the 49th and cannot vote for or against him.


  8. Lew – Could you invite her over to explain her issues and ideas? I’d love to see what she has to say and ideas on how to fix things.

    I believe this three “special” legislative sessions to get a budget passed in a every other year long form, short form sessions? That budget should have been 1st, not dead last to deal with and they ALL knew it needed to be done.

    Thanks for keeping us informed on the newest people running for state legislative districts around Clark County.

    Formerly from the 17th Legislative District….


  9. Jeremy, as I understand it, neither her nor Mike Appel have their campaign sites fully online yet. It’s early and they have both just announced, so we have a ways to go to compare all 3.

    As I can, I will post what I hear from all and hope to have video in the future to share of any forums of campaign events. (time permitting)

    I totally agree on special sessions to do what should have been done first. Word floating around is that the Dems are deliberately dragging their feet now to cause another special session that prevent McKenna from fundraising and gives Inslee a slight edge, they hope.

    Of course, if true, no one would ever admit it.


  10. Lew – No one would ever admit to political shenanigans? If they did, it might backfire on them. Honestly, the only thing I really care about is getting the state level of this righted.

    And now two more ratings agencies took the credit worthiness of the united states down even a notch. Could the state of Washington get hit with the fallout?

    The reason why this is important I want to ask the several local legislators what they think about the subject. And you are not going to get the same response from any of them. They have different life perspectives, experience and desire to serve. The only thing I don’t care to hear is one line political liners or pandering to political bases?

    And this a great time to start asking questions of people that are giving up their privacy, their honor, their lives to serve us. I would hope others would do the same and hold these people to account for comments they have made OR promises they have failed to keep.


  11. Hi Lew! I read that Appel supports traditional marriage. Do you know what Olson’s position is? Are both candidates pro-life? I agree that cutting spending is important, but these issues are also important to me.


  12. Hi Patricia, honestly, I haven’t had the chance to sit down with Julie just yet to see where her priorities lie. I would guess she is pro-life and supports traditional marriage, but that would only be a guess at this time.

    She recently got a regular website up http://www.votejulieolson.com/ but doesn’t have an issues page yet.

    She is hosting an open house from 3 – 7pm Sunday, April 21st in her home at 16708 NE 30th Court, Ridgefield, WA 98642. I’m going to go an hopefully find out more.

    I met Mike when he ran before and liked him. I’m not in the 17th, so won’t be promoting one over the other. Both appear to be good people to me.


  13. Hi Lew! Is Julie’s open house tomorrow (the 21st) or Sunday (the 22nd)? Do you know if it is open to the public? I appreciate you taking the time to fill me in!


  14. Hi Patricia, I’m glad you noticed that, it slipped right by me.

    I have asked for clarification on the date and the word I received said Open House, so I’d have to say all are invited.


  15. Just got word back, it is Sunday April 22nd from 3 – 7pm.

    Her address is 16708 NE 30th Court, Ridgefield, WA 98642. Her home is located off of NE 29th near WSU Vancouver. RSVP is requested if any plan to attend at Julie.Olson@comcast.net


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