Mayor Leavitt Likes “The Dreams Of The Future Better Than The History Of The Past”

by lewwaters

Tim Leavitt, understandably one of the poorer mayors to preside over the city of Vancouver, Washington, ended his Columbian live chat Friday, April 6, 2012 with the above quote, in part to reply to my question, “after your turn around on tolling, how can the public place trust in your words on opposing tax increases?”

The mayor made himself available for a good hour replying to several citizens concerned over the Columbia River Project and the continual problems that keep surfacing in regards to it, although it has already consumed nearly $150 Million of taxpayer funds and all there is to show for it are stacks and stacks of paper.

In my opinion, his replies were considerably less than forthcoming. I have to even wonder if he has a grasp on just what the “future” holds should this as currently planned CRC project go through.

An earlier reply to a question on why we don’t put the matter to city or county-wide vote he said,

“LRT is more efficient to operate than BRT and busses…besides that BRT simply cannot practically handle the demand. Remember that our population increases, our Port is doubling in size…and we already have unreasonable traffic jams. Alternatives must be included. And, why not tie into the 55 miles of LRT south of the river, for virtually no direct cost to us locally?”

A 2009 study showed Bus transit better than light rail for a planned project in Maryland. The study by the World Resources Institute determined, “buses would be cheaper and combat global warming better than a light-rail system.”

Too, we must wonder, if BRT simply cannot handle the demand, why is Leavitt and C-Tran proposing BRT for the Fourth Plain corridor?

The Oregon Supreme Court recently stated in a ruling that light rail to Vancouver, against the wishes of our citizens is the prime factor in Portland’s push for it to our community. Light rail will not carry a single ounce of freight to the port and ridership in most areas it has imposed on citizen’s remains far below expectations.

A January 2012 news conference hosted by saw several speakers expressing doubts on the current CRC project as well as presenting viable alternatives that actually would increase flow of freight and decrease congestion along the I-5 corridor.

Leavitt rejects it all out of hand.

But disturbing is seeing him say, “for virtually no direct cost to us locally.” This project as currently planned is projected to reach some $10 Billion when factoring in interest payments over the life of the bonds.

An expected vote by citizens on yet another sales tax increase to pay for light rail operations and maintenance is opposed by Leavitt who now says he is trying to keep taxpayers from paying more tax. Of course, this is where my original question was framed from, his swift turn around on opposing tolls after winning the election in 2009.

There is no doubt the project will hit Clark County citizens the hardest with so many having to travel to Portland daily in order to work. The daily congestion is due to those people having to travel across the I-5 Bridge to and from Portland and it is they who will end up paying the lion’s share of the bridge costs by exorbitant tolls twice a day, a point Leavitt himself once made when campaigning with,

“a toll that charges Vancouver’s working class for the “privilege” of crossing the river because the current administration has done next to nothing to grow jobs here in the last two decades, with the added burden of paying Oregon income tax without receiving representation, is unequitable, undemocratic, and discriminatory.”

Of course it is going to cost us locally, directly, indirectly and in every conceivable way imaginable.

This is Leavitt’s “Dreams of the Future?” An 8-story bridge towering over the city, blocking the view to the east and extending over a mile into the city with hopeful plans to vitalize under the bridge? Is it his “dream” that future generations of citizens and businesses will be footing the bill for this project for decades as well as paying more of our hard earned money to Portland for the “privilege” of having their “choo choo train” invading our community?

Asked should we trust his opposition to raising taxes to pay for light rail maintenance and operations he responded,

“As I learned, tolling means that here locally we pay less for the project. I ask over and over if you’d prefer a property tax? ….a sales tax? ….a business and occupation tax? The answer is over and over….no. The answer over and over is….if the Feds and States can’t come up with all the money, and there must be a local share, than tolls is it. That means if you don’t use it, you don’t pay. With tolls, that means that others (from outside our community) are paying a portion of our benefit! I know some aren’t happy that I changed my position, but it is the right position…to the least impact on our community…versus the other options. Less taxes, less impact on our citizens. That’s where I’ve landed.”

Less taxes? With C-Tran planning on another sales tax increase this November? With the city contemplating a possible additional $20 fee yearly on car license tabs? And “less impact?” With businesses being shut down in order to demolish their buildings for 3 planned parking garages to accommodate light rail?

And again, who uses the bridge more than those forced to seek work in Portland since not enough effort is made to attract good paying jobs to Vancouver and Clark County? Of course Clark County and Vancouver citizens will be impacted by this, not to mention some expected 8 to 10 years of increased congestion as the new bridge will be built alongside the existing bridges.

Even Jefferson Smith, Democrat candidate for Portland Mayor sees problems staring us in the face in this project as currently planned and seems to be the only raising serious questions, instead of just rolling over to the special interests pushing this project at any and all costs.

Listening to him in the April 5, 2012 OPB Think Out Loud video interview, he seems to have grasp on what areal “Dream of the Future” is about.

Leavitt does not. His “dream” looks more like a nightmare.

Then too, those who forget the “history of the past” are bound to repeat those “mistakes of the past.”

38 Comments to “Mayor Leavitt Likes “The Dreams Of The Future Better Than The History Of The Past””

  1. That assclown can’t even breathe without lying. “LRT is more efficient?”

    Clearly, there’s no lie Mayor McSlime won’t babble.

  2. Oh, and Timmy? What we’d “prefer” (As if you care) is to dump the project altogether.

    But then, you know that, which is why you’re too much of a coward to put this to a vote.

  3. Lew—-it has already consumed nearly $150 Million of taxpayer funds
    JK—–The really pathetic thing about that is that would pay OVER HALF of the local match for a $500 million bridge. (You know, Tim, to satisfy the stated purpose of the project – reduce congestion & improve bike, ped, transit and overall safety)

    Earth to TIM: all we need is a simple clone of the I205 bridge. That is $400 million or so. (Toss in another $100 million for misc.)


  4. What Tim didn’t say in his piece at the Columbian’s chat session was that to pay for the light rail operations and maintenance funds, they are going to possibly take it out of C-tran basic bus operations?

    How are they going to replace all of the Fourth Plain buses (Fourth Plain and 44 express – VanMaill East plus Battle Ground Express #47 and all of the express buses that go from the Salmon Creek and 99th Street transit centers) that SUBSIDIZE at 20+ percent currently the rest of the C-tran money losing runs on the west side? (near empty buses in areas that could be better supported by realignment or redesign of the system?

    If you suggest, Mr. Mayor to take the express system that has been built over the past ten years, that is LIGHT years faster than the Yellow Line that runs between the Expo center and downtown Portland and frequently breaks down around Mississippi Avenue near the bottom of OverLook park – former Bess Kaiser Hospital?

    Those express buses can go off the Interstate system if they so choose to get around any Portland congestion? And I have ridden personally when the buses would use other routes to get around North Portland clogs on Interstate 5 from the Rose Quarter to Interstate Bridge that is backlogged.

    You keep repeating the same story over and over again, that light rail can move more people. I ASK you, when was the last time you road those express buses to Portland? If they are not ways to get around faster through the clogged arterial of the Interstate 5 through the lack of Portland’s progressive ability and lack of political will to invest in projects that will benefit the whole region and transportation and now we are having to go through these shenningans to build their desire?

    I’ll give you my honest opinion. I have ridden light rail throughout its system in Portland AND Seattle. I do not personally believe that it is what it purveyors have splashed all over the world as “effective, efficient and timely!”

    And this is coming from SOME one your own age!

  5. “As I learned, tolling means that here locally we pay less for the project.”

    When will our elected leaders realize that tolling is just another form of taxation???? Mayor Leavitt, please stop playing the Texas Two Step with words. Some might determine you as a sellout. Give the people of Vancouver the benefit of the doubt that we know what game of words you’re playing. Regarding the BRT vs LRT alternatives, you know all too well that Metro gave the push to choose LRT and that BRT was actually more affordable, not just initially, but over the long run as well…AND it is just as energy efficient…if not even more energy efficient. We all know who is monopolizing the project if the link below is any indication (thanks roger on the C’s forum for sharing this link):

  6. Funny how money talks!

  7. But of course:

    Light rail is not about transportation.

    It is a real estate development tool.
    It is a way to feed billions to cronies.


  8. Choo-choo trains will never begin to make a dent in commuter traffic because people prefer automobiles and we’re too spread out around here. And you’re right, it’s not really about choo-choo trains anyways, it’s about “crony-feeding” and “people control”. A six year-old kid could tell you that.

  9. The number one factor that our elected officials fail to divulge is the lack of transit mobility in Light Rail which is their supposed number one reason for implementing LRT to Fort Vancouver Way. It is a fixed rail on a fixed line with no give way without costing a bundle to move the rails. With BRT, you don’t have that worry. If there’s a need for a detour, TriMet relies on buses to move the folks around that segment of LR. So why bother installing the rails and a second level on the crossing in the first place??? They could just work something out with AMTRAK for local service as well as long distance service.

    I’m with Jim and Jack on this one. It’s a way to feed billions to cronies and control of the people!!!

    Last thought…if the power goes out on the lines, the trains stand dead on the tracks. What are they going to do??? Get pedal-powered or foot-powered back up installed in the rail cars next??? Just think of the Flintstones on that one.

    Yabba dabba doo!!!

  10. “because people prefer automobiles”
    JK—–Actually it is far more than a preference. Cars are faster, more convenient and cheaper than mass transit. That is why transit has been losing market share for almost 100 years. Oh, and cars use less energy than mass transit, especially new ones.


  11. Actually, it’s more of a case of “been there already – done that”, Jim. Vancouver had trolley tracks running all over hell and there used to be trolley tracks up the middle of the old Interstate Bridge.

    They were torn out or covered up long ago because they were totally obsolete.

    People were a lot smarter back then than the stupid asses we have in office today. Apparently none of these dorks have ever looked at some of the old pictures of Vancouver and noticed the old trolleys and tracks and said: “Gee, we used to have those, wonder why they were removed?”.

    They’re too stupid to “figure it out”. Take a bow, Mayor Clueless.

  12. Curiosity on my part here, folks…

    Has anybody heard an update regarding the Coast Guard’s findings on the current concept design with regards to the bottom deck being too low and concerns that if it is elevated to compensate for river traffic, that it might affect air traffic???

    Seems to me, the CRC is in a Catch-22 right now.

  13. Here’s an idea that would solve several problems including the height problem: forget light-rail, use aerial trams instead. You’d have a much lower cost and fewer empty seats. Hell I’d even go for a ride on that 🙂

  14. They’re burning the midnight oil trying to figure out a way to ram it up our backsides anyway, Goldie. The Elitists don’t really give a damn about the bridge, they just want light rail. If they had to build the bridge upside down they would.

    That’s how pig-headed they are.

  15. This could be 99% BS, but if anyone’s interested, here’s their argument:

    Click to access TAUT-Oct09-LRTvBus.pdf

  16. Tom, I’ve just begun skimming through the link you shared and had to stop to comment…well, actually I had to laugh at their attempts to convince the people when they said each rail car carries 200 passengers. All that went through my mind is a group of college kids trying to set a record in fitting as many people as they possibly could in a mini cooper. Also…has anybody ever seen 200 people in one MAX train car…ever??? Big dreams as far as I’m concerned. Must be nice living in lah lah land.

    Now…back to more humor…er, I mean reading.

    Oh…and Tom, thanks for providing the link. I am actually giving the information the benefit of the doubt even though I’m in a bit of a silly mood after reading what I have thus far. Time to take it serious (I hope).

  17. In the document, it stated on page 3 of 3 “Advertisements for homes often mention their proximity to the light rail system. Studies consistently show increased property values attributed to access to the light rail system.”

    Really??? Property Valuation of a house on 144th E Burnside in 1996 was sold for $193,000. In 2012, it’s estimated to be worth $138,500. Another house…168th and NE Couch, currently on the market for $117,000. Last year alone, it was worth more than $129,000. Advertisement stresses how it is within walking distance of public transportation – MAX of course. Then there’s a house at SE 192nd and Burnside…sold for $75,000. Last year’s assessment over $95,000. Finally, for you skeptics, here’s a link which shows market trends for houses in Rockwood which are within a few blocks of MAX:

    And these are increased property values???

    #3 on the same page says light rail helps structure/restructure communities. That’s a joke in itself! I was born and raised in Rockwood…a wonderful sleeper community before the grip of light rail came in. Now…it’s totally unrecognizable, totally overcrowded and the issue of crime is at it’s worst in recent years. I wouldn’t send a rabid dog into that area, now.

    It speaks of how green light rail truly is…but come on, folks…using electricity generated by dams with PCB’s and mercury leaching out of the grounds in and around it??? Using energy from nuclear facilities or coal-fired plants is green??? What about all the plastics used in building the rail cars???

    Now let’s take a quick glance at Trimet’s need for federal funding just to keep going. Yes, it relied on the stimulus, grants and bonds…and right now, they are facing cutting service and raising rates just to keep in the…ahem…”green.” A proven technology??? Maybe for those profiting on building the rail cars or constructing the rails…but for the taxpayers??? Aw HELL no!

    Again Tom, thanks for the link. You were right. It’s full of BS.

  18. Goldie, given that Leavitt looks forward to high density housing along the rail lines, would that negate any property value for a single family home and property?

  19. Leavitt is living under the illusion that light rail will “re-vitalize” the downtown area. Reality says that people avoid it like the plague and will continue to do so no matter how many glitzy “toys” they waste hard-earned taxpayer dollars on.

    I have come to the conclusion that Elitists are arrogant morons that like beating dead horses just because “they want to”.

    Btw Mayor Leavitt, are you avoiding Lew’s blog now? We’ve got some good discussion going and you’re “mysteriously” absent. Are you hiding from us?

  20. In the Vancouver long range comprhensive plan the city is slating $5+ million for lite rail between now and 2016! Hey if you think that is weird with no vote yet and Tim claiming it will cost us virtually nothing then check out the 2017 to 2030 column… it bills out at a measly $335 + million for lite rail! Tsk Tsk Tim. There you go skewing the facts again. Hey, I got an idea. Mom used to wash out the mouths of her children when they lied, maybe a trip home to Mom’s house is in order.

  21. It is nice to have a discussion about the REAL ISSUE – light rail.

    For almost a decade the talk has been “bridge, bridge, bridge,” but the facts didn’t make sense. Now there’s no more pretenses – every effort by the Dept. of Transportation has been about getting light rail without public buy-in.

    ANYONE, of ANY PARTY, running for office should be made to take a position on this issue! And no code words like “Local Option” – the question is “Do you support light rail without public approval?”

  22. Light rail has been a campaign issue for some time, Martin. At least to some of us.

    Seems every time we mention it, though, we meet stiff opposition, ridicule and told how we are fixated on the wrong issues.

    I hope people are waking up.

  23. Lew, I’m FOR LIGHT RAIL but NOT without public approval. There has been a continuous misrepresentation that there was going to be public investiture before light rail was implemented.

    So far, here are the liars who have publically said THERE WOULD BE A VOTE (can you think of more?):
    Steve Stuart
    Jim Moeller

  24. Seems I recall Leavitt advocating a vote, at least until Jeanne Stewart split the vote for the bus and light rail operations and maintenance.

    Just about anybody involved with CRC has spoken of a vote at one time or another.

  25. Lew, it’s all about high density housing and cluster communities. The dreams and aspirations of owning that family farm are dwindling as Monsanto continues their grip on Americana so that they can control what we eat. (Just looking at the selection at the grocery store gives a major indication to that. In the past, I never saw pork fat for sale – not side pork, not salt pork – pure pork fat…and I found that at Albertson’s. Remember when Beef Tongue was considered the low-end meat and chuck steak was the cheapo cut??? Now look at the prices!) On many occasions, I’ve discussed the NAFTA Superhighway Project…even provided many a link on the C regarding the issues. Now, with creative mind manipulation and marketing strategies to sell their ideals, they have changed that label to “Corridors of the Future” since there’s been such negative publicity about NAFTA and a “Superhighway.” Of course locally, they like to call it the “Vision of the Future.” Any way you paint a pig…it’s still a pig.

    Anyhow Lew, that’s the “master plan” I’ve spoken about over the past few years while posting on the Columbian. Our politicians, in their rather creative ways of getting votes to put it mildly, are already a bunch of sell outs with special interest virtually tattooed across their foreheads even before they’ve been elected. Anybody else who tries to run for office to do the right job which is actually FOR the voters and who actually LISTENS and acts upon the needs of the voters is dragged in the mud and treated like a second-class citizen.

    I’m thinking our current mayor has second thoughts about what he’s doing at his current capacity…a reason for not going for a second term??? Going up against JHB just might be a lost cause for him if he’s still sporting the possibility.

  26. Martin, there has to be a significant HONEST display of need for light rail before venturing into implementing it here in Clark County. Metro has managed to convince the folks in the three counties with LRT, but they don’t for Vancouver. The numbers just aren’t there for Clark County Commuters and that’s the thorn in CRC’s side. They can manipulate those who haven’t taken the time to study the numbers and the facts, but I believe they aren’t giving the benefit of the doubt to the majority of the folks on the Washington side. Although all who have questions do not attend the meetings, we who do – we get the word out. We see the data they provided as outdated and not commensurate with current or even future trends and we share that knowledge with our friends, neighbors, coworkers and anybody else who shows an interest in the subject. Although it’s speculation on my part, but I believe the increase in ridership on C-Tran over the past…let’s say 10 years…has not been significant enough to warrant the LRT OR the BRT for that matter.

    I think it is safe to say that if there was an actual need, that we would show more support at the very least for the bus rapid transit development…but we also see how TriMet has handled funding for operations…and it’s been to increase LR service at the expense of the riders and the taxpayers. I’m still not convinced that either LRT or BRT with articulated vehicles is the answer for our county. They can build it…but the cars will be just as empty ten years from now as the buses are today and will continue to be less cost effective than what we’re using right now. The facade that rush hour is an indication of mass transit needs is their biggest boondoggle effort by any transit development committee. The ridership as a whole needs to be considered before laying rail across the river. I don’t see that happening

  27. Goldie, the “idea” is to force people into living in high-density “communes” using no individual transportation except bicycles, mass transit, or walking.

    That’s because: “man is an “intruder” on this planet and needs to be kept imprisoned and tightly controlled”.

    You can easily see where this is all going – the people that absolutely hate mankind and hate modern living are destroying this nation in the name of “environment”.

    That’s exactly why you will see a bloody Revolution in the future. Americans will only take just so much of that BS before they start killing off the “Haters”.

  28. Ok, here is the devil advocate question that I think needs to be asked now:

    DOES anyone believe that standing before a community meeting or forum is going to stop the light rail from coming over that bridge?

    Years upon years now, we have complained and is there any REAL traction at stopping this bridge with the light rail on it?

  29. Jeremy, let me try to answer you on this one with my opinion. Years ago, GWB signed an executive order which just about relinquished our entire rights regarding this matter and it was strengthened by a highway improvement bill signed by BHO. Do I believe that standing before a community meeting or forum is going to stop the light rail from coming over that bridge???

    My honest opinion???


    BUT…if standing before the councils to have our voices heard on what we know to be well-thought arguments in order to provide the best solution to a problem that has been allowed to fester for far too many years…well, my dear friend…that is part of the Democratic process. If enough people share input, describing exactly how this project affects us, then we better damned well have a say in just how the project should go forward.

    Of course we can’t stop the progression of improvement of transit mobility for our area as the population continues to explode here…but we can definitely let the folks know we are in opposition to the wasted spending which continues and that we want the BEST bang for our buck and EXPECT them to get it right the first time. By going on the personal attack…that never solves any problem, but by going on a proactive approach to make that improvement something which everyone can actually see the positive end result…THEN we’re talking about a community effort for improvement.

    The sad truth…our highway designers didn’t it right the first time. Their vision was quite limited when they built the first bridge. Yes, it had trolley tracks…no there wasn’t enough profit for it to pay for itself. Yes, it was dismantled. So now, we’re facing the same thing again when replacing the historic bridges. They’ll build it. It won’t pay for itself and they will again dismantle it. You see Jeremy, the vision of the future doesn’t match the needs of the people. And those on and off ramps butted up against each side of the river on all four corners??? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see those were ill placed.

  30. Sorry for such a long post. Anyhow…to continue, everyone can say there’s no need to replace the bridge and that it won’t fix the problem for the stretch through Portland. I agree with that, but from the viewpoint of the folks in the ports, I can understand why they want to widen the bridges and to improve the ramps through this segment of the corridor. Our port is growing(as is the Port of Portland on Hayden Island)…Mayor Leavitt as well as Mayor Adams have pointed that out. More trucks will be traveling over the bridges as shipments begin to increase both import and export routes.

    Jeremy, there’s something else which will increase traffic gridlock through our neck of the woods…something which hasn’t been built as of yet but will inevitably be getting started soon and that’s the Tribal Casino in LaCenter. Bear in mind…I will always have a hatred for what MAX did to the neighborhood of my youth but it isn’t right for me to condemn their operations completely. Just figure what I-84 and Hwy 26 would have been like if they didn’t implement MAX??? It is my opinion that if they ran light rail clear to La Center, I’d bet on it that the light rail cars would be quite full headed northward on a regular basis…included would be folks from the Oregon side paying on a Washington venue. Also, a light rail transit center to the Event Center in Ridgefield would be a positive attribute to the mobility of Clark County when it comes to Big Ticket locations.

    Sadly, I don’t see that happening in my life time. Instead, they’re ending it at Fort Vancouver Way over the course of the next 10 years and gridlock will become a nightmare. People won’t rush to Ft. Vancouver Way to catch the light rail. Yes, it’ll help those who work or live in that immediate vicinity…IF it follows their itinerary. I believe that is the vision of C-Tran’s BRT to increase mobility TO that location. I just don’t see though how the funding for the project matches the need. Just because the Feds have funding to improve on something, doesn’t mean the end result matches the original intent. And to raise sales taxes and property taxes just to maintain and operate an existing system…they’re going to have to come up with something else after tolls are established.

    It will become our worst financial nightmare of all times in this area.

  31. Finally, the reason why I mentioned the casino is clear. Before that casino lays ground…there has to be an improved transit corridor, something which is going on right now from 134th Street northward. If anybody has taken a trip to Spirit Mountain Casino, Chinook Winds or Lucky Eagle here in Washington, they have immediate gridlock issues in each small town. Spirit Mountain has done some improvement east of Grand Ronde, but it’s not enough. Chinook Winds…the intersection too Chinook Winds is a traffic nightmare, especially whenever there’s a popular entertainer. Lucky Eagle??? Well, if you’ve ever been through Rochester, you know how irritated the people get with the outsiders, even though it brings money to their community.

    You can widen the lanes to 10 each direction, but if you don’t have proper transit mobility in that region, it becomes your worst nightmare. That my dear friend Jeremy, is exactly what we are facing once the casino is up and running IF they don’t have a transit plan. Maybe for us, a bus rapid transit corridor would be in the cards from Fourth Plain Road, clear to La Center. That…I would support 100%, as long as the transit officials clearly understand that the burden of the cost should not be put on the taxpayers but the venues who would benefit. But again…this is just my opinion.

  32. “man is an “intruder” on this planet and needs to be kept imprisoned and tightly controlled”.

    Jack you put your finger right on a fundamental philosophy that often seems to drive liberalism, and that underlies so much mal-investment these days. I just hope we can come to our senses here in WA, before we become like CA who just announced the closing of many of their public parks (and is suffering from serial bankruptcy in their municipalities) due to decades of idiocy in local government and Sacramento.

  33. Some people just hate modern living, hate the human race, and hate themselves for being a part of the human race, Tom. They hate America so much that they’re doing their damndest to destroy this nation. It’s obvious as hell.

  34. Environmentalism is NOT Liberalism. (Us Liberals are Conservationists.)

    Environmentalism is Marxism wrapped in flowers.

  35. Goldie – You have made some wonderful points and I’ll think about them. But when you continue to go to these meetings for 10 to 20 years, make suggestions, talk to the participants and you get the useless results?

    Yeah, I have my bones to pick about the whole process. I just don’t local leadership listens. (though I had a good instance several times with several Port of Vancouver commissioners) I tire of wasting my life force and see the same in others, who could be spending their lives doing other community “enriching” things, yet they spend hours researhing, looking up facts and figures, come really prepared and how do you think they get treated? (no, not the NORMAL repetitive groups that come to local meetings with the same arguments and comments over and over again?)

    You know, I just don’t know where I can put my energies and frustrations anymore. Do I want to spend more years of my life being ignored??? In this community?

  36. Jeremy, you remember the comments made on the Columbian awhile back which explained “If you say the same comments over and over again…for 7-10 times in a row, it will be considered fact in the minds of those who receive the information repeatedly.” ??? Well, it goes two ways. The officials connected with the CRC have been trying it out for far too long…with those of us who see the holes in their statements and the flaws in the project…we too have been saying our schpiel over and over again – you know, the common sense approach. More are standing up and speaking out against the project as well as for it. We have accomplished more than you believe, my friend. There’s way more involvement than there was in the beginning. The more we share, the more the people ask. Heck, why do you think folks like John Laird (sorry John) love to call us NIMBY’s and Hounds of Whinerville??? Because it’s wearing on the officials as they have no direct answers. They’ve been told “It’s good for the economy” so many times that they are stuck in that rut.

    You’ve got to ask yourself sometimes…why would a young, upstanding person who was elected mayor decide to not seek re-election when his tenure is over??? And we’re speaking a two-fer…Vancouver as well as Portland.

    I believe they’ve both gotten stuck in the mud way over their heads and are frustrated because the answers they state are the answers embedded in their heads by the powers that be…and they’re asking the very same questions to themselves. The old cliche’ “If we build it, they will come” ain’t holdin’ water these days.

  37. Well as I have talked in the past with some of my friends, Tim was just a placeholder to get Royce out of office. I believe now, there might be a 50-50 chance that Tim will run again? When he said he was not going to run at Jamie Herrera Beutler, what else do you think he has left?

    Yes, he has a job at PBS Engineering. But I do believe he might make another run, even though it may be political suicide.

    I agree with your comments, that I bet all of the politicians and community members who have been a part of this process have been frustrated with the lack of answers and the repetitive, negative tone of this project. How would you like to have to face constituents who come to forums who berate, lack basis for some of their comments and get repetitive?

    Do you remember the reactions of the council a two years ago (or a year?) when they stopped doing the community forums because a certain group kept coming in and infusing their own agenda? Maybe because they were not finding political solace and satisfaction? And then went to Port of Vancouver events and embarrassed Jaime Herrera Beutler when the chairman (and other members) of the US House Transportation committee came to town?

    And to your comments about the Columbian (Lou Brancaccio AND John Laird) do you think that they might be doing all of this because they KNOW they can get a rise with their childish comments, really bad research articles and opinion pieces? (no, not ALL the reporters… Bad a bad precendence to the past?)

    And no one really challenges them? Yes, there are some like our resident Jack who rails, Lew and Kelly that posts regularly. But I mean some thing like a political challenge? David Madore, Josphine Wentzel and many others have learned the wrath of a failed vegence campaign. And in some cases, voter apathy does not change the status quo?…. So the local elites and the newspaper gets away with it all of the time…

  38. Yep! And it’s only going to get worse before it gets better, Jeremy.

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