About Those Hoodies

by lewwaters

UPDATE: This case gets more ludicrous every day. As if we don’t have enough problems, now UN Human Rights chief Navi Pillay is demanding an “immediate investigation” into the shooting.

Since the lamestream media has sensationalized the death of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, much has been said about young people wearing their ‘hoodies.’ Race baiter extreme Jesse Jackson is now urging Black Youth’s to wear their hoodies up to vote. The implication being that Black youth’s wearing ‘hoodies’ are automatically suspected of wrong doing.

Such suspicions are not restricted to Black Youth, though. The Department of Homeland Security launched a campaign, “If You See Something, Say Something” that shows a series of Whites with ‘hoodies’ up, all engaged in suspicious activity, as seen in the video below.

How is that we are to now view ‘hoodies up’ as innocent when the government is who is planting in our heads that doing so is suspicious?

No, it doesn’t release George Zimmerman from responsibility, but it does shed a little light that even though the Obama Administration has expressed discontent with what we are being led to believe happened in Sanford, Florida, they are also who is inciting people to be suspicious of people wearing ‘hoodies up!!’

12 Comments to “About Those Hoodies”

  1. So Jesse wants us to wear our hoodies up when we vote. Okay, I’ll be sure to do that while I’m filling out my mail-in ballot. Anything to keep Jesse happy.



  2. I raise my “finger” a lot when voting, too. “Raised fingers & hoodies”. Wonderful concept.


  3. Funny thing about that – I often wear a hoodie when going for walks esp.at night because it gets windy and cold around here. Once I had a neighbor follow me down my own driveway in his SUV because he thought I looked suspicious. And I’ve had people shine flashlights at me. So there may be something (tho not necessarily racial) to the automatic association of hoodies with crime. Not sure what else to wear – a ski mask (with or without shotgun) would look even more alarming!


  4. Hoodies do not make the person appear to be up to no good. It is the body language which brings attention to those who watch. Now if it were a ski mask on a warm Spring day or a hoodie being worn in 100-degree weather…now that’s a different story.

    Regarding the “stigma” behind the mentality of hoodies…just another free-for-all media hype for the masses.


  5. Goldie – IN areas that have gangs, I would have to disagree with your comments. Apparel can have meaning just by the color, style, size or design. Now that does not mean I believe this kid was into that lifestyle or was desiring to tell the whole world who he was by what he wore.

    Now the media at a bigger level like say MSNBC, can say, do or act as it wants to impose its perception on a story and blow it way out of proportion or sway it the way it wants, as I feel it has been done by many media outlets.

    This story is being turned into another circus like the OJ trial and so many others LIKE it the past decade. Why are we wasting our time with this story. Does it “really” have any decent, significance for our Clark County community?

    Or is it just another blow up of idiot proportions and we are all being sucked into it?


  6. Good point, Jeremy. Take for instance, the shooting in Oklahoma over the weekend. Here’s the headline of CBS News’ ticker “Two men were arrested Sunday in connection with a shooting spree that left three people dead and terrorized Tulsa’s black community, police said.” This one was supposedly a revenge shooting (again, speculation till evidence proves otherwise).

    I don’t see the media hype behind that one and it too was between people of different ethnicity. Where’s Jesse and Al and the speculators of MEGA news companies on THAT one? Oh wait…the police have two suspects in custody on this one. Still, it would be a great public opportunity for Jesse and Al to shout out and stand up for the victims…but I guess an entire community who was terrorized by the perps doesn’t mean diddly squat since the guys who are accused are behind bars.


  7. Big difference. Apparently no sloppy police work in Tulsa. The accused, the victims and the community will get their day in court. So far this is not the case in Florida.


  8. Al Fresco, at least that’s what the tabloids and media wants you to think.


  9. Al, it has yet to be shown that there was any “sloppy police work” at play in Florida. That is a perception created because the DA said there was not enough evidence to hold Zimmerman on charges at the time.

    The problem now is, how can anybody say whatever happens from here on is justice or reaction to mob mentality?

    Several things are coming to light over this, such as a Democrat front group adding to the hype, of course the race card being played in an election year, headline seeking attorney’s grabbing attention, people with only selected portions of the story creating discord, media altering recordings to add to the discord and much more.

    At the same time, we see a case of a Black man shooting and killing a mentally disabled White man outside of a Taco Bell drive-through in Arizona, a state also with a Stand Your Ground law that has eerily similar claims as Sanford, Florida, with no arrest of the shooter, who is also claiming “self-defense” and no media coverage outside of Phoenix, no rallies, no Obama saying if he had a son he would like whoever.

    No chants of White people don’t deserve to die for wanting a burrito or for walking their dog.


    I have no doubt the two inbred looking morons in Tulsa killed because of race, but what stirred them to it at this time?

    It is just an early shot in the coming race war if people don’t wake up to the hype over Trayvon Martin.

    Let the authorities do their job and let the chips fall where they may. But by all means, stop falling for the medias selective hype. All they are doing is creating more racial divisions that we ever saw before.


  10. Al I don’t know if there was police bungling. After all the lead investigative detective did not believe Zimmerman and wanted to arrest him for manslaughter, but reportedly was overruled by higher ups. I believe the justice department investigation will reveal political issues involving the state’s attorney office. Whether or not criminal justice is served, Zimmerman and the homeowners association will surely be looking at a civil suit. This is going to court one way or the other. .


  11. Well said, Nathan.

    This is NOT a federal case. A Grand Jury is NOT required. However, the country still awaits “due process” – criminal or civil.


  12. Meanwhile, mirror “incidents” occur and are totally ignored whilst the Media continues try to incite a race war over this one “incident”.


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