Leavitt’s Delay Tactic Fails, C-Tran Board Votes For November Ballot Vote

by lewwaters

Following Eric Florip’s tweets this evening for the C-Tran light rail operations & maintenance vote, Leavitt first tried to delay consideration of the vote at the outset of the meeting.

Once that move failed, after much discussion, commissioner Stuart moved for a district-wide vote, blocked by Vancouver City Council members as they stated they would do last evening at city council.

The latest from Eric says, “C-Tran board approves motion to look at other funding options for light rail, provided there’s still a public vote in November.”

The Columbian states it will be a district wide vote, but will Leavitt succeed in a gerrymandered sub-district as he wants before November?

Leavitt is selling this as a way to avoid taxpayers footing the bill for the boondoggle light rail we do not want. If you apply just a little thinking, there is no funding source available that does not originate with taxpayers.

I expect more stalling tactics by Leavitt and others representing the city council if they are able to continue to deny us the vote on light rail operations & maintenance. It is widely known that a vote would be referendum on light rail itself and any official indication that the project does not have the support of the public could jeopardize those precious federal tax dollars to help pay for the light rail we don’t want anyway.

Partial Tweets from Eric:

Eric Florip ‏ @col_enviro
#CTran board approves motion to look at other funding options for light rail, provided there’s still a public vote in November.

Andrea Damewood ‏ @col_cityhall
@col_enviro even the #VanWA council? Doesn’t this mean either way sales tax will b voted on this fall? #confused

Eric Florip ‏ @col_enviro
@col_cityhall Basically, the resolution said we’ll have a vote on whatever the funding option is, sales tax or not. Passed 8-1. Mielke no.
8:46 PM – 10 Apr 12 via web • Details

See also the Columbian: C-Tran board: Light rail vote will happen this fall

Time will tell just what it is we vote on.

12 Comments to “Leavitt’s Delay Tactic Fails, C-Tran Board Votes For November Ballot Vote”

  1. Slime, thy name is Timmy.


  2. I’m not holding my breath that we will get a true vote.

    They seemed to approve this November vote, after a short time researching alternatives, just a little too easy.


  3. Stuart stepped up. Interesting.


  4. After the delaying tactics, for them to cave so easily concerns me.

    I’d like to hear Mielke’s reasoning for voting no. Maybe he knows something not in the article.


  5. Lew – If you did not watch yesterday’s three hours of the C-tran – CRC discussion, you would have known basically what Tim was planning for at least 24 hours?

    src: http://www.cityofvancouver.us/cvtv/cvtvindex.asp?catID=3&folderID=3233

    Watch part 1 and 2, you’ll see what I and Andrea were dealing with last night! 🙂 (I was watching from the stream because I was really sick and she was at the meeting. And yes, she had some wonderful tweets/complaints herself last night!)

    I wish I had gone. The last two CTran board meetings were good indications of where this was going for some time. I am going to rewatch it tonight….


  6. And yes, I DO watch Eric posts as well. I’m predicted what was happening because you can tell what Tim and the city council were planning for some time. And they will in the end filibusture this or block vote it down OR they will start the process of moving to break up CTran if this does not go through their way…


  7. I watched part of it last evening, Jeremy.

    I’ll have to review the downloaded portions, but as long as Leavitt is involved, I don’t trust it.


  8. Honestly folks, I think that C-Tran is putting the cart before the horse in this decision (maybe with an ulterior motive???). What we believed as a decision written in stone still has a lot of issues before the first bridge foundation is poured. They’re looking at yet another year’s delay in just getting the thing started. I’m all for the vote. Heck, if the taxpayers are as fired up as I am enough to vote “No” on a maintenance and operations ballot for light rail…then C-Tran will have no choice but to find “creative” ways to pay for something us voters have already said NO at least two times before.


  9. Lew…it is becoming quite difficult to trust anybody in an elected position any more.


  10. Goldie, even those I trust, I watch out of the corner of my eye.


  11. I was at all the above mentioned meetings. The Maayor has insisted he wants to stall voting and now suggests next year will be soon enough. He doesn’t think it will pass no matter what he pretends to say so he is stalling. Tom Mielke attempted to stop the outrageous monthly spending of $2 million a month from the C-ttran budget until the city could get their act together only to have that block vetoed by the city team. So, the game continues with the city being the tail that wags the dog and the dog getting fed up and wanting to bite its tail off in order to save itself.


  12. Carolyn & GoldenOldie – Do you know C-tran does NOT have their meetings recorded and posted on Clark Vancouver Television? or cvtv.org? If the full video was posted, this game would stop immediately. Because everyone would be on record in a audio-visual format and it could be used politically… (If it was recorded independently?)


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