UPDATED: George Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder. Can He Receive a Fair Trial?

by lewwaters

UPDATE: George Zimmerman voluntarily surrendered to authorities where he faces charges of second degree murder in this case. However, watching the video of the news conference held by Florida Special Prosecutor, Angela Corey causes me to question the objectivity of this case. At the beginning of her news conference Ms. Corey is heard to say, “Just moments ago, we spoke by phone with Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. It was less than 3 weeks ago that we told those sweet parents that we would get answers to all of their questions, no matter where our quest for the truth led us. And it is the search for justice for Trayvon that has brought us to this moment…”

Some 44 days after claiming self defense in the shooting death of 17 year-old Trayvon Martin, and after weeks of media distortion and hype, race baiting marches and news conferences by race hucksters Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson resulting in calls for reparation and a human rights investigation by the United Nations, Barack Obama chiming in and US Attorney General Eric Holder promising to review the case, news from the special prosecutor Florida’s governor appointed to the case is that Zimmerman will be charged later today.

Exactly what the charges are to be has not been announced yet. It is thought to be some degree of manslaughter.

At issue now is whether or not Zimmerman will be able to receive a fair trial, given the emotionally charged public outrage whipped up by media and race hucksters.

A 2009 mirror case in New York, where they do not have a “stand your ground” law resulted in the acquittal of Roderick Scott, the 40 year-old Black man who shot and killed the 17 year-old White man, Chris Cervini that he felt was breaking into cars and who he claimed lunged toward him, resulting in a “self defense” shooting.

Cervini’s family maintains the 17 year old was shot in the back and Scott “got away with murder.”

But, that case did not draw race hucksters, or the United Nations or even Barack Obama’s attention.

Another case, after the Trayvon Martin shooting recently happened in Phoenix, Arizona is also a mirror image of this shooting and the media won’t even mention the name of the Black shooter.

No race hucksters, no United Nations outrage, no presidential comment, nothing outside of Phoenix media, as it should have been with George Zimmerman.

It is not known yet whether or not the charges will be based more on actual evidence or are a result of the lynch mob mentality we have seen as the media selectively leaked biased news against Zimmerman, leading many marchers to falsely claim Zimmerman stalked Martin, cornering him and shooting for wearing a hoodie and eating Skittles.

Police reports ignored by the media and lynch mobs ignore more damaging evidence against Martin such as Martin attacking him and Martin being on top, punching him.

The media has done what they could to paint Zimmerman as an out of control “White man” when in fact he is not White, but Hispanic, leading to the coining of a new label, “White-Hispanic.”

As a result of the emotionally charged rhetoric, we have seen hotheads from both the Black & White communities acting out against others as well as the New Black Panthers issuing a “Wanted Dead or Alive” call for the citizen capture of Zimmerman.

No charges are being brought against the New Black Panthers for such an illegal issuance.

I am not left with a good feeling should Zimmerman be acquitted in a trial, given all of the race baiting and misinformation that has been spread on this. Can we forget the Rodney King Riots of 20 years ago where Police Officers accused of Police Brutality against King were acquitted? And that case received far less media hype than this one is receiving.

I have maintained from the beginning of this that such race baiting feeds into the hands of White Supremacists who like the New Black Panthers would love to have a race war that will leave the rest of us caught in the middle.

Should Zimmerman be convicted, will they take to the streets killing Blacks indiscriminately as many feel was the motive behind two White’s caught and arrested for killing 3 Black people and wounding 2 others recently?

The court of public opinion is not where such matters should be settled. Our system is not perfect, none are. But it is pretty good and the days of Blacks being considered guilty before they prove their innocence are long in the past. Is the pendulum swinging now where Whites will be considered guilty unless they can prove without any doubt their innocence?

Zimmerman deserves his day in court as did Roderick Scott.

But, it must be remembered that justice is never served if an injustice is created.

30 Comments to “UPDATED: George Zimmerman Charged with Second Degree Murder. Can He Receive a Fair Trial?”

  1. The only issue here is Zimmerman’s White father. If he’d had a Hispanic or Black father and mother none of this would be in the news. They may as well put the elder Zimmerman on trial for being a White.

  2. GEORGE ZIMMERMAN has been taken in to custody. That is really all Trayvon Martin’s people wanted. This was not about black or white or guilt or innocence it was about a killer admitting he had killed an unarmed man. The court will decide it from there. You cannot shoot a person and then yell ALLEY ALLEY YOOP AND FREE.

  3. Nathan,
    I have no idea whether ZImmerman is guilty or innocent. It seems to me though that some people have already made up their minds based on his color. It seems to me you’ve already made up your mind that he’s a “killer” rather than a person acting in self-defense.

  4. Re-read my post.”The court will decide it from there.” It doesn’t matter what I think, you think, the Black Panthers think, or white supremacists think. It does matter what a judge or jury thinks and that is the way it should be..

  5. Zimmerman would have had a better chance of getting a fair trial if the police had done their jobs and investigated and charged him right off the bat.

    Instead they chose not to charge him or even to investigate the shooting at all which forced/allowed the media to investigate and release information slowly to the public. It will be very hard to get unbiased jurors at this point and even if they are able to find people that haven’t heard about the case already they will be tainted when they learn the fact that the police didn’t do their job. The police bungling will benefit the defense.

  6. Does anyone think that this will shut the black and white race-baiters up? I don’t.

  7. Do you mean like in the Rodney King case?

  8. Actually, Nathan, Zimmerman voluntarily surrendered, but media reports of “TAKEN into custody” fits the tainted narrative they have been using in whipping up the lynch mobs.

  9. This ends my interest in the case. I hope Zimmerman is found innocent – if he’s innocent.

  10. I also questioned the prosecutor’s “objectivity” after those statements, Lew. I think the sole reason for not taking the matter before a grand jury is because there would be a very good chance Zimmerman wouldn’t have even been charged. This way the prosecutor can charge him and put him through the hell of a trial even though there is very little chance that he should be convicted of anything. It’s no more than a “veiled attempt” to appease the race-baiters.

  11. We’ll never know for sure whether the Grand Jury would have indicted him, Jack. But, I read an article earlier this morning where some “legal experts” believe she set the charges so high to give her leverage to plea deal a lesser charge and win a conviction.

    It also said that the judge might dismiss charges in a pre-trial hearing. From the article: “The prosecutors must prove Zimmerman’s shooting of Martin was rooted in hatred or ill will and counter his claims that he shot Martin to protect himself while patrolling his gated community in the Orlando suburb of Sanford. Zimmerman’s lawyers would only have to prove by a preponderance of evidence – a relatively low legal standard – that he acted in self-defense at a pretrial hearing to prevent the case from going to trial.”
    “There’s a “high likelihood it could be dismissed by the judge even before the jury gets to hear the case,” Florida defense attorney Richard Hornsby said.”

    What should concern everybody, “A judge could dismiss the charge based on the “stand your ground” law, legal experts said. But some experts say the judge will also be under tremendous pressure to let the case go forward.”

    That does not fit with Ms. Corey’s claim, “We do not prosecute by public pressure or by petition. We prosecute based on the facts on any given case as well as the laws of the state of Florida.”

    And now, after weeks of hype, distortions, labeling Zimmerman a “murderer,” and whipping up the lynch mob mentality, we read from Martin’s mother, “Asked on “Today” what she would say to Zimmerman face-to-face, Sybrina Fulton said she wanted an apology, then added: “I believe it was an accident. I believe that it just got out of control and he couldn’t turn the clock back.” She did not say more about how she thinks the shooting happened.”


    And now, we see from Clark College, a scheduled discussion today at noon: Please join us for the first Thursday Talk of the spring term on April 12th at Noon in the Diversity Center (PUB 014). The topic this week will be “Trayvon Martin: Could it Happen Here?”

    I wonder if they will have a discussion of Daniel Adkins, could it happen here or Chris Cervini, could it happen here or even Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom could it happen here? Nah, the “Diversity Center” doesn’t blink when it is Whites senselessly murdered or shot dead by Blacks.

  12. “GEORGE ZIMMERMAN has been taken in to custody. That is really all Trayvon Martin’s people wanted.”

    It would be nice to be able to believe that. If by Martin’s “people” you mean his family – maybe you’re right. I hope so.

    The Prosecutor may indeed have evidence that Zimmerman pursued and shot Martin just because he could – we simply don’t know at this point. But to believe that all the race hucksters and haters wanted was for Zimmerman to be charged, that is extemely naive in my view. If it were so, why would celebrities like Spike Lee and Rosie O’Donnell be “tweeting” Zimmerman’s address to their followers? Why would Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton be running about, shouting ridiculous charges, and raking in the dough over this? Why would the Black Panthers be putting a bounty on his head? Very clearly, some people want revenge – not justice.

    If the Prosecutor has the goods on him I hope that he goes to jail for a long time. But if not, and it’s all a sham due to pressure put on by the race hucksters (including the President and his Attorney General), then he needs to be set free and all the rest should be ashamed of their conduct.

  13. “I wonder if they will have a discussion of Daniel Adkins, could it happen here or Chris Cervini, could it happen here or even Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom could it happen here?”

    No – not a chance Lew – unless they get feedback from blogs like yours and are shamed into saying something about it.

  14. I do not see how a fair trial can be conducted in this.

    Earlier, Sybrina Fulton, his mother said she felt the shooting was an accident.

    It didn’t take long for her to come out claiming that was a “mischaracterization” of her view and saying, “My son was profiled, followed and murdered by George Zimmerman, and there was nothing accidental about that.”


  15. Lew made a comment suggesting the charges were set deliberately high so the prosecution could plead it down in order to get a conviction. I’m wondering whether they made it deliberately high and won’t plea bargain so they can lose the case (presumably because they don’t believe in it), but still look like they did “something about it” in order to appease race hucksters like Obama and Holder.

  16. It’s difficult to say why, Craig.

    But, my gut tells me if the Black Community does not see a strong conviction of Zimmerman with lengthy imprisonment, the Rodney King riots will look like child’s play.

    The race baiters and lamestream media have made a mockery of our justice system from the get go in this.

    In the mean time, a Black man walks free in Phoenix Arizona after a mirror image shooting and killing of a White Man, a White man attacked by a group of Blacks saying it was for Trayvon and many more incidents does not even make a blip on the media’s radar any more than does Black on Black actual murders.

    Justice is supposed to be blind. And I would think that means to skin color as well.

    Zimmerman has already been found guilty by race baiters and the media. A trial is just a mere formality before they lynch him.

  17. “Zimmerman has already been found guilty by race baiters and the media. A trial is just a mere formality before they lynch him.”

    I have to agree with that assessment. I’m just hoping that common sense will finally prevail in the end.

  18. Well, the charging affidavit is online, but in reading it it’s obvious that not very much of the “story” in the affidavit jibes with what most of us have heard with our own ears.

    It’s certainly written with a lot of “bias”. Read it yourself at:


    Smells like a “railroad” to me.

  19. As I said before, the trial is just a mere formality on the way to the hanging tree.

    Yes, definitely biased

  20. The prosecutor can put whatever BS into the “affidavit” that they want, and use it as an excuse to put someone through a trial even if it’s obvious BS. Just by the 911 conversations and the police report, that “affidavit” is total BS.

    It isn’t even a “good” attempt. Some kid could have written it.

  21. It must be comforting to Mr. Zimmerman that people like you believe him when the lead investigative detective does not.

  22. Nathan, it must be very comforting to race baiters and shills to see people like you ready to lynch someone based on heavily biased and partial information the media cooks up.

    That “due process” is what resulted in Blacks being lynched in the old south.

    And not for a minute do I believe the media’s posting of heavily edited versions of Zimmerman’s 911 call was “accidental.”

    Nor do I believe their continual use of photos from when he was 12 or 13 is “accidental.”

    Ask yourself why this case of what was first assumed to be a White guy shooting and killing a Black guy is national news, but mirror cases of a Black guy shooting and killing a White guy barely makes local news.

    Is that equality in your eyes, so long as some are more equal than others?

    And if the judge dismisses the charges or a jury acquits him? What then? Hang him any way to appease race baiters?

  23. Justice should run on facts, not “wants”, Nathan. Fact is, that if some 6 ft. 2 guy was on top of me beating the hell out of me I would have shot him too.

    It’s just that simple.

  24. You do not know all the facts and neither do I. There are those of us who believed there were sufficient facts to support probable cause but will reserve judgment on the guilt or innocence of Mr. Zimmerman until trial and all facts and defenses can be presented. Unfortunately you, Lew and your ilk do not believe Mr. Zimmerman should have been arrested and will defend and acquit him without hearing all the facts. Shame on you.

  25. That is the whole point, Nathan, we do not know all of the facts. Yet, he is already convicted by the media, race hucksters and others like you who have listened and fallen into their snare.

    It’s easy to say he should have been arrested. But, the DA said then that not enough facts were present. However, that does not mean they would never be present. The investigation was ongoing before it got blown out of proportion by race hucksters and the lamestream media.

    Compare it to Phoenix’s Taco Bell killing last week, but reversed racial makeup. That shooter too has not been arrested and their is far more evidence of an unjustified shooting in local media. Yet, not you, the race hucksters nor the lamestream media are clamoring for a lynch mob there.

    So, how is Zimmerman expected to receive a fair trial after so much hype every day?

    And, as I said, after all of the hype, should he be acquitted, what then from all of those demanding a conviction due to hype? And, what of Eric Holder already planning to prosecute on a civil rights violation should he be acquitted?

    As I said before, justice is not served if you must create an injustice.

  26. There are enough facts out there that show Zimmerman was being attacked when he shot Martin. That’s all I need to know. The rest is irrelevant.

  27. By self consciously seeking justice for Trayvon, she prejudged the most central question of the case. Her affidavit doesn’t make it any clearer. “A struggle ensued” give me a fucking break.

  28. She’s obviously grandstanding.

  29. They’ve got it right, Lew.

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