Come Out and Meet Shahram Hadian, Vancouver

by lewwaters

Although I haven’t mentioned him as much as I would like, Shahram Hadian, the lone conservative running for governor of Washington State will be in Vancouver for a fundraiser at the Old Spaghetti Factory out Mill Plain.

The WSRP may try to ignore him for Rob McKenna, but he forges ahead, spreading his message of Courageous Leadership. Come on out and meet Shahram and see if you agree, now more than any other time, we need Courageous and Principled Leadership in our state.

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Please RSVP HERE or by emailing

5 Comments to “Come Out and Meet Shahram Hadian, Vancouver

  1. I hear Pat Campbell will be putting in an appearance as well… doubt hoping for some free exposure for his newborn campaign for County Commish….


  2. The one comment from Campbell, about if Madore and Mielke both get on the commission, county government “will come to a stop,” is enough for me to fight to keep him off of the county commission.

    That he was the incumbent in the city council race and came in dead last should be an eye opener to him.


  3. Gotta wonder what’s up with Campbell… who is running him… and why.


  4. I don’t know for sure who is actually behind him, if anybody. But my gut says it might rhyme with CRC


  5. Hey Lew, I love the new design. If you keep this UP, you’ll personally beat the columbian in internet traffic numbers.

    To the Pat comments, we’ll see how things go. I’m not going to say up or down about him, has HE even filed to run?


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