Democrat Tim Probst to Run Against Republican Don Benton in the 17th

by lewwaters

Looks like Democrats feel their years long bashing of Republican State Senator Don Benton, with the willing assistance of the Columbian, is ready for the pay off, with Democrat Representative Tim Probst announcing a run against Benton.

While there are no guarantees in politics, Benton has a strong record of holding his seat, which may come as a surprise to 49th district Rep. Jim Moeller who chimed in,

“Benton won by only 1% (I’m sure you will look it up and give us the official figure, Lew) last time against a complete unknown and untested candidate! Take the senate seat of the 17th back from the Republicans!”

I felt no need to give exact numbers to Jim in the Columbian comments, in part because I hate to see a grown man cry. But, his assessment of the results are a tad low. In four elections for the Senate and one for the House, Don Benton won with,

2008 Senate

Don Benton 29,426 51.08% 29,426
David Carrier 28,111 48.80% 28,111

Difference of 2.28% 1,315 votes

2004 Senate

Paul Waadevig 23,193 43.96%
Don Benton 29,563 56.04%

Difference of 12.08% 6,370 votes

2000 Senate

Lou Peterson 26028 46.9%
Don Benton 29436 53.1%

Difference of 6.2% 3,435 Votes

1996 Senate

Shirley A. Galloway 23,513 49.04%
Don Benton 24,430 50.96%

Difference of 1.92% 917 Votes

1994 House

Jim Davis 14,099 44.07%
Don Benton 17,893 55.93%

Difference of 11.86% 3,794 Votes

It should be noticed that the results were much closer in the 1996 election than in the 2008 and Benton came back in 2000 and 2004 to almost landslide victories. The state was in a much better economic position in 1996 as well.

Voters in the 17th have repeatedly preferred the Republican Benton over challengers.

Probst enjoyed some nice margins in his wins in 2008 and 2010, but neither time was he up against a seasoned campaigner and entrenched incumbent.

We also see voters waking up to how Democrats have steadily guided our economy into despair and in spite of his call of opposing spending increases, many bills proposed by Probst would increase spending or divert it from elsewhere.

Benton, on the other hand, has maintained a strong consistent stand on fighting tax and spending increases.

As I said, there are no guarantees in elections, but it is obvious Probst will not see the cake walk Jim Moeller thinks he will.

10 Comments to “Democrat Tim Probst to Run Against Republican Don Benton in the 17th”

  1. Good for Tim. I suspect he’s ready for a change and is putting it all on the line. The 17th is going “R” so it seem unlikely he’ll win but I applaud him. Unfortunately, either way, the 17th will be losing a good legislator – you’re unfounded Probst-doubting aside.

  2. Lew,

    It is time for liberal big government Tim Probst to be replaced!!! We need to take all of the 17th District back from the tax and spend Democrats. The 17th District leans Republican and with Clark County’s highest property taxes, unemployment and home and business forclosures and Democrats not listening to our voters when we voted against Light Rail and tolls on our freeways and Bridges. Democrats have a track record of not listening to our Citizens on the $30 Drivers License tabs and on needing a 2/3 majority to increase more taxes on us. We are the 8th largest debtor State in the Nation thanks to the Democrat majority. Washington State is now 1 of only 2 States in America that issues Drivers Licenses to Illegal aliens and over 400,000 have been issued. The vote to stop it failed all along party line. The Democrats in both the Senate and House voted to continue issuing Drivers Licenses and our Republicans voted to stop it. The Citizens of Washington State also pay for Entitlements and in-State tuition for Illegal Aliens, while many of our own Citizens go without, another reason, It is past time for Republicans to take back the majority in Olympia and get our Clark County and Washington State back on track. We have a lot of work to do!!!

  3. 🙂 When was any thing Jim said ever taken to heart? and not made his bow tie look bigger than Earl Blumenaurs? (Ego Thrust, Jim. Ego thrust..)
    If I was still living in the 17th legislative district, I might have to make this difficult choice. Wish both Tim and Don the best and a decent, clean race. Nothing is worse than going back and forth for no good reason.

  4. Chuck – Have you thought the republicans are going to have to run two republicans in the 17th if Tim runs for Don’s Seat? If that is true, you could have a Republican voting block with Don and Paul but an open seat for someone new….

  5. I truly have a problem with Party-voting. I’m not sure “Chuck Miller” (or whoever that shrill is?) knows anything about Tim Probst. In fact, what was that post?

  6. Martin, I have nothing personal against Tim, but he has fooled a lot of people with his claims of not supporting spending increases or higher taxes. Yes, he votes against them, but that is easy to do with the permission of party leaders knowing they have a large enough majority to pass the bill any way. (Think Chopp “suggesting” to Sharon Wylie to change her vote last year during the campaign)

    His “education” bills amount to legislative bribery often or pumping more funds down a dark hole that has not produced what it is supposed to.

    Throwing money at something and seeing it is not working, just throw more money at it is not a fix and is a large part of why we are in such financially dark times.

    There are a handful of Democrats I might be inclined to support, if they didn’t ensure Democrats retained majority control. Probst is not one.

  7. I’m disappointed that Tim has chosen to challenge Benton. I like both men and would have supported Tim’s re-election to the House. I will continue to support Don for the Senate. I believe that Don has done an outstanding job in the Senate – despite all the unfounded ridicule from The Columbian. It looks like the 17th will be solid ‘R’ this time unless the Dems can come up with someone of Tim’s calibre.

  8. The problem isn’t Tim… and the campaign like shouldn’t BE against Tim… it should be for what he represents and how his elections empowers the left. His election means he voted for Chopp as Speaker… and every leftist committee chair was in place… in part… every piece of democrat legislation that came out was a s a result of the election of Probst.

    A vote for Probst to the senate is a vote for Lisa Brown, Ed Murray, gay marriage, program expansion, higher taxes…. more and more to feed a voracious democrat bureaucracy. Tim personally, is a nice guy, I understand. But those his election supports?

    Not so much.

  9. And, of course, Moeller’s rabid support of Probst ought to cost him a few thousand votes…. it’s kinda like the demcrats rabid support of Boldt.

  10. Ok, do I DARE ask the DUMB question…. (or devil’s advocate…) What happens if Tim wins against Don Benton and shocks a lot of people? Including everyone here?

    Well, we do have a primary to show us how everyone in the district feels before the final, general election….

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