Pat Campbell Throws His Tattered Hat In The Ring For County Commission

by lewwaters

At first I thought I was reading a political spoof when I read the Columbian’s article, Former Vancouver councilor to run for county commission Pat Campbell to challenge Boldt, Madore, newcomer, but see that Pat, who didn’t even get passed the primaries in last years’ elections, lost his city council seat after one term.

I lost my smile when I read and saw he is serious, though.

Reading through the article, it is obvious that someone is terrified that conservative successful businessman, David Madore, a well educated opponent to the current CRC project is also running for the seat currently held by Marc Boldt, a strong supporter of the CRC as designed.

Boldt, who was elected as a Republican, has come under the scorn of Republicans throughout the county for his siding with Liberal Democrat commissioner, Steve Stuart so often, more often than he supports conservative Republican commissioner, Tom Mielke, covered by this blog here and here.

And now, Pat Campbell, also a strong supporter of the CRC, feels he should try to fill Boldt’s seat?

I have to admit I was very suspicious at first of his throwing his hat in the ring was an old political tactic of running several candidates who share the same view to split the vote and give another candidate a better chance of winning. With Boldt and Campbell sharing support of the CRC, my suspicions initially turned towards David Madore.

I have since abandoned that thought and now believe Pat is either running on his own, not liking being out of public office or he can draw votes from Madore, running as an experienced representative of the people. Of course, doing so would keep Boldt in office or, in the unlikely event he won, retains a strong support for the CRC on the county commission.

31 year-old political newcomer, Roman Battan really doesn’t have a snowball’s chance, considering it looks like at least part of the reason he is running is due to losing his job in December and seeing county commissioner pays over $100K a year. And, he is also a strong supporter of CRC.

Another reason I abandoned my suspicion that this was a tactic Madore might use, is reading that Pat is actually running against David Madore, not so much Marc Boldt. Pat says “he sees himself as having a shot to take down Madore, who he said will undermine the county’s ability to function if he’s elected.” He then admits to being a fan of Boldt’s.

My suspicion now falls on the Democrats, who have been strongly defending alleged Republican Marc Boldt or the CRC itself, as Madore is the only candidate challenging critical of CRC, Democrats Ron Barca and Joe Tanner who announced against Tom Mielke also being strong supporters of the CRC.

Pat gives more as he said he “fears that Boldt’s recent sanction by the county Republican Party will undercut his support from conservatives,” adding “The Republicans who are active, the ones that will go out and campaign and help you, they’ll be working for Madore.”

It appears that conservative Republicans in Clark County are to be silenced today and not allowed any representation of their values and any voice critical of the multi-Billion dollar CRC must be squelched, if possible.

Pat sort of lets that thought slip as he said, “if Madore were elected, and Republican Commissioner Tom Mielke holds his seat in this year’s election, the county government ‘would come to a stop’.” He then stated, “I think there needs to be people on the county commission that are going to work together, and not be so black-and-white.”

Is there a reason Democrats can’t “work with” a Republican? Must everything be what pleases only Democrats in the county?

Pat really shows how unqualified he is, though, with the claim that if two Republicans sit on the commission, “county government would come to a stop.”

County government would change direction, but not stop.

Likely, the real fear is that CRC would be halted and made accountable for the nearly $150 Million of our taxes spent so far to design a bridge project that does not even adequate clearance for river traffic to pass underneath.

Portland’s financially failing light rail would also receive more of a much needed critical view from the county commission before Clark County residents are locked into bailing out Portland’s folly.

Pat is right about one thing, though, “The Republicans who are active, the ones that will go out and campaign and help you, they’ll be working for Madore.”

It may come as a complete shock to Pat and the Democrats, but conservatives and Republicans are entitled to representation and a voice in the county too.

This may just backfire on Pat, though. With our top 2 primary, it is still likely to be Boldt & Madore any way.

Pat Campbell came in third in a three person race for his city council seat against 2 candidates who had never been elected to office before. Voters in Vancouver rejected him outright.

It’s time Pat took the time to go fishing and enjoy his grandchildren.

Clark County does not need him any more than the city of Vancouver did.

10 Comments to “Pat Campbell Throws His Tattered Hat In The Ring For County Commission”

  1. We need him even less there than Vancouver city did. He is stubborn and comes off grouchy to anyone who would dare disagree with his point of view which I might add is very slanted left.


  2. He’s not in it to win, Carolyn. By what he is quoted in the article, he feels he can draw Republican votes away from Madore.


  3. Campbell definitely has a “touch” of pigheadedness.


  4. GOOD strategic move by the Dems. A “D” will take 40% of the vote no-matter-what, which leaves Boldt v. Madore to battle it out for 2nd place. Tough, tough, tough for Madore. Dems win (with Boldt).


  5. Not necessarily, Martin.

    As Campbell even noted, Republicans will be backing Madore.

    Campbell is known for his left leaning and support of CRC.

    So who will vote for him but Democrats?

    And with 3 Democrats, Boldt, Campbell and Battan, Madore is who will have the advantage.

    Don’t forget, he finished far below Turlay and McEnerny Ogle in the primary.


  6. Do you guys think that Lou will work to make sure Madore NEVER gets that seat with his *special* abilities?


  7. I like the update to the site Lew! Looks great!

    I suppose we will have to wait until campaign spending reports are filed to see who is financing Pat’s “run”, but I would be amazed if anyone locally was sending him one thing dime.

    Pat’s single accomplishment while on Vancouver City Council was to appear over at Portland’s Metro to apologise to them because then Mayor “Rolls” Royce Pollard had spoken meanly about them. Other than that, if anyone can come up with a single legislative accomplishment of Pat’s, I’m all ears.


  8. I appreciate all of the compliments on updating the blog. I felt it was time to make some small improvements, yet keep it an easy site to access.

    As for Pat, Bob, I can’t help but see CRC or someone associated with it being behind him.

    But, as you said, we’ll have to wait and see what comes out in the PDC.


  9. To answer Jeremy – yes, Lou will do everything he can to make sure Madore isn’t elected. I agree with Lew on how the vote will split. Democrats will split their votes between Campbell and Boldt. Madore could come in first.


  10. I’m not convinced the Democrats will muster behind Pat at all. He hasn’t made any friends with the Party leadership that I’m aware of so he probably shouldn’t expect any support from them. And if Pat Campbell is the best candidate that your imaginary CRC supporter can come up with then they are in worse shape than anyone realized…


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