Happy Birthday Vladimir Lenin, oops, Happy Earth Day

by lewwaters

Earth Day, first celebrated April 22, 1970, also the 100th anniversary of the Birth of the founder of the former Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin.

Lenin, as well as setting up an oppressive Marxist regime, also embraced radical environmentalism.

An article appearing today in WND informs us,

After implementing his tyrannical rule over Russia in the October Revolution, Lenin issued a Decree on Land within his first year as Communist Party chairman. The decree declared that all forests, waters and minerals were property of the state.

Lenin also issued the decree “On Hunting Seasons and the Right to Possess Hunting Weapons,” which banned hunting moose and wild goats and ended open seasons for a variety of other animals.

Another resolution adopted by the Soviet government titled “On the Protection of Nature, Gardens, and Parks” established zapovedniki, or human-free nature preserves.

Despite the poverty of the people under Soviet rule, Lenin decided that it better served the national interest to place the rich natural resources of the area beyond human reach.

No, I don’t advocate destroying our environment or to carelessly pollute the environment, but I also see the efforts of radical environmentalism just as harmful, if not even more so, that if we did.

What good is clean air to starving people, dying from hunger because they cannot grow food or hunt animals to eat?

Surely we can balance caring for our surroundings with caring for our families too.

4 Comments to “Happy Birthday Vladimir Lenin, oops, Happy Earth Day”

  1. George Carlin is my hero.


  2. I didn’t always agree with him, but thought he was hilarious just the same.


  3. This clip is right on, for sure.


  4. Okay guys, I believe in cleaning up the environment and preserving much-needed wetlands, prairies and forest preservation. I too agree that extreme environmentalists have gone too far. First of all, every day should be Earth Day. We should all think twice before pouring that concrete…choosing a porous concrete which allows rainwater to seep through would be a better selection for runoff. Everyone must refrain from dumping garbage in the lowlands near Vancouver Lake. Reducing the trash which goes into the dump by recycling and reducing the “packaged” product purchases. Recycling automobile oil rather than dumping it is the choice everyone should make. Eliminating the obvious “trash cars” from the roadway…the ones, leaking every automobile fluid imaginable – the same ones spewing out the blue smoke and choking out at every corner is a good suggestion…BUT

    Spiking trees, risking injury OR death to others who harvest wood products for personal or commercial use is not the way to go. Burning log trucks and destroying property is not the way to go. Taxing us to oblivion to support the needs of extreme environmentalists to pursue their “agenda” such as chaining themselves to the federal building or climbing trees or buildings that our police department has to babysit is not the way to go. Closing down an entire forest so an owl can sleep peacefully in it’s hollow is not the way to go. Eliminating an entire wind-generating farm at the coast because of one habitat of a small sea bird is not the way to go. Protecting California Sea Lions from destroying a centuries-old sturgeon breeding ground is not the way to go…and most of all, destroying a hydroelectric dam in order for salmon to spawn further upstream is the most radical and irresponsible move I’ve ever seen. What they have done to the White Salmon River is the BEST display of extreme environmentalism gone terribly wrong…that I think we will have ever witnessed in our entire lifetime!!

    (I know, Jack…you’ll keep using your coal heater, lol)


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