Democrat Monica Stonier to Make Third Try For Public Office

by lewwaters

As stated previously on this blog April 18, 2012, middle school teacher Monica Stonier is going to make yet another try to get into the state legislature.

Monica ran unsuccessfully for the 17th Legislative District won by Paul Harris in 2010. Harris defeated her by a 54% to 46% margin, almost 3,500 votes. In endorsing her for the general election, the Columbian explained why they did not endorse her in the primary as they, “were — and remain — worried about her close ties to the teachers union.”

When news came of 49th Legislative District Rep. Jim Jacks abandoning constituents last year, Monica quickly moved herself to the 49th in a brief bid to be appointed to replace him.

Since to run for State House for Representatives a candidate must physically reside within that particular district, Monica explained to the Columbian, “she is currently living in a rented house in the 49th but still owns a house in the 17th District, which is not yet on the market, and she has not yet registered to vote in the 49th.”

A week later, in explaining her withdrawing her name for consideration she claimed, “she is in the process of moving her family into the 49th and decided this was not the time to launch another political campaign.”

So here we are, a year later and once again, she seems to be back in the 17th. Or is she actually in the 49th and keeping a foot in the 17th in hopes of making it to the legislature one day? I don’t know, she’s difficult to keep up with what with moving where the wind blows her to seek public office.

Monica made a point of claiming she needs to be elected last time because “there are no teachers in the legislature.” With her close ties to the teachers union and knowing how Democrats love to tax and spend, that alone should worry voters in the 17th who keep paying more and more tax dollars to education, but receive less results.

Julie Olson, one of two Republicans who previously announced, has served as the Ridgefield School Board of Directors Chair for the past 4 years, first being elected to the Board in 2005.

Republican Mike Appel, also who announced earlier for the seat being vacated by Democrat Tim Probst, who hopes to defeat 4 time State Senator Don Benton, doesn’t have the education background, but has some strong stands too.

If you may recall, Monica was staunch Obama supporter in 2008 and who stated her dedication to Obama in the campaign.

After making it through the top two primary, she turned negative against Paul Harris, accusing him of being a “tax-cheat, a criminal and as one currently in violation of ethics laws.”

Harris easily defeated her.

Here she is now for her third try for public office in just two years.

It will be interesting to see just how desperate she tries this time.

13 Comments to “Democrat Monica Stonier to Make Third Try For Public Office”

  1. Wow aren’t you supposed to change your address at DMV within 30 days of moving? Maybe she isn’t eligible at all since we have no verification of where she lives. I’ll ask Greg Kimsey tommorrow morning.

  2. It’s obvious she is hungry to get to Olympia.

    Then too, since the Democrats want to defeat Benton really bad with Probst, maybe she is being set up as a sacrificial lamb to draw attention away from that race.

    We’ll see how it all unfolds in the weeks ahead.

  3. We’ve got all the “teacher” representation we need in Ann Rivers, who is a former teacher.

    This is the best they could do?

  4. I don’t know, Kelly. They still haven’t fronted anyone for the 18th.

  5. From my limited experience, the local Dems are focused on female candidates, to the point where interested males are ignored or even discouraged. It’s hard enough without having to run against your own party.

  6. Yes, they do focus on females, Martin. But in this instance, they want Benton’s seat so bad and have been grooming Probst to defeat him that I think she will just be thrown to the wolves, so to speak.

    I met with Julie Olson yesterday and if she goes up against her, she doesn’t stand a chance.

    Mike Appel is also a good candidate, but he doesn’t have quite the resume of Julie.

    But, I am convinced the main focus in this election will be the Dems trying to defeat Benton.

    I also heard Jim Gizzi, running against Paul Harris, was originally thinking of going for the open seat Probst is vacating and was told to not run against Julie because he could not defeat her.

    We’ll see how it shakes out.

  7. I’m not sure we mean the same thing by “resumes”? As far as politics are concerned, my resume is: “rich white middle-aged male businessman.” The fact that I’m a licensed Professional Engineer, attorney & CPA wasn’t even published in The Columbian news story about me, and certainly didn’t make it into the blogs.

    What is your politically-astute idea of a resume?

  8. That’s an interesting, and kinda surprising, omission, Martin. I’m curious about it. Did you *stress* your professional experience and licensures? And what’s your take on it: Do you think the omission was deliberate and malevolent on The Columbian’s part, or merely a failure to see how it related to your run?

  9. My idea of a resume is what they have behind them that qualifies them for office.

    I don’t mean this in a harsh or accusatory way, but I think you weren’t taken very seriously by many because it often appeared you weren’t taking it serious. I recall you announcing that you and your wife had plans to go on a hiking trip the day after the primary and that if you had made it through the primaries, that would have interfered with your trip.

    Maybe that is why the Columbian did not list your qualifications. You didn’t come across as taking the campaign serious.

  10. You’re probably right, Lew. However, it was a year-long backpacking trip through Africa as a travel-writer for “iPhone LIfe” magazine I was willing to give up serve my community, and this time it was a postdoc in medicine in England. BTW, both of those things will hopefully apply on my resume the NEXT TIME I run – if that’s what a political resume actually needs? So far, I haven’t seen how qualifications work into the vote?

  11. No doubt very good reasons for going, Martin, but voters wouldn’t have known that. Like in many other things, perception is a major factor in the outcome.

    Speaking for me, I look at qualifications listed to gain my initial interest. Then, I base my final decision on the impression I get when I either speak to the candidate or hear them speaking, stating where they stand, what ideas they have and how they match up with my values.

    Although the Columbian did not list your full resume, I thought what they did list was a big positive.

    But, most voters, if they bother to look beyond the ‘R’ or ‘D’ will look for how you align with their views.

  12. I agree with that, Lew, and it supports my theory why there should be no public/private partnerships – the “public” is represented by folks who “align with their views” and the “private” is super-qualified success-mongers. And you know who gets the short end in that deal.

    It also means that Government is mostly composed of folks who wouldn’t even get an interview in business. I wonder how much of the dissatisfaction with Government come from “hiring” (voting for) unqualified and sub-optimal personnel?

  13. As has been said before, “A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury. After that, the majority always votes for the candidate promising the most benefits with the result the democracy collapses because of the loose fiscal policy ensuing, always to be followed by a dictatorship, then a monarchy.”

    Credited to various authors.

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